Avocado by Emma Grant
Summary: Tom pops into Dan's trailer with an invitation. RPS. (Dan Radcliffe/Tom Felton)
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Series: Avocado
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Originally posted: August 18, 2003

Written for the Contre la Montre "couch" challenge. Full of horrible Americanisms, for which I apologize. Did I mentino this is RPS?

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Chapter 1 by Emma Grant

"Are you gonna finish your schoolwork tonight?" Tom asked, flopping onto the couch. Dan looked up, squinting slightly, and took the headphones off. He was listening to the Clash on his iPod again, and he didn't even hear Tom come into his trailer.

"Ummm... sorry?"

"What are you doing tonight?" Tom amended, glancing around the small room.

"Nothing. I dunno." Dan set the iPod on his lap and turned his body towards Tom. The older boy was picking at the frayed fabric of the old couch. Dan's mum got it from a friend and suggested he keep in the trailer.

"You might want a place to sit and chat with friends, you know. Wouldn't hurt."

It's a strange shade of green -- avocado, Mum said -- with a blanket thrown over the back. He's slept on it, occasionally.

Tom reached out for the iPod, fingers brushing Dan's thigh when he picked it up. "Get this for your birthday?" Dan nodded. "Sweet. Happy Birthday, by the way. A bit late, but..." He trailed off, turning the device over in his hand. Dan watched the way his fingers trail over the plastic.

Tom has popped into Dan's trailer nearly every day, about an hour after their school lessons are finished. Many of the other kids on the set have already left for the day. Dan's parents can't get off work, so they want him to stay on set -- "where you're safe, and supervised" -- until one of them can come to pick him up and take him to the hotel. He has his own room at the hotel, but he likes it better here.

"So, tonight?" Tom asked, without looking up.

Dan shrugged. "I don't think I've got plans. Why?"

"Want to come hang out in my room? It's my parents' anniversary, and they're going out." He raised his eyes to meet Dan's, smiling a little wickedly. "And if all goes well, they won't bother to check in on me afterwards."

Dan felt himself blush uncomfortably, not wanting to think about his parents having sex. Tom's been fairly obsessed with sex for a while now. When they were filming Chamber of Secrets, he was a virtual font of dirty jokes. He'd joked about things Dan didn't even know people did.

Tom had a girlfriend then, and spent a lot of time talking about her, ringing her on her mobile, and telling the other boys how far he'd gotten with her. Fifteen then, he was one of the oldest boys on the set, nearly two years older than Dan, and they all tended to view him as a bit of an expert on the subject of sex, girls, and other things Dan had only recently began to wonder about.

When the cast had started meeting prior to filming Prisoner of Azkaban last spring, Tom no longer had a girlfriend. He also wasn't a virgin anymore.

Dan shrugged slightly. "Okay. I'll ask mum. What do you want to do?"

The wicked grin was back. "I've got a bottle of Jim Beam."

Dan's eyes widened. "No shit?" He'd had drinks before, of course. His parents were rather liberal with beer and wine, and he'd overindulged on occasion. But whiskey? Tom had a knack for procuring interesting things. Last week it was an issue of a magazine called Shaved. He felt himself blush again just thinking about it.

Tom scooted closer, handing him the iPod. "No shit. Tomorrow's Sunday, and we're not filming. We could stay up all night."

Dan wondered if his parents would let him stay overnight with Tom. He couldn't think of a reason why not. They were all staying in the same hotel; he would just be a few floors up. He nodded. "I'll ask."

"Cool," Tom said, stretching. His t-shirt rode up a little, and Dan saw the waistband of the boy's boxers peeking out from his jeans. He grinned a little, staring unconsciously. "What?" Tom asked, eyeing him strangely.

Dan looked away, down at the thick avocado fabric visible between his thighs. "Nothing."

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