Drabbles by Emma Grant
Summary: This is a collection of drabbles written for peolpe one night on LJ... Various pairings, het and slash.
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Originally posted: September 30, 2005.


  1. Qui/Obi in a broom closet for lauramcewan
  2. Draco/Ron, jealousy for auntee_mame
  3. dom!Ron/Snape for tarotemp
  4. Hermione /Tonks at a bar for byandby
  5. Harry/Lucius, post-war celebration for elfflame
  6. Harry/Seamus parselsmut for hailiebu
  7. Obi-Wan/Draco! for hominysnark
  8. Draco/Severus/Harry for angelsotherlove
  9. Harry/Draco stuck in a safehouse for taradiane
  10. Harry/Sirius, tupperware for wyomingnot
  11. Snape/Lupin at the Burrow for jedirita


1. Qui/Obi in a broom closet for lauramcewan by Emma Grant

2. Draco/Ron, jealousy for auntee_mame by Emma Grant

3. dom!Ron/Snape for tarotemp by Emma Grant

4. Hermione /Tonks at a bar for byandby by Emma Grant

5. Harry/Lucius, post-war celebration for elfflame by Emma Grant

6. Harry/Seamus parselsmut for hailiebu by Emma Grant

7. Obi-Wan/Draco! for hominysnark by Emma Grant

8. Draco/Severus/Harry for angelsotherlove by Emma Grant

9. Harry/Draco stuck in a safehouse for taradiane by Emma Grant

10. Harry/Sirius, tupperware for wyomingnot by Emma Grant

11. Snape/Lupin at the Burrow for jedirita by Emma Grant

Qui/Obi in a broom closet for lauramcewan by Emma Grant

"Well, it isn't as if we'll get out of here any time soon."

Qui-Gon closed his eyes -- Obi-Wan's hand was inside his leggings now. "The Prince said he would return with the key as soon as-" His speech was cut off by a mouth clamping over his own.

Obi-Wan leaned against him in the darkness, pressing their cloth-covered cocks together, his hand still stroking as best he could.

"The Prince can join us, then," Obi-Wan breathed.

"Over my dead body," Qui-Gon said, pulling his Padawan's hips against his own. The feeling of rough cloth against his sensitive skin was nearly overwhelming. Obi-Wan groaned into his chest, his hand stilled between their bodies by pressure alone. Qui-Gon let his head fall back against the wall.

The door opened and light from the corridor spilled over them.

"Well," Bail Organa said, one eyebrow raised. "I seem to have returned too quickly."

"Actually," Obi-Wan said with a grin, "you're just in time." He grabbed the Prince by the wrist and pulled the door closed again.
Draco/Ron, jealousy for auntee_mame by Emma Grant
"Are you insane?" Ron said, nearly choking on the words.

"I'm not stupid, if that's what you mean," Draco spat, stalking towards him. "It's been 'Ron this' and 'Ron that' for the last two weeks, ever since you two went to Brighton together."

Ron gaped at him. "We had a good time. Did you ever think that's all it was?"

"Oh, I'm sure you had a good time," Draco retorted, stalking towards Ron. "A fucking grand time, day and night."

"You're mad," Ron said, flattening himself againbst the wall. "You're imagining things."

"Am I?" Draco asked, hands planted on either side of the wall by Ron's head. "Or am I being left out of something?"

Ron's eyes widened. "Oh, fuck no! I'm not--"

Draco's hand pressed against his crotch, and Rom grew hard before he knew what was happening. "Not what?" Draco asked, and then kissed him.

Ron didn't say anything else for quite a while.
dom!Ron/Snape for tarotemp by Emma Grant
"Yes, Professor."

"You call that respectful?" Ron hissed, his hand against Severus's throat. "Do you want another detention, boy?"

"No sir," Severus whispered, wincing. "I'm sorry, sir."

Ron smirked and pushed down on Severus's shoulders, forcing him to his knees. "How sorry are you?"

Severus eyed the bulge in the trousers before him. "Very, very sorry."

Ron unfastened the fly on his trousers, freeing his hard cock. "Show me."

Severus licked his lips and leaned forward. A slap across his cheek made him jerk away.

"Did I say you could start?" Ron asked.

Severus closed his eyes, embarrassed at his presumption. "No... sir."
Hermione /Tonks at a bar for byandby by Emma Grant
Hermione took another sip from her appletini and looked again. The woman tossed her long hair over her shoulder and smiled.

Gorgeous, Hermione thought. She hadn't seen this one before, and she knew nearly everyone at the Litter Box. She nodded her head toward the dance floor, and the woman smiled a bit wider.

They met under the flashing lights, bare legs twining together. Hermione's hands found the small of the woman's back, then slid down to cup her arse.

"You have long fingers," the woman said.

Hermione grinned. "I know." She leaned forward and brushed her lips against the woman's ear. "Want to feel them inside you?"

"I already have," she replied.

Hermione kissed her, feeling the lips beneath her own change shape, the hair in her fingers shorten, the body beneath her hands shift.

"Thanks," Hermione whispered against Tonks's lips. "I like you better this way."
Harry/Lucius, post-war celebration for elfflame by Emma Grant
"I suppose you think this is amusing," Lucius said, shifting uncomfortably.

"No," Harry replied. He took a sip from the bottle he'd been nursing for the last hour. "I don't."

"To the victor go the spoils," Lucius grumbled.

Harry chuckled. "So they fucking say." He put the bottle down and stepped forward, unfastening his trousers.

Lucius made a hissing noise and turned away.

"Now, now," Harry said, putting a hand under his chin and turning his gaze forward again. "We've already discussed this."

Lucius didn't respond. He glared at Harry a moment more, then opened his mouth.

Harry pressed his cock between Lucius's lips and whispered, "Draco."
Harry/Seamus parselsmut for hailiebu by Emma Grant
"What the fuck was that?" Harry cried, his arse rising a good four inches off the mattress.

"I think it was me pet snake," Seamus said, his head darting up long enough to look around.

Harry sat up. "You have a pet snake, loose in your flat? Are you mad?"

"It's no big deal," Seamus replied, stroking Harry's cock. "I just let a mouse loose every so often."

"But I felt it," Harry continued, ignoring Seamus's ministrations. "It brushed against my bum just now."

Seamus grinned. "Sure it wasn't another sort of snake altogether?"

"Don't flatter yourself," Harry retorted. He made a sound then that set a chill down Seamus's spine.

"What was that?"

"What?" Harry asked, blinking at him.

"You just made a weird noise." Seamus squinted. "Hang on... You can talk to snakes, can't you?"

Harry did it again. "Was that it?"

Seamus could only nod. For some reason, the sound had gone directly to his cock. "Don't stop," he whispered.

Harry gave him an odd look. "You like that?"

"Yes, please," Seamus said, slithering down Harry's body. "Keep talking. I'll make it worth your while."

Harry let his thighs fall apart. "Really?"

Seamus nodded, then licked just under Harry's balls.

"Well, in that case..."

Seamus had no idea what Harry said after that, but whatever it was, it made him horny as fuck.
Obi-Wan/Draco! for hominysnark by Emma Grant
"Avada kedavra!"

A streak of green light flashed toward him, but Obi-Wan managed to deflect it with his lightsaber. He stepped forward and his attacker came into view in the dim light of the blade. He was flattened against a stone wall, a short stick held out before him.

Obi-Wan's eyes narrowed. "Put down your... weapon." He assumed that was what it was, at least. "I won't hurt you. I'm looking for my apprentice."

"Who are you?" the boy asked. He reminded Obi-Wan starkly of Anakin with his pale hair and angry eyes.

"I'm a Jedi Knight," Obi-Wan told him, keeping his eyes focused on the boy. "My name is--"

"What the fuck is a Jedi Knight?" The boy's face was dirty and his clothes were torn. It was dark, and Obi-Wan assumed he'd disturbed the boy's sleep.

"I mean you no harm," Obi-Wan said, lowering his lightsaber. "Do you live here?"

The boy scowled. "Of course not. Don't you know who I am?"

Obi-Wan smiled. "I'm sorry, but I don't. If you haven't seen my apprentice, I'll be on my way."

The boy frowned. "What did he look like?"

"A bit like you, but dressed like me." Obi-Wan waved his saber and the electric buzz rang throuh the air. "He would have had one of these."

The boy bit his lip and leaned back against the wall. "I might have seen him."

Obi-Wan raised an eyebrow. "Really?"

The boy licked his lips. "How badly do you want to know?"

Obi-Wan blinked at him. "Sorry?"

The boy smirked. "His name -- was it Anakin?"

Obi-Wan froze.

The boy's smirk became a leer. One hand trailed down his torso and between his thighs, stroking. "Well?"

Obi-Wan's eyes narrowed. It wasn't as if it were the first time he'd had to this sort of price for information.
Draco/Severus/Harry for angelsotherlove by Emma Grant
"Look what I found lurking in the forest," Malfoy said. He shoved Harry forward.

Snape sneered down at Harry. "Well, well. Mr. Potter. Whatever shall we do with you?"

"I think we should kill him," Malfoy spat, his wand pressing into Harry's throat.

Harry ignored him, glaring at Snape instead. He didn't care about Malfoy any more. Malfoy hadn't killed Dumbledore, after all. He fixed his glare on Snape.

"There are worse fates than death, Draco." Snape stepped forward and traced a finger down Harry's cheek. "You look so much like your father, particularly on your knees like this."

Harry's jaw clenched, but he said nothing in repsonse.

"Tell me, Draco," Snape whispered, keeping his eyes fixed on Harry. "Would you like to have your cock sucked by Mr. Potter?"

Malfoy made a choking sound, but Harry kept his eyes locked onto Snape's. Harry heard a rustling of fabric just behind him. He knew where this was going.

Snape's black eyes sparkled.
Harry/Draco stuck in a safehouse for taradiane by Emma Grant
"This is your fault," Draco spat. He sat against the wall, his legs stretched out in front of him.

"How do you reckon that?" Harry snorted, shifting in his ragged chair.

"It's always your fault," Draco muttered. His words had little bite after twelve hours, though.

"So it is," Harry replied with a sigh. "Are you hungry?"





"Bugger off, wiil you?"

Harry grinned. "Just trying to help."

Draco swore, then looked up. "You forgot horny."

Harry raised an eyebrow. "Did I?"

Draco shook his head in mock exasperation.

Harry stood and crossed the short distance betwen them, straddling Draco's outstretched legs. "Are you, then?"

"Is that all you ever think about?" Draco asked, but he was smiling now. He couldn't help it, Harry knew.

"Death and sex," Harry said with a shrug. "What else is there?"

Draco reached up to unfasten the fly of Harry's trousers. Harry's cock sprang free, and Draco grinned. "Ask me later. I'm a bit busy at the moment."
Harry/Sirius, tupperware for wyomingnot by Emma Grant
Sirius groaned as Harry's strokes quickened. They pressed their foreheads together, leaning against each other in their struggle to remain standing. Harry's cock was slippery in Sirius's fingers.

"Getting close," Harry panted. "You?"

Sirius nodded. "Are you sure about this?"

"Yes," Harry breathed. "For the twelfth time, yes."

"Just asking... fuck..." Sirius sucked in a breath. "God I love that thing you do with your fingers."

"This?" Harry asked, and did it again.

"I'm going to... do you have it?"

"Yes, hang on."

Harry tugged Sirius's cock down at an awkward angle, which pulled him back from the edge a bit.

Sirius slid his free arm around Harry's back. "Are you close?"

"Yes," Harry said. His eyes were closed. "Oh, yes."

They came within seconds of each other. Harry somehow had the presence of mind to catch it all in the small tupperware container in his hand. Sirius was still shuddering when Harry snapped the lid shut and tucked the container under his shirt to keep it warm.

"Are you going to tell them?" Sirius asked.

Harry tugged his trousers up with one hand and shook his head. "No."

"They wanted you to be the father, not me."

"They won't know any different," Harry said, leaning forward to kiss Sirius. "But we'll know. It'll be our baby this way."

"If Ginny ever finds out--" Sirius began.

"She won't," Harry said, his voice firm. "Don't worry."

Harry disapparated to Ginny and Luna's flat. Sirius sighed.
Snape/Lupin at the Burrow for jedirita by Emma Grant
"Arthur said it would be in here somewhere," Remus muttered, sifting through a stack of boxes.

Severus stood in the doorway, arms folded over his chest. "I don't see why we had to be the ones to scour their house for it." Remus shot him an annoyed look. "You know what you're looking for, Lupin. I'd be of little use."

"You could bring those boxes to me," Remus said, pointing to a stack of large cartons in the corner.

Severus hesitated a moment before crossing the room. He was uneasy with all of this. Why they couldn't just go and ask the Weasley twins what they'd done with their supply of--

"Don't move," Remus said. Severus froze, wondering if he could even turn his head to look. "Just stay right there," Remus whispered. There was a sound of cloth rustling behind him, then footsteps drew closer.

"What is it?" Severus asked, his heart starting to pound now. If he was in danger, it was best if he knew the details. "Lupin!"

"Shhh," he heard, and then arms encircled him from behind. The door to the room closed on its own.

"What are--"

"Quiet," Remus said. His hands found their way inside Severus's robe and began working their way into his trousers.

"Lupin!" Severus hissed, grabbing Remus's wrists and trying to still them.

Remus took the opportunity to turn him around, and a moment later Severus was being kissed very thoroughly. He managed to break away, but Remus lunged after him again, this time pushing him back against one of the twin beds in the room. His eyes were wild, Severus thought. He didn't look himself.

Severus turned his head, which allowed him a chance to scan the area Remus had been working in. Remus's teeth were nipping at his neck in a way that made it difficult to concentrate.

"Lupin, what... which box did you open last?"

"Going to open you," Remus muttered, tearing frantically at the buttons on Severus's shirt now.

It was no use -- he couldn't hold Remus off and look for the cause of this at the same time. It must have been something powerful, because Remus was generally not this impulsive.

Severus allowed himself a small smile. Molly and Arthur wouldn't be back for hours, and at the rate Remus was going, this wouldn't take long. He might as well enjoy it.
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