Collision by Emma Grant

Harry Potter/Star Wars Crossover! Co-written with Littlesnitch.

After a dueling accident, Draco Malfoy finds himself in a very strange place.

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Originally posted: February 2005

Unbeta'd and written as a Round robin. Make of that what you will! WIP.  Crossover!
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1. Chapter 1 by Emma Grant

2. Chapter 2 by Emma Grant

3. Chapter 3 by Emma Grant

4. Chapter 4 by Emma Grant

5. Chapter 5 by Emma Grant

6. Chapter 6 by Emma Grant

Chapter 1 by Emma Grant
Author's Notes:
This part written by me (Emma Grant).  Originally posted here .

"You're going to regret this, Potter." Draco glared down the length of his wand at his opponent.

Potter glared back, his face twisted into a scowl. "I seriously doubt it."

"Harry!" the mudblood hissed from the side of the room. "Don't do this!"

Draco ignored her and kept his gaze focused on Potter. The Room of Requirement had provided them with a large white circle in the middle of the floor, the perfect size for a proper wizard duel. A bright light shone down on them from an unseen source, casting contorted shadows on the floor beneath them. The walls of the room were lined with curious onlookers from all houses; most of them were whispering encouragement to Potter, of course.

Draco smirked. "This is your last chance. There are no rules."

Potter's eyes hardened further. "I've stood in a dueling circle across from Voldemort and lived to tell about it," he said. "What makes you think you'll do any better?"

The room erupted in murmurs. Draco swallowed, but didn't let his wave of anxiety show. It was probably a lie, or at best, an exaggeration. He would ask his father about it -- as soon as the man was freed.

Zacharias Smith stepped into the center of the circle. Both boys nodded at him, then turned to face opposite directions. Draco heard Smith's shuffling footsteps leave the circle, and waited for the count. "Three... two... one--"

Draco whirled and focused his energy into his fingertips, pressing his hate and anger towards Potter with all his might. He had a spell ready for this, one that would get rid of Potter for good. He opened his mouth and spoke the words -- but he heard Potter's voice, a split second faster, shouting the same spell.

Even as the world swirled around him, he wondered how the hell Potter had learned such dark magic. And how had he cast the spell before Draco?

He felt himself falling, and only then did panic set in. He didn't know what the spell did; the book had only described it as a way to banish an enemy. He opened his mouth to shout, but nothing came out. He couldn't make sense of what he was seeing or hearing, only that he was moving very fast.

And then he landed on his feet.

He heard a strange sort of buzzing sound, followed by a gasp of voices. It hadn't worked. He wasn't dead. He wouldn't have to face his father's wrath for screwing up yet one more--

"Who are you?"

That wasn't Potter's voice. Draco opened his eyes.

He was standing in a room very much like the one he had left, in a circle. The walls of the room were lined with onlookers, dressed in robes not unlike his schoolmates. They were young, too, appearing to range in age from 12 to 20. He recognized none of them.

The buzzing sound caught his attention, and he turned towards the center of the circle. A boy Draco's age was standing there, holding a glowing sword, staring at him through hard eyes. Draco swallowed -- it felt as if the boy were looking right through him.

"Who are you?" the boy repeated. "And where's Ferus?"

"Ferus?" Draco repeated. He couldn't take his eyes off the glowing sword.

"Ferus Olin," the boy said, lowering the sword just a little. "We were... we were going to spar, to settle something, and he just disappeared. Where did you come from?"

"I don't--" Draco began.

"I can't feel him," someone said. Draco nearly started at the sight of the voice's owner, a strange creature with long spindly limbs. It most certainly wasn't human, though it walked and spoke like one. "He's a void."

The people in the room began whispering again, stepping closer. Draco felt panic rise in his throat. They wanted to feel him? He raised his wand and tried his best to look menacing. "I'm warning you... whatever you are, that I can defend myself--"

The boy across the circle raised his hand, and Draco's wand flew into it. Draco's stomach dropped. Wandless magic? They didn't study that at Hogwarts. Maybe he had appeared at some other wizarding school, one he'd never heard of before.

The boy examined Draco's wand, then tucked it into an imposing belt around his waist. He stepped toward Draco, eyes narrow. Draco stood his ground, trying to stretch himself up to appear as tall as possible. The boy was taller than him, with short spiky hair, except for a single braid that trailed over his shoulder. His blue eyes were piercing.

"Anakin, we should tell Master Yoda," the spindly creature said.

The boy didn't take his eyes off of Draco's. "Not yet," he said. "I want to know what he did with Ferus first."

Something about the boy reminded Draco intensely of his father, and he swallowed, hard.
Chapter 2 by Emma Grant
Author's Notes:

This chapter written by Littlesnitch.  Originally posted here .

Warning: Harry Potter/Star Wars Crossover! So you know, logic goes out the window and all that.
Rating: If it's continued, I imagine it'll get to NC-17. This bit is PG.
Summary: After a dueling accident, Draco Malfoy finds himself in a very strange place.
Note: Unbeta'd and probably really crappy

“What did you do with Ferus?” Anakin said, stepping closer to Draco.

Draco stared into those blue eyes and felt a cold knot in his stomach. He dug his fingernails into his palms. This…boy was not his father. He stood his ground and looked up at the smooth face inches from his. He could smell him – earthy, dusty, and dry.

“I don’t know any Ferus,” Draco said.

The corners of the boy’s mouth tightened. “Oh,” he said and reached for him. Draco saw it coming but couldn’t step aside fast enough. He went flying backwards, landing hard and slamming into the wall, his head ringing as it connected with the stone.

More wandless magic, Draco thought as the boy walked toward him, the glowing blue sword disappearing into the folds of his robe.

Draco sagged against the wall as the other boy approached, pretending to be hurt more than he was, whimpering in pain.

Anakin leaned over just as Draco kicked out and caught him at his knees. Anakin cried out and then was on him.

Draco took the first blow on his shoulder and grabbed the other boy’s robes, pulling him down, twisting until they were both tangled together, rolling on the floor, punching, grabbing and shoving. Draco’s fist connected with the side of Anakin’s face, stunning him. He rolled on top of him, straddling him and tried to follow up with another blow to the scratched and bloodied face.

“Stop,” a voice echoed through the chamber and as much as Draco wished to disobey the command, he could not move his arm. He looked up as a bearded man in tan robes strode into the room.

This man stared not at Draco so much but at the boy struggling beneath him. “Did no one think to get one of us? It’s not common for one student to disappear only to be replaced by another?” He gazed around the room. Draco heard several quick “Sorry, Master.”
The man squatted down near them, his voice calm, quiet. “Should I let him keep beating you my young Padawan? Another lesson in humility would serve you well.”

“No, Master,” the boy hissed below me.

“No, indeed,” he said before turning to look more closely at Draco.

“Get up,” he said, standing up. Draco could feel the hold on him end. He looked down at himself, his impeccable black robes torn and dirty. He could feel blood on his lip and soreness around one of his eyes already.

He stood up suppressing a groan, a sharp stab in his side. Broken rib. Madame Pomphrey will be most annoyed, Draco thought. If I ever get back to Hogwart’s, that is.

The man extended a hand to help the other boy up, whispering something Draco couldn’t quite make out. The boy’s set jaw loosened and he nodded, the fire banked in his eyes. But, even though disheveled and bloodied, the boy stood proudly and took the scolding calmly.

Draco had to stand through many such admonishments in much worse condition than he was now. He could feel a kinship, a bond with him even though he barely knew his name.

“I apologize,” the boy said, walking toward him. “I acted dishonorably and have shamed my Master.” The boy glanced at the man beside him who stood, arms crossed, watching them. “I am required to make amends to you,” he held out his hand.

Draco studied them both for a moment before quickly clasping the hand, the palm rough and calloused against his own. A shiver ran through him as he let go.

“I am Anakin Skywalker,” he said, “and this is my Master, Obi-wan Kenobi.” The man nodded.

Draco winced as he licked his broken lip. “My name is Draco Malfoy. And where in the bloody hell am I?”

Obi-wan smiled and clapped him on the shoulder. Draco groaned. “Your questions can wait. Let’s see if we can take care of the worst that my foolish Padawan has done.”
Chapter 3 by Emma Grant
Author's Notes:
This part written by me (Emma Grant). Originally posted here .
Obi-Wan turned and walked toward the door leading out of the room. Anakin followed behind, glancing once over his shoulder at Draco.

Draco hesitated for a moment. Should he trust this man, simply because he'd smiled? Draco wasn't a bloody gullible Hufflepuff. But the other people in the room had deferred to him, so he must be powerful. Most importantly, Anakin had immediately backed down when this man had appeared, even calling him Master. Draco's father only called one man "Master".

Draco hurried to catch up.

The door anticipated Obi-Wan's intentions and slid open before him, much like the doors at the Manor. Even though it made a ghostly sound and was made of a material he couldn't identify, Draco took comfort in that one detail being familiar.

What he saw on the other side of the door, however, made him freeze in his tracks. He was standing in a massive chamber, bigger than any he'd ever seen. The chamber was full of beings of all sorts, creatures Draco hadn't even imagined before. They were all dressed in robes, and they exuded a sense of calm that was nearly unnerving. There were strange mechanical things floating about as well, the function of which Draco couldn't determine. On one side was an enormous window, through which Draco could see a reddish sky. Something whizzed past the window, startling him. He stared, and then another one came by.

"Are you all right, Draco?" He turned to see Obi-Wan standing next to him, a look of mild concern on his face.

Draco pointed to the window. "I saw something…" Another massive object whizzed past.

"Nothing but speeders," Anakin said, frowning. "Maybe a few light cruisers."

"Speeders?" Draco looked from one man to the other, and then steeled himself. He had to know. He walked to the window and looked down.

He was standing in the tallest building he'd ever seen in his life. He couldn't see the ground from where he was standing. Tall buildings stretched out on the horizon as far as he could see. Another "speeder" whizzed by; it looked a bit like a Muggle automobile he'd once seen, but… sleeker. Weirder. Faster. More--

His knees gave out and he sank to the floor, forehead still pressed against the glass.

"Draco!" he heard, and then a warm hand was on his shoulder. He didn't allow himself to be pulled away from the sight. Streams of vehicles flew through the air across the sky, their lights marking paths through the air, suspended only by magic.

"Oh god," he muttered. "I'm in the future."

Obi-Wan settled beside him on the floor. "The future?"

Draco didn't have to look up to know the man thought he was nutters. "It's the only explanation. This is the future. Oh, god." He closed his eyes for a moment, overwhelmed. His parents were long dead. His friends, his world -- fuck, even his enemies -- all long gone.

"Let's get you someplace with less stimulation," Obi-Wan said. Draco was pulled to his feet by both men. They walked him along with them back across the chamber.

Beings looked up as they passed, and Draco saw for the first time the true diversity of the place. There were creatures that looked like trolls, only smaller, beings who resembled Dementors, beings that looked a bit like inflated pixies, beings that looked like squids, beings that--

"Master Yaddle," both men intoned, bowing their heads. Draco looked down, and nearly fainted.

A greenish house elf was standing before them, dressed in a wizard's robe. It nodded its ugly head at them in greeting. Obi-Wan and Anakin kept their heads bowed until it had passed.

Humans, bowing down to a house elf, who was dressed as a wizard? As an equal -- no, worse: a superior? "Oh god," Draco breathed. "We lost. Fucking Potter won." He promptly fainted.


"I think he's coming around."

Draco blinked. The world was fuzzy. A head was hovering before him.

"Should I make some tea, Master?"

"Tea," Draco repeated. His lips were horribly dry. "English Breakfast would be nice, with a smidge of cream."

"He's delirious," Obi-Wan sighed.

Draco finally managed to focus. The bearded face before him was concerned. "No, I'm…" Draco pushed himself to sitting. "I'm fine."

Anakin appeared with a small cup. Draco took it and sipped, then cringed. It was horribly bitter. Didn't they have sugar in the future?

"Keep an eye on him, Padawan," Obi-Wan said, standing. "I'm going to contact Master Yoda."

Draco watched him walk away, robes billowing behind him. It reminded him a bit of Professor Snape, and he was startled to find his eyes stinging.

Anakin settled on the sofa beside him. "Sorry about your shoulder." He didn't sound particularly sorry, Draco thought.

"S' alright," Draco shrugged. He glanced around the room. They appeared to be in some sort of flat.

"I'm sure Master Yoda will know what to do," Anakin offered.

Draco turned to look at him. "How many 'Masters' are there, anyway?"

Anakin shrugged. "I don't know. Thousands, I guess."

Draco choked on his tea.

Anakin watched him for a moment. "I don't suppose you know how you got here?"

"No," Draco replied. "Nor do I know what happened to… Ferius."

"Ferus," Anakin grinned.

"Whatever. He's probably back in my time, facing off against a wizard with his sword." A smile crossed his face at that. What chance would Potter stand against a weapon like that?

Anakin looked skeptical. "Why is it you think you've come from the past?"

Draco rolled his eyes. "Well, there aren't many flying automobiles where I live, for one thing. And you do magic with no wands, which is a very advanced skill. And the buildings--"

"Magic?" Anakin said. He looked thoughtful. "But you're not… Are you a Jedi?"

"I'm a wizard," Draco said. "Just like you."

"Just like me?" Anakin's eyes narrowed, and Draco had the distinct impression he was being humored. "Prove it."

"Give me back my wand and I will." Draco held out his hand.

"Your wand? Oh, this?" Anakin fumbled with his belt and produced Draco's wand.

Draco took it; the feeling of wood in his fingers was reassuring. He stared at it for a moment.

"Well?" Anakin asked. He leaned back against the cushions, skeptical. "Show me, then."

Draco felt a wave of panic. What if time travel had affected his ability to do magic? Best to start with something simple then.

He pointed his wand at the teacup and held his breath. "Wingardium leviosa." The teacup wobbled, and then rose into the air. Draco exhaled and turned to Anakin with a smug grin.

Anakin rolled his eyes, then waved his hand at the teacup. It inverted in mid-air, its contents sailing towards the floor. Anakin furrowed his brows and the tea stopped falling. It rose again, an amorphous blob, and then formed itself into a perfect replica of Draco's face.

All without a wand. Draco swallowed. "Well, that was first year stuff, of course." He snatched the teacup out of the air. Anakin released the tea, and it splashed onto Draco's robe. Draco scowled and shot Anakin a dirty look.

"Oops," Anakin said.

Draco set the cup on the table. "A bit of transfiguration, then." He had recently mastered one skill in particular. He tapped the cup with the tip of his wand, muttering a spell. The cup wobbled, then began to change shape. It sprouted fur, grew longer, twisted -- and soon a very confused rat was sitting on the tea table. Draco turned to grin smugly at Anakin.

Anakin was white as a sheet.

"What?" Draco asked. "It's just a rat."

The door slid open and Obi-Wan returned. "I just… What is that?"

Anakin was still staring at the rat, blue eyes wide. "I don't know, Master. But a moment ago, it was a teacup."

Obi-Wan's mouth opened and closed again. "A teacup? That's impossible!"

"Impossible, you say?" The voice had come from the doorway. A very old, wrinkly house elf stood there, contemplating the scene. He leaned forward on his cane. "Most curious, this is. But impossible, clearly it is not."

Draco swallowed. He had a bad feeling about this.

Chapter 4 by Emma Grant
Author's Notes:

This part written by Littlesnitch.  Originally posted here .

If I got the story of how a Lightsabre works wrong, please send me a copy of the schematics and I'll correct :)

Both Obi-Wan and Anakin quieted as the house elf walked slowly into the room. They treated him the same way the students, even some of the other professors, treated Dumbledore, with a calm, quiet respect. Draco watched them all as they settled to the floor, the house elf sitting among them as an equal. Draco was the only one standing.

“Master Yoda,” Obi-Wan said gesturing to the house elf, “this is Draco Malfoy.”

“Your house elf is a Master?” Draco said, crossing his arms and looking down on them all.

Yoda chuckled and nodded. “Strange I must appear to you, young one.” He gestured to the rat which was sniffing around the table. “You, strange are as well, to us.”
I bet, Draco thought. “Where am I? Who are you people?” he said, turning to Obi-wan.

Obi-wan raised an eyebrow but it was Yoda who spoke. “Where do you think you are, hmmmm?”

“I will not play twenty-questions with a house elf,” Draco snapped. “I'm tired and bruised. I don’t know where Potter learned the dark magic to send me here or even where or when here is…”

“Dark magic?” Anakin said, sitting up straighter. Draco suppressed a smile. “He said he was a wizard, that I was a wizard.” Anakin turned to Obi-Wan.

Yoda nodded. “If different enough, magic it might seem, indeed.” He focused his eyes on Draco. “Magic, do we do?” He raised his small hand toward the rat and it floated to him.

Most house elves preferred more dramatic magic but wandless magic was always easier for them. Still, this seemed to be like no house elf he had ever ordered around. It looked like if Draco wanted any answers he would have to talk with the elf.

“It certainly looks like you can do magic to me,” Draco said. No need to tell them he couldn’t do it. He gritted his teeth. It was not a good day for him – first Potter sticking his nose into protect the mudblood, that duel, landing here, getting in a fight. And now he had to play word games with a house elf.

“And you, to us,” Yoda held the rat out toward him. “Return the cup, can you?”

“Very well. Then you will tell me what I want to know.” Draco didn’t move until Yoda inclined his head. He touched his wand to the rat and said the counter spell. The rat quivered and rolled up on itself, turned white and morphed back into the teacup.

Both Obi-wan and Anakin were agape, staring at the cup cradled in Yoda’s hands. “Curious,” he said, turning the cup in his hand, “Tea?”

Anakin stared at Yoda a moment but shook his head and got to his feet to serve the tea.

“You want some too,” Anakin asked Draco. The tea was awful. He shook his head.

Yoda sipped his tea and grimaced before sitting the cup beside him, shaking his head.

“You are at a Jedi Academy,” Obi-wan said as Anakin sat again, “where we teach others from…many different places the ways of the Force. What looks like magic to you.”

Draco couldn’t help himself, he was interested. “So, it is a school for magic in the future?”

“Yes, something like that,” Obi-Wan stroked his beard.

“So, what else can you do with this ‘Force’” Draco said. “You can summon things, what else can you do?.” This wandless magic was easy for them but they were surprised by the transfiguration…maybe they had forgotten how to do some magics between his time and now. And it looked like they had discovered other magics. “Like, how does that sword work?” He pointed at the hilt hooked on Anakin’s belt. “How do you make the blade reappear?”

Anakin glanced at Obi-Wan. He nodded and Anakin got to his feet, taking the hilt in his hand. It was silver and black and had several studs on one side. He squeezed it and the blade gleamed as it extended from the hilt, humming.

Draco reached a finger out toward the blade but Anakin jerked it away from his reach. “If you want to keep that hand, you won’t want to touch the blade,” Anakin said.

Draco stepped back. “Okay,” he said, “It doesn’t look like a wand. Does it channel your magic?”

Anakin nodded. “It’s called a lightsabre. The Force flows through every living thing and the crystals inside the lightsabre focus your own personal Force. Every student learns how to use the Force to make one. But once it has been made, anyone with the Force can make the blade appear. But to use it well requires a lot of training and practice.”

“Sounds a lot like practicing with a wand,” Draco said under his breath. “Are you good with it?”

“I know how to use it quite well,” Anakin said, smiling. “I’m the best in my class.”

“Really?” Draco said, returning the smile. “Show me.”

“Enough, Anakin,” Obi-Wan said, standing up and clasping Anakin’s shoulder. “You can show our guest all your tricks later.”

Anakin blushed and both Obi-Wan and Yoda laughed.

“Many questions you have, I know,” Yoda said as he got to his feet. He summoned his cane to him. “Meditate on what to do with you, I will. For now, to Obi-Wan’s care I leave you.”

+ + + + + +
Chapter 5 by Emma Grant
Author's Notes:
This part written by me (Emma Grant). Originally posted here .
"But Master--"

"Enough, Padawan," Obi-Wan said. He lowered his voice to a whisper, and Draco had to press his ear against the door to hear what was being said. "-- may be a mystery, but he has powers beyond what we can understand. He seems to be using the Force in ways we cannot. Until we know more about who he is and where he came from, we cannot let him wander about unchaperoned."

Draco was both thrilled and frightened -- they thought *he* was powerful, even dangerous?

"Yes, Master."

Footsteps approached the door and Draco backed away, settling himself on the room's single low bed in an attempt to look casual.

The door slid open and Anakin stared down at him. "Why are you sitting on my sleep-couch?"

Draco stared back. "Your what?"

"You can share my room, but you'll sleep on the floor," Anakin replied.

Draco clenched his jaw. Had these future people no manners at all? Making a guest sleep on the floor?

"I'm to take you to midday meal with me," Anakin continued, a tone of annoyance pervading his voice. "I had plans, but I had to cancel them to babysit you, so I'd appreciate your cooperation."

Draco stood. "I didn't ask to be here, and I don't need a babysitter."

"If you're not hungry, you're welcome to stay here."

"And sit on the floor?" Draco snorted. He hadn't time-traveled hundreds if not thousands of years to be treated as if he were common. "I think not."

Anakin looked irritated, but he nodded his head towards the main room. "Come on, then."


Draco wrinkled his nose, staring at his plate. "And what precisely is braised nerf?"

Anakin blinked at him. "Nerf. You know, shaggy, with horns? Spits when agitated? Difficult to raise but prized for their meat?"

"You're making this up," Draco retorted. "There's no such thing." He cut a piece of the meat and sniffed it.

Anakin chewed his own nerf and looked thoughtful. "So what planet are you from, anyway?"

Draco nearly choked on his bite of nerf. (It tasted a bit like ostrich.) He managed to swallow before speaking, which was more courtesy than Anakin had shown him. "What *planet*? Are you fucking mad?"

A smile quirked at the edge of Anakin's lips. "You're currently on Coruscant. So where were you before you appeared in the middle of my duel with Ferus Olin?"

"You *are* mad," Draco said. "All right, I'll play along. In the time I'm from, we call our planet 'Earth'."

Anakin's forehead wrinkled. "Earth? I haven't heard of that. I'll have to check the star charts."

Draco shook his head and scooped up a spoonful of some sort of purée. They both ate in silence for a few minutes. Draco avoided Anakin's gaze, instead taking the opportunity to look around the room he was in. There were many people -- well, beings was a better word -- in the room, eating and talking, alone and in groups. They were all dressed as Anakin was, in robes of varying shades of brown. Draco's school uniform under his black robe made him stand out -- something he would have relished under normal circumstances. Now it just made him self-conscious.

"So who's Potter?" Anakin asked, pushing his tray aside.

"Isn't he in your history books for vanquishing the Dark Lord?"

"Dark Lord?" Anakin repeated.

Draco sighed. Anakin must not be a very good student. "Harry Potter. The Boy-Who-Lived? The apparent destroyer of all evil? Any of this ring a bell?"

"No," Anakin replied, smiling over his teacup.

Draco had the distinct impression he was being humored, which annoyed him immensely. "So why were you fighting that bloke -- the one who disappeared when I… got here?"

"Ferus?" Anakin snorted. "I hate him. Everyone thinks he's so fucking perfect. When I break the rules, I get punished, but when he does it, he gets commended for it."

Draco smiled. "Sounds familiar."

Anakin raised one eyebrow. "Does it?"

Draco raised his own teacup to his lips, considering. Anakin was annoying and common, with atrocious manners to boot. But they appeared to have a great deal in common. Perhaps Draco could turn this situation to his advantage somehow.

He sipped his tea. Anakin was considering Draco in return; his eyes were a startling shade of blue.

"So are you going to give me a tour of this 'Jedi Academy', then?" Draco asked.

Anakin shrugged. "Sure." He smiled.

Chapter 6 by Emma Grant
Author's Notes:
This part written by Littlesnitch.  Originally posted here.
Draco followed Anakin out of the dining area into the hall.

“That was the dining room,” Anakin said walking briskly forward, waving a negligent hand back the way they had come.

“Thanks, I figured that for myself,” Draco said having to speed his pace to keep up with the taller boy.

Anakin turned and flashed a smile at him that made Draco slow, his breath catch. He may be a boor, but he certainly is cute. He had to hurry more to keep up.

The hall they were in opened into a large…no, huge room, tiled in white and blue with windows stretching far above them. The sun was tinted orange and red through the multi-colored glass and made the room warm. Anakin stopped near the middle and began rattling off rooms, pointing to doors and halls radiating out.

“Junior Training Hall, Council Antechamber, Jedi Library,” he paused and looked directly at Draco. “Boring!”

“Indeed,” Draco said as he craned his neck looking around the room.

“Okay, listen,” Anakin said, stepping close to Draco. “I know you don’t want a babysitter and I don’t want to be one. Why don’t we do something that’s a little more...” Anakin glanced around the room but no one seemed to be paying any attention to them. He whispered into Draco’s ear, quietly, anyway. “Fun,”

The back of Draco’s neck tingled and a shiver went down his spine as he looked into the boy’s eyes.

Draco licked his lips. “What did you have in mind?”

Anakin grinned at him. “You like flying?”

Draco just stared at him. That was not what he thought he would say next. Okay, he really had no idea what he was going to say next but it certainly wasn’t if he liked flying.

“Of course I do,” he finally said taking a step back. “I am the best flyer in my school.” He raised his chin in the air.

Anakin’s grin broadened. “Good,” he said. “I’m the best in my school, too.” He grabbed a handful of Draco’s sleeves and pulled him down one of the halls.


“What is that?” Draco said, staring at what appeared to be a shiny floating carriage with two seats behind a half-glass shell.

“I thought you said you were a good flyer,” Anakin said as he hopped into one of the seats and began pressing buttons. Lights flickered around him and he smiled, apparently lost in the delight of the moment like a child with a new toy.

“I…I am,” Draco said as he ran his hand along the carriage. It was cool and smooth to the touch but vibrated with an inner power that was intoxicating. “But my school has nothing like this,” he whispered to himself.

“Well, come on Draco, get in then,” Anakin looked at him. “Get in.”

Draco eyed the craft and young man within. “Come on, Draco,” Anakin’s voice cracked. “Trust me,” he said and reached a hand out toward him.

Hesitating only a moment, Draco took the hand and leapt into the seat beside him. He couldn’t keep the smile from his face as the other boy squeezed his hand and laughed.

“You are going to love this,” Anakin said and pushed the handles in front of him forward. Draco screamed as he was pushed back hard into his seat and carriage rapidly moved forward, Anakin whipping it about as he headed toward an opening and the darkening orange sky.

“What do you call this thing?” Draco screamed through the air.

“A speeder!” yelled Anakin and Draco clung tightly to the chair as they sped out into the sky.
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