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"Look what I found lurking in the forest," Malfoy said. He shoved Harry forward.

Snape sneered down at Harry. "Well, well. Mr. Potter. Whatever shall we do with you?"

"I think we should kill him," Malfoy spat, his wand pressing into Harry's throat.

Harry ignored him, glaring at Snape instead. He didn't care about Malfoy any more. Malfoy hadn't killed Dumbledore, after all. He fixed his glare on Snape.

"There are worse fates than death, Draco." Snape stepped forward and traced a finger down Harry's cheek. "You look so much like your father, particularly on your knees like this."

Harry's jaw clenched, but he said nothing in repsonse.

"Tell me, Draco," Snape whispered, keeping his eyes fixed on Harry. "Would you like to have your cock sucked by Mr. Potter?"

Malfoy made a choking sound, but Harry kept his eyes locked onto Snape's. Harry heard a rustling of fabric just behind him. He knew where this was going.

Snape's black eyes sparkled.