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"Arthur said it would be in here somewhere," Remus muttered, sifting through a stack of boxes.

Severus stood in the doorway, arms folded over his chest. "I don't see why we had to be the ones to scour their house for it." Remus shot him an annoyed look. "You know what you're looking for, Lupin. I'd be of little use."

"You could bring those boxes to me," Remus said, pointing to a stack of large cartons in the corner.

Severus hesitated a moment before crossing the room. He was uneasy with all of this. Why they couldn't just go and ask the Weasley twins what they'd done with their supply of--

"Don't move," Remus said. Severus froze, wondering if he could even turn his head to look. "Just stay right there," Remus whispered. There was a sound of cloth rustling behind him, then footsteps drew closer.

"What is it?" Severus asked, his heart starting to pound now. If he was in danger, it was best if he knew the details. "Lupin!"

"Shhh," he heard, and then arms encircled him from behind. The door to the room closed on its own.

"What are--"

"Quiet," Remus said. His hands found their way inside Severus's robe and began working their way into his trousers.

"Lupin!" Severus hissed, grabbing Remus's wrists and trying to still them.

Remus took the opportunity to turn him around, and a moment later Severus was being kissed very thoroughly. He managed to break away, but Remus lunged after him again, this time pushing him back against one of the twin beds in the room. His eyes were wild, Severus thought. He didn't look himself.

Severus turned his head, which allowed him a chance to scan the area Remus had been working in. Remus's teeth were nipping at his neck in a way that made it difficult to concentrate.

"Lupin, what... which box did you open last?"

"Going to open you," Remus muttered, tearing frantically at the buttons on Severus's shirt now.

It was no use -- he couldn't hold Remus off and look for the cause of this at the same time. It must have been something powerful, because Remus was generally not this impulsive.

Severus allowed himself a small smile. Molly and Arthur wouldn't be back for hours, and at the rate Remus was going, this wouldn't take long. He might as well enjoy it.