Abra la Puerta by Emma Grant
Summary: Tom, Dan, and a bottle of Jim. Sequel to Avocado.  RPS. (Dan Radcliffe/Tom Felton)

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Series: Avocado
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Originally posted: December 18, 2003.

Full of horrible Americanisms, for which I apologize.  Did I mention this is RPS?

Warning: Underage boys doing what underage boys do. Pre-slashy, really. Oh, and written in past tense, if that's the sort of thing one should warn for...
Note: Written for the Contre le Montre "Epiphany" challenge, though really inspired by Y Tu Mama Tambien. Thanks to [info]wyomingnot for the beta!

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1. Chapter 1 by Emma Grant

Chapter 1 by Emma Grant

Fuck. Fuckfuckfuck.

Daniel's finger was poised above the button which would signal his presence outside of room 1138 of the Manor Arms Hotel. He'd been standing there for nearly a full minute, and he still wasn't certain that going in was such a good idea.

"Lovely!" Mum had said when he'd asked. "Have fun with your friend!" The look on her face, Dan reflected, had been one of carefully concealed elation. A night out. No babysitter needed, for the first time in over a decade. Dan had been both relieved and disturbed by her easy trust of him. Did she not even suspect that he would be getting stinking drunk with another boy tonight? He was certain that whatever happened, his parents would likely not approve.

His parents had left before he had.

He swallowed, and then pushed the button.

His stomach flipped strangely -- why am I so fucking nervous? -- for the entire 38 seconds it took for the door to open. Tom stood there, bleached blond hair stringy and sticking out everywhere, as if he'd just awakened from a nap. So different from Malfoy, Dan heard Harry's voice say in his head. Tom grinned at him, a lop-sided affair that made Dan's stomach do a swan dive. Maybe it was the intense look in the taller boy's eyes. Or the fact that his raggedy flannel shirt hung open, showing the barest hint of curly dark hair marking his pale chest. Or that his boxers peeked out of the waist of those low-slung jeans he always wore.

Dan was immensely relieved that he wasn't blushing. Somehow, he thought he ought to be.

"You're late," Tom said, in that accent that was so positively common, so unlike the character he played. The irony made Dan smile.

"Sorry," he replied, grinning in what he hoped was an aloof manner. "Mum gave me some shit about being 'a good boy'." Funny how easily the lie rolled off his tongue.

Tom stepped back, gesturing him in. "Hope you didn't make any promises you're obliged to keep."

Dan rolled his eyes in response and stepped into the room. The sound of the door closing was startlingly loud, and he jumped a bit. Tom, thankfully, didn't notice. He was already on the other side of the room, bottle of Jim Beam and an empty glass in hand.

"So," he grinned, gesturing widely with the glass, "straight?"

Dan blinked. "Sorry?"

"Straight up, or mixed with coke?"

"Ummm..." Dan fought the heat he could feel on his cheeks. "With coke, actually." He shrugged. "Feel like starting slow tonight."

Tom gave him an appraising look. "Right." He opened the mini-bar and removed a small can of soda. "Ice?"

"No, thanks."

Dan's eyes widened as the glass was one-third filled with whiskey, then to the brim with the coke. Tom handed him the glass, sloshing a bit of the liquid over his own hand in the process. Dan took the glass carefully, and felt his stomach lurch a bit as Tom licked the spilled drink off the back of his own hand. Flustered, he took a gulp from the glass.

And promptly choked in near-revulsion.

"Holy--" cough "What the... strong..." coughwince "...fucking hell."

Tom laughed. "Oh, too much for you, is it?" He raised the bottle to his lips and downed what appeared to be a rather large amount of whiskey. His eyes sparkled in challenge, and he licked his lips, not even flinching.

Dan groaned inwardly and raised the glass to his lips. Steeling himself, he chugged the entire drink down.

And fought the burning, gagging sensation that immediately arose in his throat. Valiantly. Then he opened his eyes and grinned.

"Impressive," Tom said. "You probably don't want to do that again, though. You'll be burping up your dinner." He filled Dan's glass halfway with whiskey. Dan belched loudly, for effect.

Tom grinned. "See? Bloody rude, that is." He winked. Dan's stomach flipped again.

Twenty minutes and a few glasses later, Dan's head was swimming enough that when he turned it quickly, it was a half-second before the world caught up. It was a weird effect, and he turned his head quickly a few times, just to experience it a little more.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Tom snickered.

"Nothing," Dan replied, embarrassed, but feeling strangely brave. He didn't want Tom to think he was a lightweight, totally inexperienced. Which he was, of course. His brow furrowed slightly, and an idea struck him quite suddenly. "Wanna play a drinking game?"

"You're already drunk!" Tom laughed. "Yeah, sure. What've you got in mind?"

"I never," Dan said, holding his glass out to be refilled. The chink of the bottle against it was strangely reassuring. "So I say something I might've done, and if you've done it, you haf' to drink. Then I drink too. If I've done it. Otherwise I don't."

"Okaaaay," Tom drawled, sounding strangely like Malfoy. He refilled his own glass. The bottle was now only half-full. Tom stared at Dan, swaying slightly. "Well?"

"Ummm..." Dan closed his eyes, and quickly realized that was a bad idea. He blinked them open. "I never... stole anything."

Tom squinted. "So if I haven't done it, I do nothing?"


Tom shrugged, and Dan took a drink. Tom mock-gasped in response.

"It was a chocolate bar, when I was little," Dan explained. "My mum found out and made me take it back. I felt so guilty I haven't stolen anything since."

"Awww... How Harry of you."

Dan snorted. "Your turn."

Tom pursed his lips. "I never... tossed off." He smirked.

"Oh, leave it to you to turn it into something sexual," Dan scoffed, then took a drink. Tom took a gulp. "Should I assume that means something?" Dan grinned. Tom only raised his eyebrows in response. I can play that game too, Dan thought. "Okay, I never... got a blow job." He immediately winced. Why did he have to say that?

Tom took a sip, smiling. Dan sighed, setting his glass down.

"Am I supposed to describe it?" Tom asked.

Dan felt a smile tickle his lips. "Yeah. In glorious detail, please."

"My girlfriend went down on me once," Tom said, looking down at his hands. "It took me a fucking month to convince her, and she freaked out when I came in her mouth."

"Shit!" Dan said, before he could stop himself. "You came in her mouth?"

"She really gave me hell about it, and she wouldn't do it again," Tom grinned. He shrugged. "But her mouth was..." He rolled his eyes. "Fuck, but that felt good!"

Dan felt himself laugh, and was immediately embarrassed. He laughed harder in response, and slipped off the end of the bed, landing on the floor with a thump and losing half his drink.

"Oh, shit," Tom laughed. "You are drunk, you fucking lightweight!"

"Am not," Dan sputtered, pulling himself to his knees. He aimed for the bed, but his face hit Tom's thigh instead. Confused, he looked up to find himself between Tom's legs.

Tom raised an eyebrow and unfastened the button on his jeans, grinning mischievously. "Well, while you're down there..."

Ziiiip. Dan saw the zipper move down in slow motion, and was mildly shocked when he realized he was curious about what was beneath those green boxers. He swallowed, head spinning. "You wish," he grunted, then pushed himself off the floor and back onto the bed.

Tom laughed and zipped his jeans back up. "My turn, right?" he said, flourishing his glass, and sloshing a bit of whiskey on himself in the process. "Okay. I never tossed off to porn." He promptly cracked up laughing.

"To porn?" Dan repeated, grinning. He made sure he had Tom's attention before he took a drink.

Tom had fallen back on the bed, and his chest was still shaking. "So, tell me what it was that got you so hot."

"These two girls were... they made them look like the Olsen twins, and they were naked, and sort of... touching each other." Dan felt himself blush, but he grinned anyway.

"What was it called?" Dan's eyebrows furrowed in response. "The movie, the name?"

"Oh, it wasn't a movie. It was a picture. On the internet."

"I meant a movie, shitwit." Tom took a gulp of his drink. "Haven't you tossed off to a movie?"

Dan bit his lip. "No. I take it you have?"

Tom sat up again, abdominal muscles rippling. Dan found the sight strangely fascinating. "Don't tell me you've never seen a porn movie?"


"Well, we ought to do something about that." Tom picked up the remote and pushed some buttons. "This hotel shows some classic adult movies, it turns out."

"Your parents let you--"

"Fuck!" Tom exclaimed. The message on the monitor clearly stated, Programme prohibited by request. "I got it a few times, and I told them I must have hit the button by mistake when I was trying to turn it off. Now they've locked me out." He pursed his lips and took a sip of his whiskey.

"Whose turn is it?" Dan asked, wondering if he was slurring his words.

"Oh, brilliant!" Tom exclaimed. He stood and rummaged through a pile on the dresser.

Dan shook his head to clear it. "Wha...?"

"Come on," Tom said a moment later, grinning and brandishing a key card. "Get your ass over here." Dan stood shakily and crossed the room. The door opened, and he felt himself being tugged through it, into the hall, down four, five, six doors. Tom slid a key into the slot, and the green light flashed. The door opened, and Tom pulled him into a spacious suite. He nearly collapsed onto the sofa, and only could stare blankly as Tom turned on the remote and flipped through channels.

Then the screen sprang to life. Dan slipped off the sofa and onto the floor. He leaned back, head falling on the cushions. It was surprisingly comfortable...

"Yes, perfect," he heard Tom say, just before he felt the boy's body fall next to his, leaning against the sofa as well.

He looked up to see two naked women with enormous, obviously fake breasts kissing each other. There was a lot of tongue involved. The camera followed the face of one of the women, who eagerly began sucking on the swollen breast of the other.

"God damn..." Tom muttered.

The woman on the screen moved her attention lower, snaking her tongue in and out of the belly button of her partner, and then moved to the woman's nearly-shaved pussy.

The camera moved in really close then. The screen was full of folds of wet pink flesh and a lapping tongue, accompanied by the artificial moans of the actresses.

"Look at that," Tom whispered.

Dan blinked, and struggled to think of something semi-intelligent to say. It didn't help that he felt dizzy and thoroughly sloshed. He could barely focus on the screen.

"So that's the clitoris?" he heard himself say. "Terribly small, isn't it?"

Tom laughed so hard he collapsed against Dan's shoulder. The boy's breath was hot on Dan's neck, and he felt himself squirming slightly in response. "You're so fucking cute!" Tom whispered.

Then he kissed Dan sloppily on the cheek before turning back to the TV. Dan felt himself blush, felt the spot where Tom had kissed him chill as it was touched by the current from the air vent. He shivered and wiped the wetness from his face, then refocused on the screen.

One of the women -- the one being eaten out -- was screaming loudly, apparently in pleasure. The other woman was grunting encouragement between licks.

"Well, what have we here?" asked a man who had just appeared on the screen, voice nearly monotone.

"Oh!" exclaimed the brunette. "You said you were working late, darling." She didn't look surprised to see him.

"I didn't realize it was ladies night," the man leered. "Do you mind if I join you, just this once?"

Both women cooed in response, and the man on the screen unfastened his jeans. A rather large erect penis sprang out almost as soon as the zipper was down.

To his horror, Dan sucked in his breath. "Holy fucking hell! That guy's dick is huge!"

"Is it?" Tom asked, smirking.

"Oh, fuck off," Dan retorted. "You only wish yours was that big."

"Maybe it is," Tom replied. "Maybe you're jealous."

Dan rolled his eyes dramatically, the alcohol making him strangely bold. "You're so full of shit."

They both glanced back at the screen, where one of the women was enthusiastically sucking the man's cock, red-stained lips stretched wide around his enormous girth. The other woman was fondling the man's balls.

"That's... fuck," Tom whispered. Out of the corner of his eye, Dan saw Tom's hand slide down between his thighs. The older boy started to lightly stroke himself through his jeans.

Dan swallowed hard and forced his eyes away, back to the screen. The shot now was of the man's cock ramming into the body of one of the women. The lips of her pussy were clutching at it as it stroked in and out. He glanced back down at Tom's crotch. There was a definite bulge visible through the fabric, and Tom's hand was moving over it, in time to the action on the screen.

"This is so..." Tom mumbled, then caught Dan watching him. Dan was immediately glad for the room's dim lighting, knowing he was probably blushing furiously. Tom grinned and shrugged. "Caught," he said, and unfastened his jeans. "You don't mind, do you?"

Dan tried hard not to look as Tom began fisting his erection slowly. "Ummm... no." His mind swam. He'd certainly never done that in front of anyone before, but he couldn't deny that he was hard as well. If Tom was going to do it...

He gritted his teeth and unzipped his jeans, pushing his hand beneath the elastic waistband of his underwear. His dick was harder than usual, considering he hadn't even touched himself yet. Somehow, just the thought of doing this in the same room as another person had gotten him very excited. He pushed his underwear aside, focused on the television screen, and let his hand glide over his own skin.

He could hear the boy beside him grunting slightly, could hear the sound of skin on skin. He unconsciously matched Tom's rhythm, moving his hand faster. He closed his eyes and his head swam, his mind not thinking of the movie at all, but picturing the boy next to him, stroking himself, back arched with pleasure, eyes closed and mouth open--

"Fuck!" Tom hissed, and leapt to his feet. "Quick!" He turned the television off and jerked Dan off the floor. Dan opened his mouth to complain, but then he heard it -- voices outside the door, repeated attempts to slide a key card through the lock.

Tom pushed him roughly into the coat closet and shut the door. He felt the other boy's naked chest pressed against him in the darkness. His position was awkward, and he slid down onto his ass with a quiet thump. He shifted onto his knees and attempted to stand again, accidentally grabbing Tom's jeans in the process.

They slid down to his knees.

"Ssshhh!" Tom hissed. Dan froze, listening. The door to the room opened, and Tom's parents came in, giggling and chattering.

Dan could feel Tom trembling against him. He reached out, meaning to comfort, and brushed the other boy's bare thigh. He suddenly realized they were both crammed into a dark closet, pants open and dicks out, in what could only be described as a compromising position.

He snickered softly.

"Shut the fuck up!" Tom had leaned over and was hissing into his ear. "They'll hear us!"

Dan reached up and caught the back of Tom's head with his hand. "Sorry," he whispered into the older boy's ear, "but... s'funny. If anyone saw us now..."

"It's not funny," Tom whispered, standing up again. Dan could feel him lean back against the side of the closet.

Still dizzy and giggling, Dan felt himself sway forward. His forehead pressed against Tom's bare belly, and his breath bounced off the other boy's skin, warm and alcoholic. He inhaled, and smelled the scent of the older boy -- sweaty and masculine, spicy and...

And then he felt Tom's erection nudging his shoulder. Tom tensed immediately, and his hands moved to Dan's shoulders, attempting to push him away.

Dan felt his entire body go rigid all at once. His eyes opened wide, and he suddenly felt completely sober. His hands gripped Tom's fallen jeans tightly, and he pressed his forehead even more into the boy's stomach.

He liked this. He liked being close to a naked boy. It turned him on. He was hard as a rock, and wanted desperately to touch himself. He was so tempted to turn his head slightly, and let his lips brush the hard cock just inches away.

"Fuck," he whispered, mind spinning. This was too much to process. Too much. He sat back on his heels, releasing Tom.

"I'm so sorry," Tom whispered back. "That was... I didn't mean... the movie, you know."

In the darkness, Dan smiled slightly. That's it then, he thought. I'm gay. It wasn't upsetting to think it, to realize it, to face it. It was strangely freeing.

"S'fine," he whispered. "Don't worry about it." He felt a brush of fabric against his knees as Tom pulled his jeans back up.


Twenty minutes later, they were back in Tom's room, having snuck out once his parents had finally retired to the bedroom of their suite. Tom had gotten over his embarrassment and was laughing about their near-disaster. He turned on his side under the covers of the king-sized bed and smiled at Dan in the semi-darkness.

Dan felt his stomach flip again. At least now he understood the feeling. He grinned back at Tom, and closed his eyes.

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