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Story Notes:
Originally posted: August - November, 2006
Author's Chapter Notes:
Part 1: Episodes 5-8: Reptile Boy, Halloween, Lie to Me, and The Dark Age.
Tonight I watched S2 E5-8: Lizard Reptile Boy, Halloween, Lie to Me, and The Dark Age.

Mmmm, this is fucking good stuff. I can see why people can completely get obsessed with this fandom, because wow, there is so much good stuff here.

Angel: Okay, this will probably sound naive as hell, so humor me for now. I know things go bad between Buffy and Angel later, and I have a vague idea of why, but for now? I want to slap Buffy, because she is acting like a total twat where Angel is concerned. Her insecurity thing? Oh, please. She's hot, and she's the frickin' Slayer, and Angel talking to any girl makes her insecure? He must be utterly desperate not to have given up on her already. What was with that scene at the end of Halloween when they were clearly making out in Buffy's bedroom? Hello? Fade to black, WTF? Since when do people make out in a darkened bedroom and it fades to black and that's ALL that happens? But moreover, they're kissing like they haven't been freaking out about each other for the last, what, eight episodes? I feel like I missed a bit of plot on that one. And then next episode she's all "Waah, he was talking to Drusilla! *pouts*" Gah, it makes me want to hit some sense into her. But I have to say I find Angel's puppy-dog adoration for Buffy really sweet.

Spike: I know we'll get to know him better, but right now, he's just a really cool bad guy from what I can tell. I'm waiting for the sparks to fly between him and Buffy, Xander, Angel, etc. He's remarkably up to date on pop culture for someone his age, which I find quite entertaining, The Malfoy thing is pretty funny, though.

Xander: I wanna take him home. My god, he's so adorable! *snugs*

Buffy: The big thing I like about her is the grrl power. She generally takes care of herself and everyone around her. The guys occasionally smooth things out and lend a helping hand, but in the end, it's Buffy who saves the day. No damsel in distress, that one. Love it!

Willow: I like the way she's slowly coming out of her shell. It was cool when she yelled at everyone in The Dark Age -- I was all w00t over that. So... she became a ghost in Halloween because of her costume, but why didn't she lose herself like Buffy and Xander did? I was a bit confused by that. I really like Allyson Hannigan, but is she like the Julia Roberts of her generation? Can she play any other character? I keep expecting Willow to break out with, "This one time, at band camp..."

Okay -- here is where the people under 30 are probably gonna go WTF and the people over 30 will go Hell yeah!

Giles: Is. So. Fucking. HOT. ZOMG SO HOT!!! I have always had a thing for geeky guys, you know? That Clark Kent thing, where they're all sensitive and then they take off the tweed jacket and the glasses and the button-down shirt and OMFG they are HOT underneath??? Yeah, so, I kinda wet my pants watching The Dark Age, because the sight of Giles, hair a little mussed, a couple of glasses of scotch down, face scruffy and stubbly cause he hasn't shaved for a while, the top couple buttons of his shirt undone with chest hair peeking out and OMG he has a tattoo under all that and... I just wanted to kiss that little spot on his neck where the stubble ends and the skin is soft and where you can just brush your lips against the rough stubble if you move a centimeter up and he smells just a little like aftershave left over from this morning but probably more like sweat because he's had a hard day and it's that really manly scent with the pheromones in that makes you just---

Umm... yeah. Giles. *coughs*

Oh god.


And with that, I think I'll... go to bed. Sadly, alone.