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Story Notes:

Originally Posted: October 23, 2005

Note: Written for the hp_quince "What are you wearing?" challenge.
Link: http://www.livejournal.com/community/hp_quince/4939.html

"What the--?" Ron had stopped mid-chew to stare.

"What?" Harry asked, sitting across from him and trying to keep a straight face.

"What are you wearing?" Ron asked. A bit of the bun he'd been eating flew across the table and landed next to Harry's elbow.

"Erm… nothing. What's the plan for today?"

"Harry, what the hell are you doing wearing a Slytherin tie?" Ron gestured at Harry's neck with his half-eaten bun.

"I just am," Harry sighed, looking away. "No reason. Ready for Quidditch practice?"

"Stop changing the subject. Where'd you even get that tie? If I didn't know better, I'd think--"

"Well, well, Potter," sneered Malfoy as he strolled past their table. "Fancy yourself a change of house?"

"You wish," Harry replied, not looking up at him.

"Oh, right," Malfoy continued. "Then you could sneak into my bed and suck my prick whenever the fancy strikes you, day or night."

Harry's cheeks turned pink. Ron reached for his wand, letting his glare become murderous, but Harry shot him a look that clearly said, leave it. He turned to Malfoy with a smirk. "Or maybe you'd rather suck me while Crabbe is fucking you. I hear you like to have it on both ends."

Malfoy's face paled, but that was his only response, to Ron's surprise. Malfoy and Harry glared at each other for a long moment. Ron looked back and forth between them, confused. There was definitely something going on here, and Ron hadn't a clue what it was. Harry had been acting rather odd lately, and Malfoy had been hanging round him more than usual, now that Ron thought about it. But before Ron could think about it more, Malfoy turned and walked away.

"What the hell is going on?" Ron asked, gaping after Malfoy. "I would have thought he'd hex you for that."

"Let's just say we've come to an understanding," Harry said, reaching for a slice of toast. Ron opened his mouth to speak and Harry continued, "Just… don't ask, all right?"

Across the room, Malfoy looked back over his shoulder at them, scowling, and Harry gave him a wink. Malfoy rolled his eyes and turned away again.

Ron's eyes narrowed. "Um… Harry?"

Harry grinned and turned back to his breakfast.