I can't register for an account.  Why not?

This is an archive for my fic only, so there's no need to register for an account.  You can leave comments without an account.

How do I contact the site administrator?

That would be me!  You can e-mail me via the contact form.

How do I submit stories?

You can't.  This is a personal archive, so only my fic will be posted here.

What are the ratings used on the site?

First of all, I'm working under the assumption that no one under the age of 14 is reading fics here.  Most of what is posted here is probably NOT appropriate for most people under 14.  There are three ratings used here.  General means that the fic's themes are appropriate for anyone (little heavy language and any sexual content is mild).  Mature means that the fic contains some adult language and sexual content.  An Adult rating means that the fic contains EXPLICIT sexual content.

What are the story classifications?

Stories are classified by fandom categories and pairings, for the most part.  Click on the "Browse" button to see the categories.