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"Are you insane?" Ron said, nearly choking on the words.

"I'm not stupid, if that's what you mean," Draco spat, stalking towards him. "It's been 'Ron this' and 'Ron that' for the last two weeks, ever since you two went to Brighton together."

Ron gaped at him. "We had a good time. Did you ever think that's all it was?"

"Oh, I'm sure you had a good time," Draco retorted, stalking towards Ron. "A fucking grand time, day and night."

"You're mad," Ron said, flattening himself againbst the wall. "You're imagining things."

"Am I?" Draco asked, hands planted on either side of the wall by Ron's head. "Or am I being left out of something?"

Ron's eyes widened. "Oh, fuck no! I'm not--"

Draco's hand pressed against his crotch, and Rom grew hard before he knew what was happening. "Not what?" Draco asked, and then kissed him.

Ron didn't say anything else for quite a while.