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Erat returned to the throne room as soon as she commed him. His features were tight, and the expression on his face was similar to the one she had seen there days ago when he'd first learned they were holding the Jedi children.

"It was a Jedi," she said, pulling him into a quiet corner of the room, away from the buzz and excitement of the crew. "He must have come aboard when we docked with the supply ship."

Erat nodded, unsurprised. "What happened?"

"There was a struggle, but no one was hurt."

"So he let himself be captured?" He raised an eyebrow, thoughtful.

C'Lon frowned. It had been far too easy to take the Jedi into custody. "He'll be brought here shortly." Erat's jaw clenched, and she sighed. "The men will want to use him tonight, but I'm afraid that could be a disaster, even with the drugs we pumped into him." That was the way stowaways were commonly dealt with on the Chermyn. The men were already talking about it.

Erat's expression was unreadable. She knew he would not approve of any attack on the Jedi, even though there was a good chance this one would fight back.

Erat turned away, raising one hand to comb fingers through his messy hair. "C'Lon, the goals of those incidents are to break and humiliate the person. That won't happen with a Jedi. They're trained not to let such physical violations bother them. It won't accomplish anything." He turned to face her once again, sea blue eyes staring almost through her. "We'll have to do it another way, you know."

"Another way," C'Lon repeated, biting her lip in concentration. Erat held her gaze steadily, and she was surprised by how much it reminded her of the way the Jedi had looked at her. He was strong, and she knew she could trust him with this.

"Erat, I want to place him in your charge until we get to the rendezvous point. I'll release you from your other duties, except for guarding the children. Can you do that?"

He looked momentarily bewildered. "I... I don't think I understand what you're asking. The men will want... I can't--"

"Yes, they will, and you can give them what they want. A little show, perhaps -- starring you and the Jedi?"

To her amazement, Erat flushed crimson in front of her eyes. For a moment, she wondered if this beautiful young man who had caught the eye of every crew member on the ship was inexperienced sexually. If he'd had any liaisons while in her employ, he'd certainly been discreet.


He managed to regain his composure. "I... I appreciate the fact that you're giving me a chance to protect him from the usual treatment. I'll have to do it in an unconventional way, you understand. I couldn't just... The crew may not like it."

"Don't you worry about that. Half of them would give their left nut to see you naked anyway. Maybe both to see you in a compromising position."

He grinned at that. "Compromising, eh? I think that can be arranged."

"Besides, that Jedi is good looking, though not as pretty as you. I'm doing myself a favor, dearie."

He blushed again, but his eyes sparkled green. Reddish hair tinged with blue fell into his eyes and he brushed it back off his forehead, smiling. This is going to be good, she thought.

"I'm entrusting this to your keeping," she said, pressing the lightsaber into his hand. He tensed and stared down at it, eyes wide. "Hide it well."

He nodded and slipped away.

The crew were finishing their late meal when the Jedi was finally brought in. He had been stripped to his leggings and bruised up a little, but seemed generally unharmed. A Force-inhibiting band had been fitted around his arm, one she'd acquired a year ago when she'd had a Force-sensitive slave onboard. The Jedi's hands were bound behind his back with cuffs, and his feet were bare. The leggings seemed to hang low on his hips, and C'Lon found herself wishing that they would fall off entirely. The man was beautifully and powerfully built, quite a change from the types that were normally brought in for such games.

As she glanced around the room, she could see that many of the crew were eyeing the Jedi with unabashed hunger. She could only imagine what kind of hell would break loose if she let them have him. They might be angry when they found out that was not what would happen tonight.

B'Wal forced the Jedi to his knees in the center of the room and fondled the man's ass, slipping his hand inside his leggings and appearing to penetrate him roughly with a finger. The Jedi flinched slightly, but otherwise did not react. C'Lon motioned for B'Wal to move away, and he cuffed the man on the back of the head before heading to a table to sit, making a show of sniffing at his fingers. A low rumbling of anticipation filled the chamber.

C'Lon fixed her gaze on the Jedi, expecting that he would start to figure out what might be about to happen to him. Most prisoners started to shake or cry about now. He gazed at her serenely, blue eyes fixed steadily on hers. No emotion.

The room grew quiet when she raised her hand for their attention. "Welcome to the Chermyn, Jedi. I'm afraid you're a bit late for dinner, but you've arrived just in time for dessert."

The crew laughed and rumbled. The Jedi was expressionless.

The room grew quiet again, waiting for C'Lon to grant someone permission to approach the Jedi. She waited, letting the anticipation rise as much as she dared, taking a long drag off her tabac stick. She exhaled slowly, and the smoke coiled above her head.

"Erat," she announced. "Come here." The room tittered at that, the men startled by her choice.

Erat stepped forward from the shadows behind the throne. He had changed his clothes when he slipped away earlier and was wearing the same impossibly tight ngala-hide pants he'd had on the first time she'd seen him. And nothing else. He'd done something with his hair, which seemed to be stylishly messy, and he'd rimmed his eyes with something dark. He looked every bit the pleasure boy. The men's gazes moved from the Jedi to the beautiful young man who was slinking his way toward the kneeling figure in the center of the room. Dim light reflected off of glittering oil Erat must have smoothed into his skin, and the effect was stunning; he simply glowed. Some mouths were open, others pointed and whispered -- and almost all were probably consumed by lust for Erat at that moment.

Oh, yes, she thought, noting with relief that the crew were thoroughly mesmerized. I think this is going to work just fine.

Erat stopped just before the kneeling Jedi, his eyes raking over the man. Those blue eyes stared up at him, unblinking and serene.

"On your feet," Erat said in a surprisingly commanding voice. The big man complied, and Erat circled him slowly, eyes devouring every detail of the muscled torso, the proud stance, the flowing hair. C'Lon was captivated, not sure where to focus her gaze, clenching the arms of her chair in anticipation.

Erat stopped in front of the Jedi again and slid his hand across the man's chest. The Jedi seemed to react to that touch for a second before correcting himself. Erat's hand slid behind the man's head and pulled him down into a kiss. It was erotic, slow, and sensual, like the ones C'Lon had seen in the higher quality adult vids. Their mouths were crushed together, open, and she could see an occasional hint of tongue. When Erat released the man from the kiss, she could see the Jedi had been shaken by it. Despite his focus and serenity, Erat's raw sexuality was overwhelming.

Erat's gaze slid down the man's body, his hands following down the chest, across the taut abdomen, and down to the front of those loose leggings. He cradled the bulge he found there with one hand, holding the Jedi's gaze as he began to fondle him. The Jedi struggled to maintain his composure, visibly willing his body not to comply, but the leggings were soon tented by an impressive erection. His serenity gone, he glared at Erat -- aroused, shaken, and unhappy about it.

The Jedi trembled as Erat continued to caress his hard length through the thin fabric. The young man then slid to his knees in front of the standing Jedi, much to the surprise of everyone in the room. He pressed his open mouth to the fabric covering the Jedi's cock, and the man closed his eyes and sucked in a sharp breath. Erat nuzzled the man through the fabric a few moments longer before slipping his hands into the waistband and freeing the thick shaft. It bobbed in front of his face, and Erat's entire body seemed to tense with anticipation.

The room was quiet as everyone watched the erotic scene unfold. The Jedi was breathing heavily, his seemingly impermeable serenity long gone. He stared down at the young man before him, bewildered and very aroused. Erat held his gaze as he extended the tip of his tongue to lick off a bit a fluid that was about to drip from the Jedi's cock. The Jedi moaned, and C'Lon felt it in her core. The entire room seemed to shrink down to the two men at the center. She was amazed at how quickly Erat had shattered the Jedi's composure. He'd insisted that physical violation would have had no effect on the man. Apparently direct stimulation worked, though.

Erat's tongue snaked out again to tickle the underside of the Jedi's cock. He licked his way down to the base slowly, sliding his hands up to grasp the man's hips. The Jedi was struggling not to make another sound -- something that was clearly difficult. Erat nuzzled the man's balls, sucking on each gently in turn before licking a broad stroke up to the tip again. He paused with the head of the Jedi's cock just between his parted lips, gazing up at the man intently, waiting.

Seconds passed, and the Jedi's heavy breathing was the only sound in the room. C'Lon slowly realized what was happening: Erat was going to make the man ask for it. Brilliant, she thought, biting her lip in anticipation. She wondered once more if he'd had any experience as a pleasure worker. Her earlier doubts about his sexual expertise had certainly been shattered.

Erat and the Jedi stared at each other for what felt like an eternity. The only movement visible was the boy's tongue occasionally darting out to lap at the sensitive spot on the underside of the head, or to press into the slit. He was teasing the man mercilessly. The Jedi started to shake, and then, ever so slowly, he pressed his hips forward, pushing his thick shaft into the willing mouth.

C'Lon sucked in her breath at the sight. Erat had given the man a choice, and he'd consented.

Erat worked his mouth up and down the Jedi's cock, taking him in deeply, then pulling back and sucking hard. She could only imagine what that tongue was doing. The Jedi was rapidly losing his composure; if his hands had been free, C'Lon was sure he'd have them buried in the boy's hair. He was barely standing, knees clearly weak, and Erat's hands on his hips seemed to be supporting him. Erat's strokes became faster, and one hand grasped the base of the Jedi's shaft in an effort to stabilize the motion. The Jedi moaned and fell forward, leaning over Erat as he came. Erat pushed him back to a standing position, almost seeming reluctant to release him. He met the Jedi's gaze solidly, still licking his lips.

The Jedi closed his eyes and visibly struggled to collect himself. The mood was shattered by the sounds of other completions in the shadows of the room. C'Lon could hardly blame them; she'd started thinking of excuses she could use to get to her own quarters as quickly as possible.

Erat stood, pulling the man's leggings back up over his genitals. The Jedi looked confused and shaken for a moment, but managed to regain his earlier serenity. When he seemed composed again, Erat backed away, returning to C'Lon's side.

She flashed him an appreciative grin before motioning two crewmen over. "Take the Jedi to cell A-12. No one is to touch him, understood? You'll answer to Erat if you do." The men shot nervous glances at Erat before leading the Jedi away.

C'Lon pulled Erat close. "Are you sure you've never been a pleasure worker?" He blushed, which she found amusing considering what had just taken place.

"That cell has been coded to your handprint, so once the door is closed, no one but you will be able to get in or out. I assume you'd like to be responsible for his meals and... other things?"

Erat snorted. "Yes, I'll keep him occupied. You want me to fuck him into submission, don't you, to keep him distracted?"

"Well, yes, if you don't mind," she smirked. "It will provide some needed entertainment for the crew, and I suspect you'll enjoy yourself too."

He looked uncomfortable for a moment, but recovered quickly. "He probably hasn't eaten. I should bring him some food soon."

"You'll need to give him an injection of cytlicine every 8 hours, to keep him subdued. The med supply case should have enough to last us for a few days."

"What are we going to do with him?"

C'Lon sighed. "I don't know. But I'm hoping that the client who arranged to have the twins delivered to him might be interested in a full-grown Jedi as well. For free."

"He'd probably go, if his mission is to get them back." Erat's eyes searched C'Lon's weathered face. "It might be the easiest way out of this."

"It might be our only way out, my dear."

C'Lon sat at the controls of the surveillance panel, waiting for Erat to enter the Jedi's cell. The video feed was being sent to monitors at various points around the ship, but this was the only room where sound was available. Several fights had broken out as the men had jockeyed for position in the hallway, each wanting to be in this particular room. The winners were now smugly ensconced in folding chairs behind her. She wished she'd thought to charge admission.

It was a bizarre turn of events, she had to admit. When she'd given the Jedi to Erat in the throne room, she'd half-expected the men to riot, or to attack both the Jedi and Erat out of sheer sexual frustration. Strangely enough, the men quickly became obsessed with the pair. There were even bets placed about what would occur tonight, who would top whom, and so on. C'Lon was relieved the men had found some non-violent entertainment for a change.

A light on the panel indicated the door to the Jedi's cell had been opened, and the small room began to buzz in expectation. The screen showed Erat walking in, dressed the same as earlier, carrying a tray of food and a small bag of supplies. The Jedi looked up, a flurry of emotions scattering over his strong features before the mask of serenity returned.

Erat set the tray down beside the Jedi and extended his hand. "We haven't been properly introduced, I'm afraid."

"Somewhat difficult with your mouth full," the Jedi retorted.

Erat grinned, almost laughed. "I suppose so. My name is Erat Chol."

The Jedi watched the young man for a moment before extending his own hand in a mirror of Erat's greeting. "Qui-Gon Jinn."

"I should probably tell you that our every move is being observed by the entire crew. They've taken quite an interest in you."

Qui-Gon raised an eyebrow and glanced at the security cameras.

"They can hear us as well. If I call for help, someone would be in here instantly."

Qui-Gon nodded. "I suppose I'll cooperate then."

"You should eat before it gets cold," Erat said, settling cross-legged on an empty sleep couch. The cell was set up to hold ten slaves, and seemed strangely empty at the moment. Qui-Gon eyed the food suspiciously, prompting a smirk from Erat. "It's safe, I promise. I am going to have to drug you, but I'll make no secret of it. You should trust me."

The Jedi snorted. "Why should I trust you? Aren't you my captor?" He took a bite of the stew on the tray, grimacing at the taste.

"I prefer to think of myself as your host," Erat replied, stretching. Qui-Gon paused in his eating to watch, eyes raking over Erat's bare chest. "I brought some med supplies, in case you have any injuries. My employer has no interest in harming you. I think she just wants me to keep you occupied until she can figure out what to do with you."

There was no further conversation as Qui-Gon finished his meal. Erat watched the man eat, seeming to bask in his presence; every gesture, every twitch of muscle was caught and studied. When Qui-Gon pushed the tray aside, Erat stood and rummaged through the bag he'd brought. He produced a wet wipe and some salve and began cleaning a wound on Qui-Gon's cheek.

Qui-Gon tensed at his touch, but let himself be doctored. Erat stepped back to examine the Jedi's face, and Qui-Gon said, "There's a cut on my shoulder, if you're so inclined." Erat nodded and moved to sit behind him. "Why are you doing this?"

"Are you complaining?"


There was silence as Erat finished applying the salve to the wound. He stood and Qui-Gon leaned away, but Erat settled into Qui-Gon's lap, straddling him.


Qui-Gon tensed. "Is this physical display really necessary?" he whispered.

"You can either be gang-raped by half the crew, or you can fuck me." Erat did not whisper in reply, and his jaw was clenched. He didn't like the idea of forcing this man, C'Lon knew.

Qui-Gon's eyes widened, and he searched Erat's face for several seconds before responding. "Do you do this willingly?"

Erat smiled. "Kind of you to ask, considering the circumstances." He took Qui-Gon's hand in his and pressed it against the growing bulge at his groin. "What do you think?"

The Jedi exhaled and closed his eyes. "I suppose they're expecting a show?"

"Yes." Erat leaned in to kiss Qui-Gon, cradling his head in his hands and pulling him close. It was a sweet, soft kiss, with mouths closed, lips almost lingering. After a moment, Erat pulled away and stood, taking a step backwards. Qui-Gon's eyes remained closed for a long moment, as if he were savoring the feeling of Erat's lips on his.

When he opened his eyes, Erat unfastened the front of his trousers and slipped his hand inside, touching himself. Qui-Gon seemed unable to tear his eyes away. Erat pushed the pants down over his knees and stepped out of them -- gracefully, considering how tight they were. He stood exposed before Qui-Gon, his back to the cameras.

C'Lon whistled through her teeth. She'd often wondered what was beneath those tight trousers of his, and she wasn't disappointed. The lines of Erat's body were aesthetically beautiful. His body was lean and strong, still showing the lankiness of youth, but with the promise of filling out nicely in the next few years. His ass was perfect, she noted, grinning. He turned his body and she caught her first glimpse of his cock, jutting out from his groin almost comically. He was as well-endowed as she'd anticipated.

"You owe me ten, B'Wal."

B'Wal grumbled in reply.

Qui-Gon's features were clouded as he watched Erat approach. Erat stopped before the Jedi, shifting his weight onto one leg so that his hips cocked to the right just a bit. Qui-Gon took a deep breath and reached out to stroke Erat's flank. Erat shivered at the touch, and Qui-Gon looked up.

"Get on with it," someone grumbled behind C'Lon.

With the look of a man resigned to his fate, Qui-Gon unfastened the closure of his own trousers. He lifted his hips and slid them down past his knees, but Erat was in his lap before he could remove them completely.

C'Lon switched the camera so that they weren't looking at Erat's back anymore, but at the two men from the side. She zoomed in so that the screen was filled. Erat seemed to be waiting for the Jedi to begin, gazing at him with a look that could best be described as sultry. Qui-Gon's expression was guarded as he leaned forward to press his lips against Erat's chest. He kissed his way slowly towards one nipple, pausing at the piercing and glancing up at Erat with one eyebrow quirked upwards. Erat smiled enigmatically.

"I've been captured and imprisoned quite often," Qui-Gon stated, staring at the piercing again, "but I must admit that this experience is the most unusual yet."

Erat stroked the Jedi's growing erection with one hand. "A fantasy, perhaps?"

Qui-Gon smiled, at last. "Perhaps."

"Being held captive by a charming younger man who wants nothing more than your cock... inside him?" With that, Erat raised his hips and positioned the head of Qui-Gon's shaft against his opening.

Qui-Gon's hands flew to Erat's hips. "No, wait…" His protestations melted into a guttural moan as Erat sank down on his cock.

"Force, you... you were ready for this..."

Erat's features were tight as he adjusted to the pressure of Qui-Gon inside him. C'Lon surmised that Erat had prepared himself to be penetrated just before he arrived. Perhaps he was afraid the Jedi would be more resistant to his charms?

Qui-Gon moaned as Erat pushed up, and C'Lon could see the Jedi's thick shaft emerge from its sheath in his body, stretching the tight hole wide. Erat sank down again slowly, and the cock disappeared into him inch by inch. It was better than any vid she'd ever seen.

Qui-Gon grasped Erat's hips and stilled him for a moment, looking up into his face. His expression was guarded once again. Erat's hands twined in the Jedi's hair and drew him close for a kiss. The kiss started slowly, building, fueling the desires of the men in the observation room as well.

Qui-Gon's mouth found its way to Erat's throat and he appeared to bite down. Erat yelped and began moving again, faster now. The Jedi guided his movements with his hands, urging him to move faster, bucking his own hips back up as Erat sank down. In a movement so fast it was nearly a blur, Qui-Gon flipped Erat onto his back on the couch. He pressed Erat's knees into his chest and began fucking him... hard.

C'Lon was astounded by the intensity of their rutting. The sound of skin slapping against skin, their muffled cries, the creaking of the springs on the couch... all of it riveted her attention to the screen.

Erat grunted out words that sounded like "harder" and "faster". Though it hardly seemed possible for Qui-Gon to comply, the words seemed to excite him, and he pressed his torso against the body beneath him to gain leverage from the couch. Erat's knees were pinned to his shoulders, and that cock was plunging deep into him to the hilt, every time.

The sounds they made grew to a crescendo until they collapsed on each other at last, sweating and exhausted. C'Lon mentally shut out the other noises in the room that indicated more solitary orgasms, and gripped the sides of her chair hard. She closed her eyes for a moment, collecting herself. When she opened them again, the men on the monitor had not moved.

The room grew quiet, waiting. Nothing happened. Most of the crew left eventually, and the sound of the door opening and closing was all C'Lon heard.

Finally, Qui-Gon stirred, pushing himself off of Erat and rolling to the side. Both men stared at the ceiling for nearly a minute, silent and uncomfortable. Erat sat up, looked as if he were going to speak, and closed his mouth again. Qui-Gon reached out with a hand to touch him, but Erat was already on his feet, pulling on his trousers. He kept his back to the Jedi as he fumbled through the bag he'd brought in, finally emerging with a hypospray.

He seemed to steel himself before turning to face the Jedi. "I have to give you an injection now," he said and walked forward to press the cylinder to Qui-Gon's neck. Qui-Gon was expressionless as the drug began to take effect once more. He looked up at Erat, who seemed to be uncertain what to do next.

"I'll be back in the morning to bring you some food, and I'll see if I can't arrange a shower for you. Try to sleep." His eyes finally met Qui-Gon's. They stared at each other for several seconds.

Qui-Gon was composed and serene once more, but Erat seemed shaken. It was subtle, and C'Lon knew that the others would not notice, but she'd learned to read his body language.

Erat turned and left the cell, a taut set to his face. Qui-Gon watched him leave with a mix of curiosity and concern. When the door slid shut, he settled back into the mattress. He was still staring at the ceiling when C'Lon switched off the monitor.