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Summary: Angel goes to San Francisco after Cordelia has a vision that Buffy is in danger there, but he finds more trouble than he'd bargained for. (Set after the end of BtVS S4 and AtS S1, just after Restless and To Shanshu in LA .) (Buffy/Angel)
Rated: Adult
Categories: Buffy/Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Angel (Series) Characters: Angel, Buffy Summers
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Word count: 8587 Read: 10430
Published: 08/12/2007 Updated: 08/12/2007
Story Notes:

Originally posted: November 22, 2006

• Written for the 2006 IWRY Ficathon .
• I'm writing this without having finished watching either series or having read much fic, so obviously, this is my first venture into this fandom. Feedback is greatly appreciated!
• If you've read Left My Heart , you'll recognize some of the locations used in the story.
• Huge thanks go to dorrie6 and vichan for their very helpful comments on an earlier draft.

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1. Chapter 1 by Emma Grant [ - ] (8587 words)