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Summary: Tom, Dan, and a bottle of Jim. Sequel to Avocado.  RPS. (Dan Radcliffe/Tom Felton)

Rated: Mature
Categories: RPS, Other writing Characters: None
Series: Avocado
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 3005 Read: 9109
Published: 08/11/2007 Updated: 08/11/2007
Story Notes:

Originally posted: December 18, 2003.

Full of horrible Americanisms, for which I apologize.  Did I mention this is RPS?

Warning: Underage boys doing what underage boys do. Pre-slashy, really. Oh, and written in past tense, if that's the sort of thing one should warn for...
Note: Written for the Contre le Montre "Epiphany" challenge, though really inspired by Y Tu Mama Tambien. Thanks to [info]wyomingnot for the beta!

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1. Chapter 1 by Emma Grant [ - ] (3005 words)