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Author's Chapter Notes:

This part written by Littlesnitch.  Originally posted here .

If I got the story of how a Lightsabre works wrong, please send me a copy of the schematics and I'll correct :)

Both Obi-Wan and Anakin quieted as the house elf walked slowly into the room. They treated him the same way the students, even some of the other professors, treated Dumbledore, with a calm, quiet respect. Draco watched them all as they settled to the floor, the house elf sitting among them as an equal. Draco was the only one standing.

“Master Yoda,” Obi-Wan said gesturing to the house elf, “this is Draco Malfoy.”

“Your house elf is a Master?” Draco said, crossing his arms and looking down on them all.

Yoda chuckled and nodded. “Strange I must appear to you, young one.” He gestured to the rat which was sniffing around the table. “You, strange are as well, to us.”
I bet, Draco thought. “Where am I? Who are you people?” he said, turning to Obi-wan.

Obi-wan raised an eyebrow but it was Yoda who spoke. “Where do you think you are, hmmmm?”

“I will not play twenty-questions with a house elf,” Draco snapped. “I'm tired and bruised. I don’t know where Potter learned the dark magic to send me here or even where or when here is…”

“Dark magic?” Anakin said, sitting up straighter. Draco suppressed a smile. “He said he was a wizard, that I was a wizard.” Anakin turned to Obi-Wan.

Yoda nodded. “If different enough, magic it might seem, indeed.” He focused his eyes on Draco. “Magic, do we do?” He raised his small hand toward the rat and it floated to him.

Most house elves preferred more dramatic magic but wandless magic was always easier for them. Still, this seemed to be like no house elf he had ever ordered around. It looked like if Draco wanted any answers he would have to talk with the elf.

“It certainly looks like you can do magic to me,” Draco said. No need to tell them he couldn’t do it. He gritted his teeth. It was not a good day for him – first Potter sticking his nose into protect the mudblood, that duel, landing here, getting in a fight. And now he had to play word games with a house elf.

“And you, to us,” Yoda held the rat out toward him. “Return the cup, can you?”

“Very well. Then you will tell me what I want to know.” Draco didn’t move until Yoda inclined his head. He touched his wand to the rat and said the counter spell. The rat quivered and rolled up on itself, turned white and morphed back into the teacup.

Both Obi-wan and Anakin were agape, staring at the cup cradled in Yoda’s hands. “Curious,” he said, turning the cup in his hand, “Tea?”

Anakin stared at Yoda a moment but shook his head and got to his feet to serve the tea.

“You want some too,” Anakin asked Draco. The tea was awful. He shook his head.

Yoda sipped his tea and grimaced before sitting the cup beside him, shaking his head.

“You are at a Jedi Academy,” Obi-wan said as Anakin sat again, “where we teach others from…many different places the ways of the Force. What looks like magic to you.”

Draco couldn’t help himself, he was interested. “So, it is a school for magic in the future?”

“Yes, something like that,” Obi-Wan stroked his beard.

“So, what else can you do with this ‘Force’” Draco said. “You can summon things, what else can you do?.” This wandless magic was easy for them but they were surprised by the transfiguration…maybe they had forgotten how to do some magics between his time and now. And it looked like they had discovered other magics. “Like, how does that sword work?” He pointed at the hilt hooked on Anakin’s belt. “How do you make the blade reappear?”

Anakin glanced at Obi-Wan. He nodded and Anakin got to his feet, taking the hilt in his hand. It was silver and black and had several studs on one side. He squeezed it and the blade gleamed as it extended from the hilt, humming.

Draco reached a finger out toward the blade but Anakin jerked it away from his reach. “If you want to keep that hand, you won’t want to touch the blade,” Anakin said.

Draco stepped back. “Okay,” he said, “It doesn’t look like a wand. Does it channel your magic?”

Anakin nodded. “It’s called a lightsabre. The Force flows through every living thing and the crystals inside the lightsabre focus your own personal Force. Every student learns how to use the Force to make one. But once it has been made, anyone with the Force can make the blade appear. But to use it well requires a lot of training and practice.”

“Sounds a lot like practicing with a wand,” Draco said under his breath. “Are you good with it?”

“I know how to use it quite well,” Anakin said, smiling. “I’m the best in my class.”

“Really?” Draco said, returning the smile. “Show me.”

“Enough, Anakin,” Obi-Wan said, standing up and clasping Anakin’s shoulder. “You can show our guest all your tricks later.”

Anakin blushed and both Obi-Wan and Yoda laughed.

“Many questions you have, I know,” Yoda said as he got to his feet. He summoned his cane to him. “Meditate on what to do with you, I will. For now, to Obi-Wan’s care I leave you.”

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