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Summary: Anakin misbehaves at a reception, and Obi-Wan has trouble... um, dealing with it. (Obi/Ani)
Rated: Adult
Categories: Obi/other, Star Wars Characters: Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi
Series: None
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Word count: 2820 Read: 9458
Published: 08/12/2007 Updated: 08/12/2007
Story Notes:

Originally posted: May 9, 2003

This was written for two reasons:  1) It's the MMoM, and 2) Jedi Rita made a request for more Anakin fic -- though this may not be exactly what she had in mind!  ;-)   Not beta'd, so I hope that doesn't offend anyone. 

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1. Chapter 1 by Emma Grant [ - ] starstarstar (2820 words)