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Story Notes:

Originally posted: Fall 2003, completed December 7, 2003/

Written as a round robin on the Siri Tachi mailing list.  Each author contributed 500 words on his or her turn.

Link: Siri Tachi Archive

Siri Tachi felt the warm water run down her body. She stood in the refresher within the suite she shared with her Master. She knew she needed to look her best for the evening ahead and could hardly wait for it to begin.

Today was the day. The day she turned sixteen years old. For some reason, this year was the one most considered to be the most appropriate for a person to pursue their more adult desires.

Over the past few weeks, Siri had given the matter of her blossoming sexuality quite a bit of thought. She had concluded she was tired of everyone considering her to be a prude. In fact, she had also concluded they were right and the blonde Padawan disliked that even more. There was only one solution to her problem, and it was so obvious. 'Siri Tachi', she announced to herself. 'It's time you lost your virginity'.

Standing in the shower, a few weeks after her declaration, she had decided tonight would be the night. Siri didn't know who or how. But she did know it would be tonight and that it would be special.

The list of possible candidates was overwhelming. Padawans, Knights, even Masters were all as likely as the next. Perhaps even her own Master might have unknown desires directed towards her. 'Why not.' Siri mused. 'Qui-Gon has indulged his desires with Obi-Wan.'

As the beautiful young girl pondered this, she leaned back against the shower wall. In her belly she felt a steadily building warmth at the thought of what might lie ahead. She closed her eyes and tried to calm her nerves and slow her pounding heart.

Gently, she traced her hands over her body. Starting with her breasts, she rubbed the soft mounds of flesh and tweaked her nipples. This only added to the steamy feel beneath the soft folds of her sex. Needily, she ran her fingers down to stroke the swollen bump beneath the matted curls of her wet pubic hair.

She began slowly but soon her finger was stroking rapidly as her breath became ragged and heavy. Each stroke seemed to only add to the fire burning inside her. Her entire body tingled as she imagined that later that very night, it might be the hands of another trying to fill her with pleasure.

That thought made her groan so deeply it felt as if it started at her toes before moving through her entire body to exit her mouth. Relishing the sensation, she began to whimper softly with each urgent stroke of her clitoris.

Soon Siri felt her body begin to quiver as she neared climax. Desperately she urged the feeling to swell and yearned for it to carry her away. As her orgasm crashed over her, she let out a stifled shriek.

Allowing herself to come down slowly, she continued to gently stroke herself. Siri leaned heavily against the wall for a moment before slowly allowing herself to slide down to sit on the floor of the refresher. She imagined the soft kisses her would-be lover would shower upon her as they held her after her orgasm.

Her body relaxed as the hot water ran over her. She moved her head beneath the stream and savored the sensation it brought to her heightened senses. Slowly Siri realized she was very warm and the water was quickly becoming too much. Reluctantly, she stood and turned the water a bit cooler. She took a few calming breaths before shutting the water off and climbing out.

'Well, not sure how much good that did,' Siri mused. 'But at least it took the edge off, so I might be able to stand a little while at the party before…' Letting her though dwindle off, she dared to think of what she might do. The blonde Padawan would leave that to the moment.

She took a towel to dry herself off before carefully donning her formal Jedi robes and styling her hair before accenting her features with some light make-up.

The young lady had no idea what might lie ahead. Siri couldn't begin to guess who would accept the gift she had to offer, the gift of her childhood. Or who would assist her in taking that first step towards womanhood.

Would it be Master Gallia? Perhaps Master Windu? The beautiful blue-skinned Twi'lek, Aalya Secura or her Master Quinlan Vos? Bultar Swan or her Master Micah Giett?

Perhaps it might even be her childhood rival, Obi-Wan Kenobi? Though, she wasn't sure he could put aside his own ego enough to share something so deep with another. Though she was very hesitant to admit it, that thought seemed to stir something deep within her she was unable to understand.

Still there might even be others whom she hadn't even considered. A mysterious bounty hunter who had business at the temple? A well-traveled and roguish freighter pilot who was here for only one night before beginning the next part of her journey?

'Would there be only one tonight?' Siri thought and even as she did the question intrigued her. 'If I don't want people to think of me as a prude, that might be an even better way?'

Nervously, she paced around the empty suite as her Master was already away preparing for the party.

Perhaps one boy and one girl? At the same time or an hour apart?

The questions drove Siri nearly mad with desire as she pondered them. It appeared as if the edge she had taken away with her session in the shower was quickly becoming more keen.

She banished the thoughts as she drew a calming breath. No need to dwell on them now, she thought. 'I will discover what awaits me soon enough. And then I will choose.' She smiled devilishly as the continued. 'Perhaps even choose again after that.'

Her questions remained unanswered as Siri Tachi left her suite in the direction of the function room where her party was to be held.

"Siri!" The voice of Adi Gallia rang through the corridor, assisted slightly by the Force. Siri turned to see her master leaning out of the door of their shared quarters. "Siri, come back for a moment."

Perplexed, Siri walked back down the hallway. "Master, I'm going to be late. Is there a problem?"

Adi smiled widely as Siri stepped into the main room, a sight that never failed to make Siri's stomach twist just a bit. "No, Padawan, nothing's wrong. I just wanted to give you your birthday gift now. I wasn't sure I'd get a chance to do so later." She revealed a package she'd been holding behind her back.

Siri burst into a grin as she took the package. She'd been wondering if Adi was going to give her a gift today, or if she was going to give her something a little more... personal. No matter. They were leaving on a mission in the morning with Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan, and there was always the chance that the team would be provided with shared sleeping facilities. She might get a chance, snuggled against her master in the dark... Force knew she'd had to listen to Obi-Wan's rather colorful bedroom talk through thin walls before. Siri had no idea why someone would keep saying, "Fuck me" over and over, when that was clearly what their partner was doing at the time. It wouldn't be so bad if he weren't so smug about it the next morning.

"Well, open it!" Adi exclaimed. "You're going to be late!"

Siri tore the paper from the package to find a nondescript box underneath. She opened the box. "What the...?" She took the object in hand and held it up, wide-eyed. "Is it a...um...?"

Adi grinned lasciviously. "Yes, it is, Siri. A 'mynock'!"

"It looks like a dildo," Siri replied, hefting the large pink replica of an erect penis in her hand. "What's the big deal?" She'd heard other girls talking about 'the mynock', but had never actually seen one before. At least she could finally see where the name came from -- a tiny mynock figure was perched at the base of the dildo.

"What's the big deal?" Adi mocked. "Turn in on -- that button there."

Siri complied, and almost dropped the toy as it began to squirm in her hand. The head of the 'cock' was undulating, while the little mynock was vibrating with a near-audible buzz. Realization washed over her when visualized how this might be used. The mynock would go... oh.

She began to giggle uncontrollably. "Master, it's... thank you. I'm sure it'll..." She was far too embarrassed to continue.

Adi took it from her with a grin, deactivating it as she did so. "I'll stash it in your pack so you can try it out. This mission may prove quite lengthy, and I'd hate for you to have to take out your sexual frustration on the locals."

"Master!" Siri hissed, blushing furiously.

"Honestly, Siri. Do you think I don't know what you're doing during those long showers?" She winked and Siri wanted to crawl under the rug. Adi kissed her forehead and then palmed the door open. "Now go and have fun with your friends. Get it out of your system. It may be a while before you get another chance."

"Y-yes, Master," Siri managed, heading out the door before anything more embarrassing could happen.

Siri pressed the door chime, and the door opened immediately. Padawan Bultar Swan stood on the other side, and, catching sight of Siri, she frowned a bit.

"This is what you're wearing? Tonight?" Bultar asked.

Siri looked down at her robes, nonplussed. "Is there something wrong?"

"You're in uniform, that's what's wrong," Bultar sighed heavily. Bultar herself was wearing a sleeveless black top with a low V-neck and a pair of grey trousers with several large cargo pockets on them. Though it wasn't the flashiest outfit one might find on Coruscant, Bultar did look as if she were ready to go out and have a good evening. The pocket near the left hip on the pants was even large enough to conceal Bultar's lightsaber, something very important for street clothes. Bultar quirked her mouth a bit, shaking her head at Siri's robes again. "We're going out--not negotiating a treaty."

Siri crossed her arms over her chest. "I don't exactly have a lot of choices in my wardrobe, you know."

Bultar rolled her eyes. "I'm aware of that. Come in. Let me see what I can find for you."

Siri sighed as she let Bultar lead her into the quarters Bultar shared with Master Giett. Bultar dragged Siri into her bedroom and opened her closet door. While the vast majority of the clothing in the closet was Jedi robes, uniforms, tunics, leggings, Bultar did have the occasional other article of clothing.

"Ah ha!" Bultar exclaimed. "Here. Get out of your robes and put this on."

Siri looked suspiciously at the scrap of cloth Bultar held out. "It's purple," she said.

Bultar rolled her eyes. "Yes. You'll look fantastic in it."

"Is it a top or a bottom?"

"It's a dress, Tachi," Bultar mock-scowled. "Put it on."

Siri looked nonplussed. "Is there any kind of support in this thing?"

"You don't need support, Tachi. You're not built enough."

Siri blushed and shrugged out of her outer robe. Not built enough? she thought to herself. Is that a criticism? Maybe it was. Bultar wasn't particularly built, either, though. Siri looked back over her shoulder; Bultar was still holding out the purple dress.

An idea sprang to mind. Siri slowed her movements, sliding out of her clothes as seductively as possible. She snuck looks at Bultar to see if her friend had noticed the shift in attitude.

Bultar was looking at her rather oddly. "Siri, are you all right? You look dizzy."

"Dizzy--?" Siri nearly groaned in frustration. She skimmed out of the rest of her clothing and snatched the purple dress out of Bultar's hand. "All right, give me that."

Siri turned around and tugged the dress on over her shoulders. What if I really am a prude? she thought. What if there's nothing I can do about it?

A pair of hands helped smooth the dress down over her hips. Siri jumped a bit, startled, as Bultar ran her hands around and smoothed the material over Siri's thighs. "Nice," Bultar murmured.

Bultar and Siri waited on the landing platform. The sun was setting, turning the cityscape orange. Siri turned her face into the wind and let it blow her hair back. She felt exposed in the skimpy dress Bultar had made her wear. There had been nowhere to conceal her lightsaber, so she carried it in a bag slung over her shoulder.

A peal of reckless laughter announced the arrival of Obi-Wan and the rest of her friends. Siri wondered if they were laughing at her, but the look on Obi-Wan's face as he drew nearer was enough to dispel that idea.

"Wow, Siri," he leered. "You really are a girl."

She suppressed the urge to stick her tongue out at him and looked around at the small gathering of padawans. "So," she said, trying to sound nonchalant. "Where are you taking me?"

Obi-Wan sidled up and slipped an arm around her shoulders. "We could take you to that little Surosian diner you like so much. But now that you're legal -- at least in most of the Republic -- you might want to take what's behind door number two." He dangled a key-chip on a cord in front of her.

The warmth of his body pressed alongside hers and the husky tone of his voice made her mouth go dry. She swallowed. "What's that?"

"Oh, let's just call it the Order's dirty little secret," Luminara said, and laughed. Garen, Aayla, and the others joined in.

Obi-Wan bent down and nuzzled Siri's ear. "Scared, Tachi?" He breathed.

She pulled back and glared at him. "Are you, Kenobi?"

He chuckled low, then let his hand drift down her body to settle on her ass. She felt the flesh between her legs swell, and she almost gasped at the sudden ache. "I'm always up for a new experience," Obi-Wan said, and dangled the key-chip again.

She snatched it from his hand. "Let's go, then."

"All right!" Bultar cheered. They all piled into a taxi and plunged into the caverns of Coruscant's neon night.

The trip took less than half an hour. Siri was squashed in the middle of the back seat between Aayla, who was necking shamelessly with Garen, and Luminara, who took the opportunity to slide an arm around Siri's shoulders. Obi-Wan and Bultar were up front with the driver, cuddled against each other, touching and caressing lazily. The sight of Obi-Wan's hand insinuating itself into Bultar's shirt sent a jolt of lust straight to her core. She squirmed, embarrassed that her nipples were now apparent through the thin fabric of her dress and wondering if she was getting the seat wet.

Just then the taxi settled onto a side street before a non-descript durasteel door. Siri extricated herself and smoothed her dress back into place. "This is it?" she asked disdainfully.

"Yeah," Garen drawled. "Not much on the outside, but wait until you see what's waiting for you. Or should I say -- who." He laughed, then threw open the door and gestured for Siri to enter.

Siri looked hesitantly between her friends and the door before finally taking a few steps forward into the entryway. She must have hesitated a bit too long because Obi-Wan came up, wrapped an arm around her waist and started propelling her forward. "What are you waiting for Tachi? You act like your heading to your doom and not your birthday bash."

Siri turned and glared at Obi-Wan, a look that would have instilled fear into anyone else. "I think I have more than enough reason to feel apprehensive walking into something that you and Garen cooked up."

A look of false hurt filled Obi-Wan's face as he turned to Garen. "Did you hear that, buddy? Siri doesn't trust us to insure she has a good time on her birthday."

Garen walked to Siri's other side, placed his arm around her waist too, and said, "Don't worry Siri. I can guarantee that you'll fully enjoy the entertainment we have arranged for you."

Releasing her ever-increasing trepidation to the Force, Siri allowed herself to be led down the hallway. By the time they got to the admission area, the heavy beat of the music could be heard even through the closed door. Siri glanced back at the rest of the group as she heard Obi-Wan inform the greeter. "We have reservations for a party room, the name is Kenobi."

The attractive blond woman smiled at Obi-Wan as she moved from behind the counter as said, "Certainly, Padawan Kenobi. If you and your party would follow me, please." But even as Siri followed, she realized that something about the young woman was very familiar, like she had met the woman before. The woman appeared to be in her early twenties and Siri didn't know many people at all from outside the Temple unless she had met them on missions. But try as she might, she couldn't quite put her put her finger on where she had met her before.

All thought of the girl vanished as the door in front of them opened and Obi-Wan said with an evil grin, "Welcome to 'Randello Della Striscia', the best kept secret in the entire Temple."

Siri eyes bugged out her head as she looked around the very large room. There were clusters of tables occupied by all natures of beings in various states of intoxication and stimulation, arousal pouring off them in thick waves. Three elevated walkways were set up around the room and floor to ceiling poles were placed strategically along the walkways and floor. But what shocked her most was the assortment of beings, many who looked very familiar, dancing in various stages of undress along the walkways. "Why are former initiates in a strip club," she muttered in confusion.

One young man in particular soon drew her undivided attention. "Is that Bruck Chun?" Siri choked out as the young man in question approached them.

"In the flesh," Obi-Wan grinned, before propelling her into the white hair dancer's outstretched arms. "Happy Birthday, Siri."

"Happy Birthday, Siri," Bruck echoed, brushing his lips against her cheek. He grinned at her as he wrapped his arms around her, his hips moving to the beat of the music. Siri shivered at the feel of his hard, lean body sliding against her. It felt she was almost in a constant state of arousal tonight.

"Surprised to see me?" Bruck said, his hands warm on her hips.

"Just a little." Siri replied. "I thought you were sent to the Agri-corps." Gathering her courage, she let her hands rest against his hips, starting to really enjoy the way their bodies were rubbing against one another.

"I was for a bit. The Agri-Corps is only a temporary place for some ex-initiates. We learn to deal with not becoming Jedi and what we will do next. You would be surprised at what there is outside of the Jedi." Bruck slid his hands down to her butt, making Siri gasp as he pulled her closer to him. She could feel his erection starting to harden against her, startling her for a moment. Hesitantly, she arched into him, wanting to feel more of him against her. Bruck rewarded her by spreading his legs a bit, his erection pressing more firmly into her.

"I discovered that I love sex, love the feel of sliding into a woman's heat, or getting down on my knees to suck a hard cock. I love feeling a cock pounding into me, and the taste of a woman's juices when I go down on her." His voice had dropped to a whisper, making Siri shudder with the images he evoked.

"So I was offered the chance to work the Temple's Courscant pleasure club. How could I refuse such an offer? Especially, since I am very good at it." He smirked.

"I'm sure you are," Siri said, laughing.. Still the same old Bruck from their initiates days.

"Hey, if you don't believe me, just ask Obi-Wan or Bultar or even Garen." Bruck said, mock pouting at her. "They will all tell you I am a fantastic lover."

"I would not go as far as fantastic," Obi-wan came up behind Siri, leaning over her shoulder to kiss Bruck. Siri watched, her breath catching as the two men kissed deeply, their body heat surrounding her. She could see their tongues sliding against each other. An ache started low between her thighs as arousal chased away some of her apprehension.

Bruck and Obi-Wan slowly broke the kiss. Obi-Wan licked his lips, savoring the taste of Bruck before turning to grin at Siri. "I think he rates as very good in bed." Obi-Wan said, before brushing his lips against hers, letting taste both himself and Bruck. The kiss was far too brief, leaving her wanting more as Obi-Wan smirked at her.

Bruck chuckled, drawing her attention back to him.

"So tell me Siri, what is your deepest desire?"

The question burned in Siri's mind. How could she answer such a thing? She wasn't even sure she knew what her deepest desire was, let alone have the confidence in her sexuality necessary to voice it.

She could still feel Obi-Wan pressed up against her from behind and Bruck pressing against her front, pleasantly crushing her breasts. She shivered again, having noticed both men's arousals poking her.

"I have an idea, Bruck," Obi-Wan said with a smirk. "You know it wouldn't be right to just start her straight away, right?" The white-haired man's features didn't convey understanding but he nodded, playing along. "We need to get her in the mood."

Siri quickly looked around the room, her eyes wide. "Obi-Wan..."

Cutting her off, Obi-Wan continued, "I think you know just the thing."

The former Initiate seemed to think for a moment before a huge grin crossed his face. "Well, we could do that. But I'm not sure your pocketbook could afford it, Kenobi."

Obi-Wan hands came up in a gesture between surrender and a shrug. "Not my pocketbook. You know there's a collection taken for these occasions." He then turned to Siri. "Oh, by the way, start saving. It's Bant's turn in ten months. And let me tell you, I can't wait for that!" An impish grin came to his lips as he winked at Siri.

Reaching down to his belt, Padawan Kenobi took a cred-chip from his belt and handed it to Bruck. "Please set that into an account. If you need more let me know."

Bruck's eyes went wide. "I can't possibly imagine you'll need more..."

Siri was taken aback by his comment. "By the Force, how much is there?"

Obi-Wan laughed. "Let's just saw there are a lot of people who want to see you get that meter pole out of your butt and just invested in the idea that this might help that cause."

Siri frowned and glared at him. "I do not have a..."

Bruck cleared his throat. "So anyways, I will see to things. Siri, please follow me." Turning to lead her away he cast a look back over his shoulder. "Please inform your friends to enjoy our hospitality. I'm sure credits won't be a problem, even if they go wild."

"And me?" Obi-Wan asked.

"You'll need to take it easy. Not even the whole Republican Senate could provide enough credits for you to go wild."

Bruck lead Siri through a locked door into an incredibly plush room. It had silk curtains hanging everywhere and there were pillows strewn about that completely covered the floor. There was only one chair at the far end that Bruck guided Siri to sit in.

"Now Siri, this is only a show. Due to its nature, you can not participate." She nodded in understanding. "If you prefer more interactive entertainment, I am sure your needs can be seen to afterwards." Wordlessly, he turned leaving Siri alone in the room to prepare whatever spectacle it was Obi-Wan had suggested.

Siri settled into an inviting cushion on the floor as the lights in the room dimmed around her. She immediately squealed in surprise -- the cushion molded itself around her and embraced her body snugly. It was quite comfortable, she reflected, once her heart had ceased pounding. She allowed herself to relax. Music started playing -- a slow, pulsing beat that she could feel in the floor. A door slid open somewhere behind her and two figures slinked by.

Both were nearly naked, wearing sheer flowing garments that left little to the imagination. Both were humanoid in appearance, but of indeterminate species and gender. Siri found her eyes drawn to their bodies as they moved sensuously, dancing together, pressing their bodies against each other. They appeared to be of the same gender -- whatever it was -- but Siri couldn't for the life of her decide how precisely they would accomplish any sort of copulation. She couldn't see any external genitalia. And she'd had quite a thorough view as they'd danced.

The two figures were now wrapped around each other, rubbing their bodies together, limbs intertwined. Siri found herself tilting her head comically to try to see what was going on before her. The two beings were most certainly engaged in sexual activity, and it was fascinating to watch. Even if she had no idea what was happening.

"They each have thousands of tiny appendages along the surface of their skin," a voice whispered into her ear. Siri nearly jumped out of the form-fitting cushion in surprise. Bruck's long fingers began stroking her neck, calming her once more. She felt his lips brush the skin just behind her ear. "Do you see how they're pressing their bodies together? Those appendages release pleasure-inducing enzymes into the skin of their partner, and they feel incredible pleasure just from that skin-to-skin contact."

"So they're..."

"Fucking. Yes. Fascinating, isn't it?"

The movement of the two people took on renewed vigor as the beings stripped away the last of their clothing, pressing their bodies together fluidly. The expressions on their faces showed the intense pleasure they were both feeling, and the music itself seemed to become more intense as the two approached an apparent climax. The beat pulsed from the subwoofers, through the floor and into the cushion, which had wedged itself firmly between Siri's thighs when she'd shifted her weight. She could feel that pulsing beat between her legs now, quite powerfully. Bruck's fingers were lightly stroking the skin on the back of her neck, and the warmth from his very proximity was becoming almost unbearable. She inhaled deeply, trying to simply let herself <i>feel</i> everything around her.

The music and lights reached a frenzied crescendo just as the two beings (apparently) finished. They melted away wordlessly, having never made a sound. Siri's heart was still pounding, and there was a dull ache between her legs that was all too familiar. She could sense Bruck's smile behind her.

She smiled broadly. "So what's next?"

"What would you like to see next?" Bruck whispered.

"Mmm. Don't tease me. I have a lot of things I'd like to see," Siri whispered back.

Bruck's fingers grazed the back of her neck again. "Tell me. It's what I'm here for. It's what your friends have planned for. And paid for."

Heh. Siri snorted lightly and shook her head. "Maybe I want something that's not on the menu."

"You haven't seen the menu," Bruck teased back. "Seriously, Siri, tell me. I can make it happen. This is your night, remember?"

"All right." Siri leaned back against Bruck, taking his hand in hers and sliding it down from her neck, over her shoulder, cupping her breast gently. "What if I want you?"

"I'm definitely on the menu." He laughed softly, caressing her breast and rubbing his thumb over her nipple in slow, steady circles. "I thought that was a given."

"Well, I'm not done yet," Siri murmured, starting to shiver at his expert touch. "What if I want to watch you with someone else?"

"That could be on the menu, too. You'd just have to pick the being of your choice out, and run him or her past me to make sure it's agreeable to both of us."

"Oh, it's agreeable to both of you." Siri coughed. "At least if what I saw out there was any indication."

Bruck sat back and thought about it for a moment. "Hmm. What did you see out there? Me and..." Siri turned around and watched him ticking names off on an imaginary list. He met her eyes with the slightest trace of a frown. "Well, here's the thing. I can volunteer me. I can't volunteer someone who's not an employee. I'd be happy to put on a show for you with anyone you want--but if it's someone who's not, as we've been putting it, 'on the menu,' you'll have to have him ask me himself." His eyes sparkled. "And unless I miss my guess about who you want and what you're after, I'd really like to see the look on his face when you ask him."

Siri's eyes were sparkling, too. "You know what? So would I."

"Come on, then." Bruck tugged her out of her seat and wrapped an arm around her waist. "I suspect he hasn't gone far."

Bruck was right. When Siri came out of the private room, Obi-Wan was wrapped around a Trellian, but very close at hand. He untangled himself long enough to ask, "Scandalized yet?" His smirk suggested he knew what her answer would be.

Wrong this time, Kenobi, Siri thought, containing her own small smirk. "Not quite," she told him. "I think I like this experiment with voyeurism. And I was thinking I might want to, well... see more."

"You've got the whole club at your disposal," Obi-Wan said, arching an eyebrow. "What is it you want to see?"

Siri pursed her lips. "You," she said. She looked up and smiled at Bruck. "And him."

Obi-Wan raised a brow and tilted his head to look at Bruck, who was trying unsuccessfully to suppress a smirk. "Couldn't wait to have me again?"

"Her idea. Not mine." Bruck's smirk faded to a speculative look. "Though I have absolutely no objections to fucking you through the floor in the interests of entertainment for the young lady."

"We'll see about that," Obi-Wan said. The two men eyed each other, the tension and aggression between them palpable. If Siri hadn't known better she'd have thought they were getting ready to fight.

After a long pause, Obi-Wan nodded, as if they'd come to some silent agreement. "Come on, then," he said, and swaggered past Siri to the door of the private room. Bruck gestured for her to follow, then slid in beside her and palmed her ass as she walked.

Bruck escorted her back to the form-fitting chair and got her settled. Obi-Wan crossed the room and made some sort of adjustment; techno music with a hard-driving bass beat filled the room. Bruck took his time, kissing her neck, down the "V" of her neckline and lower, mouthing her breast through the fabric. He hummed contentedly, then rose up to kiss the end of her nose. "Don't be frightened," he whispered, and turned to find Obi-Wan standing amidst the pillows in the middle of the room, arms crossed impatiently.

Siri melted into the chair and spread her legs, relishing the feel of the cushion expanding and firming against the swollen flesh between her thighs. She had begun to feel a bit light-headed from the constant sexual stimulation.

Her arousal spiked sharply as Bruck stalked toward Obi-Wan in a predatory fashion, grasped him by the collar, and took his mouth in a hard, demanding kiss. Both men moaned, and then buttons popped as Bruck tore Obi-Wan's shirt open and shucked it halfway down the padawan's arms, pinning them. Obi-Wan grinned fiercely. "I'll deduct that from your tip," he said in a husky growl. Then he hissed sharply -- and Siri gasped -- as Bruck bent and set his teeth hard into one of Obi-Wan's nipples.

Bruck's foot came up behind Obi-Wan's ankle. He put one hand on Obi-Wan's throat and shoved. They fell back together on the cushions. Bruck pinned Obi-Wan down while he ravaged his chest. Siri could see him using teeth and tongue to torment every inch of exposed skin. Obi-Wan groaned loudly and began to struggle, but his hands were still bound, and Bruck outweighed him by at least a stone. Siri didn't think he'd be able to escape without using the Force. Then again, it didn't look as if he wanted to escape ...

Suddenly Obi-Wan surged up. He hooked his legs around Bruck's and rolled, ending up on top, straddling Bruck and quickly shrugging off his shirt. He grasped Bruck's flailing hands and pinned them above his head. "Not this time," Obi-Wan said. He leaned down and kissed Bruck. They both moaned as their tongues tangled. Obi-Wan began rocking his body slowly, rubbing his erection against Bruck's over and over.

Without realizing it, Siri had begun to rock against the cushion between her legs in time to Obi-Wan's thrusts. When Bruck let out a long, low groan, she found herself coming before she could stop it. She closed her eyes and gasped loudly as a wave of pleasure spasmed through her, and a gush of moisture wet the cushion between her legs.

Stunned, she opened her eyes.

Obi-Wan looked up suddenly, wondering at the sudden impression of sexual release that swirled through the Force around them. He could still feel the pressure of Bruck's erection pressing against his hip and he was still a long way from coming, so that left the room's only other occupant as the culprit. Holding Bruck immobile with his hands, the weight of his body and some help from the Force, Obi-Wan looked over his shoulder at the guest of honor.

"Doesn't take much to get you off, does it Siri? We're not even naked yet," Obi-Wan taunted, chuckling when her face turned an endearing shade of deep red. He looked down at his confused partner and added, "Maybe we should take this show on the road, Bruck. Might be some good money to be made if just the sight of us rolling on the floor together can bring people off."

Bruck looked over at the red face young woman in the chair and said, "I would have been more than happy to take care of that for you, Siri. You didn't have to do it yourself."

"That's the thing, Bruck, she didn't really do anything," Obi-Wan replied before Siri could. "Her hands never left their hold on the arms of the chair."

"Shut up, Kenobi," Siri yelled as her flush grew deeper. She sat very still for a moment, her embarrassment at what had just happened making her want to run out of the room but her libido very interested in seeing the rest of Bruck and Obi-Wan's performance.

Bruck noticed her discomfort and tried to make her feel better. "Don't worry about it, Siri, it happens all the time. Those conforming chairs are especially made to mold to your private areas."

"They are?" Siri and Obi-Wan said in tandem.

"Yes, they are," Bruck told Siri before whispering to Obi-Wan, "shut the fuck up. Are you trying to ruin her night?" He turned back to Siri and asked, "So do you want us to continue or is there something else you would rather see?"

The words flew from her mouth before Siri could stop them "What I'd really like to see is Kenobi getting his ass paddled for being such a jerk to me." She blushed again and buried her face in her hands.

"I don't think so," Obi-Wan snapped indignantly, his focus on holding the man beneath him wavering with Siri's comment.

That moment's inattention was all it took for Bruck to flip their positions and pin Obi-Wan with his greater weight. "Oh, that would be easy enough for me to arrange, Siri. I have access to a wide variety of implements for that task." He took in Obi-Wan's affronted look, smirked evilly and added, "Though we might have to move our activities to another room that has the necessary restraints since Kenobi doesn't look too excited about this new agenda. The only question left Siri, is whether you want me to paddle him before or after I fuck him?"

Siri looked from one man to the other. Bruck was spread out over Obi-Wan, firmly holding him down. Obi-Wan looked affronted at the thought of having his ass paddled. He squirmed against Bruck, trying to get free. The sight made Siri shiver as the two men wrestled. She really wanted to see Bruck and Obi-Wan screw but Obi-Wan was being an ass and the thought of seeing him being paddled was also turning her on. Besides, he certainly didn't look unrepentant for teasing her.

"I want to see Kenobi paddled before you take him, Bruck."

Bruck's grin widened even more. He shifted his hold to grasp Obi-Wan's wrists firmly in his hands, using the Force to aid him.

"Wait, wait!" Obi-Wan yelped as Bruck started to haul him up from the floor. He glared at Bruck. "I am not getting my ass paddled by no one, especially not you."

"Now, Kenobi, you embarrassed Siri on her special night, and whatever she would like, she gets tonight."

Obi-Wan fought to get free, but Bruck held on. Finally, he gave up, glaring at Bruck and panting hard. He glanced over at Siri, licking his lips.

"What if I can make it up to you, Siri, for behaving like a jerk. Would you call this paddling thing off?"

Siri tilted her head, watching Obi-Wan, seeing the tension and nervousness in his body. She didn't think Kenobi had ever had his ass spanked before.

"What did you have in mind, Kenobi?"

Obi-Wan licked his lips again, letting his eyes travel down Siri's body, before meeting her gaze again. Dark with desire and a hint of fear, his eyes bore into hers, imploring her to go with what he was going to propose.

"I would love to go down on you, Siri. I'm very good with my mouth and I guarantee you will throughly enjoy it."

Bruck snorted, causing Obi-Wan to shot a dark look his way and tried to free his hands from Bruck's hold.

Siri's breathing hitched momentarily, warmth shooting through her at the thought of Obi-Wan on his knees before her, pleasuring her with his mouth. She tried not to squirm in her seat at the images this invoked in her mind. "And what if I don't throughly enjoy it?"

"Then I will let Bruck paddle me without any complaint."

Licking her dry lips, she gestured for Bruck to let Obi-Wan go. "Alright, Kenobi. You have one shot at making me forget how much of a jerk you have been."

Obi-Wan rolled to his hands and knees as Bruck moved to stand behind Siri's chair. He slowly crawled forward to her, head down, submissiveness in every line of his body. Siri wasn't fooled for a moment. She was determined to make him work for her forgiveness He was now in front of her, his head lifting to meet her eyes as his hands slid slowly up her legs.

Siri stared down into the eyes of Obi-Wan Kenobi as he ran his hands over her smooth legs. He moved to rest his hands on her hips as he beamed her a wide smile. Pushing up, he guided the thin material up over her hips to bunch over her tummy.

Sitting in the chair with only her thin panties hiding her mound, Siri blushed as Obi-Wan leaned in an inhaled deeply taking in her scent. The front of her thin white panties were already nearly transparent with dampness and Obi-Wan could see the soft curls beneath.

Slowly he touched his lips to the wet fabric and his tongue snaked out to lick at them lightly, causing Siri to shiver with delight as a low moan escaped her lips. She looked up just before Bruck stepped out of her line of vision. She moved her head to look just as Obi-Wan was peeling back her soaked panties and ran his tongue over her now exposed lips.

Her eyes rolled back at the sensation and she failed to notice anything more except the hot breath and tingling tongue of Obi-Wan. Her breath escaped in ragged bursts as Obi-Wan's continued to lick and kiss between her thighs.

The tanned skin and shocking white hair of a figure entering her peripheral vision, told her Bruck had returned. Siri moaned again in appreciation of the attention Obi-Wan was paying to her as Bruck moved to stand behind Obi-Wan who was on his hands and knees.

"She doesn't seem to be enjoying herself, Obi-Wan," Bruck said with an evil grin. "Let's remind you of what awaits you if you fail to please her." Siri saw him lift a wide, flat paddle and winked at her before bringing it down.

The crack was sharp as the wood paddle struck Obi-Wan's ass cheeks. He huffed at the impact, causing Siri to shudder as his breath caressed her where has tongue had just been. Obi-Wan growled low in his throat and lifted his head, beginning to pull away.

An unfamiliar urge took hold in Siri's mind as she placed her hand behind Obi-Wan's neck. She pulled him forward again until his lips were back on her sex and his nose was buried in the soft curls above.

For a moment, it seemed if he would pull away again. Bruck began to lightly caress Obi-Wan's ass and reached under to trace lightly over Obi-Wan's throbbing cock. With a smile she could feel, Obi-Wan began to lick and kiss again, slowly at first, but then with greater speed.

Bruck occasionally added more emphasis with a smack of the paddle before going back to caressing Obi-Wan's ass, cock and balls. Soon, Obi-Wan was wiggling his ass at Bruck and Siri was gasping as her orgasm began in her stomach before exploding through the rest of her body as she let out a desperate, strangled moan.

As Siri came down, she looked up to see both Obi-Wan and Bruck smiling devilishly at her.

She felt wrung out and limp. If a horde of Togorian pirates had chosen that moment to burst into the club, she couldn't have raised an arm to fend them off. As she lay there, still twitching from the aftershocks, Obi-Wan glided up her body and pressed his mouth to hers. Her senses were filled with an unfamiliar smell and taste, and with a giggle she realized it was her own juices. The flavor wasn't unpleasant at all --mildly tangy, musky, and earthy, like bread warm from the oven.

Obi-Wan's tongue was in her mouth, his body pressed up against hers, undulating slightly. As he moved, the length of his cock slid between her legs, pressing and rubbing between her folds.

They both moaned at the feeling, then Obi-Wan gasped as Bruck struck him with the paddle again. "Don't get carried away," he warned.

With a sigh, Obi-Wan drew back onto his knees, hands in his lap. He tried to look serious, but the mischief in his eyes gave him away. That, and the rampant erection that jutted from his body, dark with arousal.

Bruck came around to her side and ran his hand up her thigh until it rested at the join with her body. "So, did Kenobi satisfy, or shall I give him a good beating?"

Obi-Wan's eyes flickered briefly to Bruck before coming back to her. His gaze bored into her again, pleading -- no, more like demanding -- that she give him a reprieve.

She was tempted to let Bruck carry on with the paddling. Force knew Kenobi deserved it for all the times he'd teased her. But he truly didn't seem to enjoy it, and the night was supposed to be all about pleasure.

She drew out the suspense as she pretended to ponder. "Oh, I suppose I am satisfied," she said at last.

Obi-Wan seemed to let out a breath he'd been holding.

"Now you can move along to the fucking," she continued, grinning as she saw a look of shock and lust flicker over Obi-Wan's features.

"Yes, ma'am," Bruck said. He stood up and crossed the room, somehow still managing to look predatory despite the bobbing of his erection as he walked. He dialed the music down a notch and returned with a tube of jelly in one hand and a towel in the other.

Through all this, Obi-Wan watched him with narrowed eyes. As Bruck knelt next to him, Obi-Wan reached out and grabbed Bruck by the neck, hauling him in for a bruising kiss. When he let go, he practically shoved Bruck away. Bruck reeled back, grinning. "I've been waiting a long time for this," he said.

Obi-Wan still stared at Bruck as if challenging him to make the first move. Siri looked between the two of them, confused. "Wait a minute," she said, her brain trying valiantly to come back to life. "You two have never...?"

"Obi's always on top," Bruck said cheerfully as he popped the top of the tube and squirted a liberal amount of jelly into one hand. "I keep swearing I'm going to get into him one of these day, and it looks like tonight is my lucky night."

Siri giggled, startled by the expression of devious glee on Bruck's face.  Obi-Wan's face remained strangely unreadable for a long moment before he met Bruck's eyes. A flicker of hurt crossed his face, and Siri's giggle faded.  

Bruck's eyes narrowed slightly, but he continued to smile.  "What, you don't like the idea of me topping you after all this time?"

Obi-Wan opened his mouth as if he were going to speak, then closed it again.  He shook his head.  "No, of course not.  I mean -- I don't mind.  I..."  He dropped his gaze, brow furrowed.

"What's the problem then?" Bruck asked.  "I know you bottom all the time.  What is it about me?"  His tone was teasing, but there was a hint of irritation there.  Siri had a feeling this was a question Bruck had been waiting to ask for a long time.

"It's not like that," Obi groaned, sitting back on his heels.

"Then what the fuck is it like?"

Siri exhaled through pursed lips, trying to decide if she should should interrupt this argument.  This was becoming less and less fun.  She should have requested the spanking instead, she realized.  Less baggage there.

"I thought..." Obi-Wan closed his eyes and took a long breath, then stared down at his hands.  "You never seemed to mind before.  Why didn't you say something?"

"What are you talking about?"

"You always seemed to enjoy it, and so I thought...  Never mind."  He looked back up to meet the other boy's eyes.

"Oh," Bruck breathed, his face softening considerably.  "Obi..."  He stroked the padawan's bare back with his hand.

Siri had no idea what Bruck suddenly understood.  Irritated, she cleared her throat.

"We never got along as children, and I always felt terribly about how I treated you," Obi-Wan continued.  

"Umm...  guys?" Siri asked.

"And you thought," Bruck said, moving closer to Obi-Wan, "that you were giving me something back by making love to me."  He brushed his fingers against Obi-Wan's cheek.

"Hello? Guys?"  

Obi-Wan's green eyes bore into Bruck's.  "You always seemed to like it so much, and I found I really liked making you feel that way.  I didn't know you would rather have--"


"No, I did like it!  A lot.  I didn't mean--"


"It's okay.  I thought maybe you were just pretending to like it, and that--"  

Bruck's hand slid around Obi-Wan's head to pull him into a kiss, silencing him.  Obi-Wan whimpered slightly in surprise, melting into the kiss.  His arms snaked around Bruck's shoulders, pulling him even closer.

"Fucking hell..." Siri muttered, taking off her shoe and throwing it at the snogging pair.  It spun perfectly to smack both boys on the temple simultaneously.

"What the--"  "Ow!"  They turned to stare at her, as if she were the one out of line here.

She held her hands out and scowled at them.  "Birthday girl's feeling a little neglected here!  Can you save the mushy crap for later and proceed directly to the fucking please?!"

Bruck and Obi-Wan stared at Siri, their expressions a combination of amusement and irritation.  Finally Obi-Wan kissed Bruck and teased, "You'd think with a Councilor for a Master, Siri would have a little more patience."

"I think impatience is a trait for woman in general, Buddy," Bruck replied with a smirk.  "Makes me thankful that most of my relationships have been with male partners."

Seeing Siri take off her other shoe and waved it their direction, Obi-Wan decided to take the path of less resistance.  "Maybe it would be to our benefit to give the birthday girl what she wants."  

Bruck looked down at the generous portion of lube he had squirted on his hand what felt like hours ago and grinned evilly. "I'm ready when you are, Kenobi.  We using the floor or the couch?"   

Obi-Wan looked around like he was considering his options as he hooked his thumbs into his leggings, stripped them off and tossed them towards Siri.  With a wink at Bruck, he dropped onto his hands and knees a few meters in front of Siri's chair and wiggled his ass suggestively.  "Floor I think.  This way Siri can sit down and get comfy while she watches the show."

Bruck's face screwed up into a frown as he contradicted half-heartedly, "The couch would be easier on our knees."

"Yeah but this is our birthday gift to Siri and this way gives her a better view," Obi-Wan retorted as he grabbed a couple of thin pillows, placing one under his knees and tossing the other one to Bruck.  "Plus if you live up to my expectations, I don´t think either of us will be paying much attention to our knees."  

"Oh don´t worry, I plan to more than live up to your expectations," Bruck growled as he peeled off his leggings and threw them aside.  He settled onto his knees on the pillow, shifted a little so that Siri would be able to see everything he was doing and drawled, "Ready to watch me fuck Kenobi into the floor, Tachi?"

"Definitely," Siri replied with a leer.  "Now get on with it."

"Yes ma'am," Bruck deadpanned as he ran a lube coated finger along the length of Obi-Wan's crack.  Bruck drew out his motions, moving his finger slowly over the entrance to Obi-Wan's body, pushing just the tip in before pulling back and retracing his path.  He glanced over at Siri when he finally pressed two fingers inside and could see her beginning to rock against the cushions of the chair as she had earlier.  

"Damn it Bruck.  Will you fuck me already," Obi-Wan growled as he pushed back against the teasing fingers.  

Bruck stroked his fingers roughly into Obi-Wan a couple of times as he chided, "Weren't you just giving Siri crap about having patience."   Bruck looked over at Siri, winking as he added, "I think I should put you to the test and see just how much patience you've actually managed to learn from Master Jinn."    

"What did you have in mind," Siri asked, a little breathless as she watched Bruck's fingers thrusting inside Obi-Wan.  She tried to not squirm too much in the chair, not wanting to come again so soon after her last orgasm.  Every part of her body seemed almost unbearably sensitive  from her last two climaxes, and she really wanted to watch Bruck screw Obi-Wan.

Bruck winked at her again, before he pulled his fingers out of Obi-Wan.    Spreading Obi-Wan's cheeks he leaned forward, running his tongue along Obi-Wan's opening before sliding the tip of it into him.  Obi-Wan gasped as Bruck's tongue thrust inside of him slowly, tasting him.

Siri's breath hitched as she watched Bruck rim Obi-Wan.  Force, they were hot together.  Bruck was taking his time, tasting deeply of Obi-Wan as Obi-Wan writhed against Bruck's face, his gasps and moans of pleasure filling the room.   She could see fluid leaking from the tip of Obi-Wan's cock and found herself wanting to taste it, to find out how Obi-Wan tasted.  Bruck glanced up at her just then, his eyes following hers.

Never ceasing his ministrations, Bruck slid one hand between Obi-Wan's legs to cup his balls in his hand.  He rolled them gently in his hand before letting them go and wrapping his fingers around Obi-Wan's shaft.    Obi-Wan moaned, as Bruck stroked him for a moment before he ran one finger of the tip of Obi-Wan's cock, gathering up the fluid there.

Siri was on her knees before she realized she had moved as Bruck held out his glistening finger.  She sucked on the finger, tasting the bitter, salty flavour of Obi-Wan and Bruck's skin.  It wasn't an unpleasant taste, though one she thought she could get use to.

"Tastes good, doesn't he."  Bruck said, pulling away from Obi-Wan's ass.    Siri nodded.

"Bruck," Obi-Wan said, need and lust in his voice, drawing Siri's and Bruck's attention back to him.

Bruck slid his arms around Obi-Wan's body, drawing him up and back into Bruck's arms until they were kneeling.

"Patience, Obi-Wan.  I think Siri would like a little more taste of you."  He glanced at Siri, who nodded.

A little hesitant, she wrapped her fingers around Obi-Wan's cock, feeling how it twitched in her grasp.  Obi-Wan moaned at her touch as she slid her hand along the length of him.  Holding him steady, she leaned down and flicked her tongue across the head of his cock,  feeling him jerk against her.  His flavour exploded across her tongue as she licked and stroked him.

"Siri."  The warning in his voice made Siri pull back from him.  She wasn't quite ready for him to come in her mouth yet.  Perhaps later in the night when she had lost a few more of her inhibitions.

Looking up at Obi-Wan, Siri could see him  shaking, his body tense in Bruck's arms.   Bruck grinned at her, his hands lazily caressing Obi-Wan's body.  Siri grinned back at him and moved back to her chair, shivering as she felt it mould to her body again.  

When Siri was again settled into her seat, she saw Bruck reach over to a nearby pile of pillows.  After a moment of sifting around he pulled out a tube of lubricant and quickly snapped open the cap and began squeezing generous portions onto his cock and Obi-Wan's opening.

Beneath Bruck the young Jedi continued to shiver and his arms and knees trembled as he tried to hold himself up.  With a sharp intake of breath, Obi-Wan felt Bruck pressing the head of his cock against the tightness of his ass.  Hissing through clenched teeth, he stayed perfectly still as Bruck entered him.

Siri groaned as she watched and saw Obi-Wan slump to rest his forehead on the ground as the man behind him began to guide his cock at an agonizingly slow pace in and out of him.  Unable to help herself, Siri again climbed off the chair and knelt beside Obi-Wan.

Taking him by the arm, she pulled him to his feet causing Bruck to slide out of him.  Obi-Wan groaned in frustration and need as he turned to her.  "What'd you to that for?"

Giving a mischievous grin, Siri guided him to sit in the chair slumped down so far his gorgeous butt hung off the edge.  Seeing what she was trying to do, Bruck scrambled over and kneeled between Obi-Wan's legs and reentered him in on shift thrust.

Still kneeling beside him, Siri reached out and took Obi-Wan's shaft in her hand and began to stroke slowly, matching the pace that Bruck was setting.  She lost track of time as the two men moved together.   She could tell Obi-Wan was struggling to hold back as long as he could.

Almost to answer his need, Bruck began to pump faster and Siri did the same.  Obi-Wan's cock twitched in her hand before the thick fluid of his climax shot into the air to land on his stomach as a lustful cry escaped his lips.  A moment later, Bruck groaned and thrust as far as he could into Obi-Wan as his own orgasm crashed over him.

As the sounds of heavy breathing filled the room, Siri continued to stroke Obi-Wan's semi-flaccid cock, relishing the slippery sensation his come created and enjoying him jump each time her fingers brushed the head.

"That was great," Obi-Wan smiled as Bruck leaned down to kiss him hungrily.  With the kiss mere inches from her face, Siri sighed in heated want.

The two men broke the kiss to look at her, but their attention was drawn to a sound behind them.  At the door stood Bultar Swan with her arms wrapped around Aayla Secura.  Bultar had one finger tracing the front of Aayla's pants as the Twi'lek shivered.

"I think you boys have had too much of the fun tonight," Bultar observed.

Aayla nodded with a dreamy smile on her face.  "Indeed.  I think it is time for our birthday girl to have a little time with just the girls.  No boys allowed."

"No boys," Bruck repeated, pouting.  "Can't we stay and watch?"

"Not this time," Bultar replied, walking forward and pulling Aayla by the hand.  "This show's just for the birthday girl."

Obi-Wan grinned and pushed himself off of the floor in a single movement.  The two girls' eyes lingered on him as he slowly redressed.  He grinned and pulled Bruck towards the door.

"Happy Birthday, Siri!" Bruck called in a teasing tone as they left the room.

Siri turned towards her newest hosts to see that they'd knelt down on the rug by her seat.  She'd seen quite a bit of sex tonight of many different variations; she'd certainly gotten enough imagery to supplment her "showers" for quite a while.

Aayla smiled, wide violet eyes sparkling in the low lights of the room.  Siri was enraptured by those eyes, and by the vast amounts of soft blue skin the Twi'leks's skimpy clothing revealed.  She found her eyes lingering on Aayla's plump breasts, and just as she was wondering what that soft skin would feel like beneath her fingers, Bultar's hands slid under the fabric and pulled upwards.

"Touch me, Siri," Aayla said softly, eyes glazing over as Bultar's fingertips traced her dark nipples lightly.  

Siri didn't need to be asked twice.  She scrambled to her knees before Aayla and cupped the girl's breats in her hands.  They felt so different from her own small breats, so round and full, with soft skin stretched tautly under her fingers.  She cupped the flesh in her palms and pushed up, allowing her thumbs to stroke Aayla's erect nipples.  Aayla moaned slightly, letting her eyelids flutter closed.

"Suck them," Bultar whispered, with a strangely serious look on her face.  Siri's lips met soft flesh in a curious sort of kiss before she closed her teeth around a hard nipple and sucked lightly.  Aayla groaned again, arching her back in pleasure.  Siri flicked her tongue rapidly across the nipple, feeling a twinge of empathic pleasure in her own body as the girl beneath her squirmed.  

"Good with your tongue, are you?" Bultar said, and Siri glanced up to see the girl fellating one of Aayla's headtails slowly.

Siri wasn't really sure if she was good with her tongue, but she grinned and nodded anyway.

Bultar smiled and pushed the top of Siri's head down firmly.  It was a moment before Siri understood what she was expected to do.

Aayla's thighs fell apart to reveal dark folds of glistening flesh -- hairless, to Siri's surprise.  She wasn't sure if Twi'leks had no pubic hair, or if Aayla simply got rid of it the way she'd heard many girls did.  It seemed like an odd time to ask, so she filed the question away for later.

"Go on," Bultar said above her, leering down.  "Lick her pussy.  She gets really wet  when you do."

Siri hesitated a moment more, trying not to panic -- she really had no idea what she was doing now, having only recently experienced it herself for the first time.  She tried to remember what she'd enjoyed most when Obi-Wan did it to her and leaned forward.

Tentatively, Siri ran her tongue along the outer folds of Aayla's mound. The taste was different from anything she had tasted though not as salty as Obi-Wan's come. Very gently, she started to lick the soft skin, growing bolder as she heard Aayla moan and move against her. The scent of the Twi'lek surrounded Siri as she breathed through her nose. Combined with the delicious taste of Aayla's skin, it was a heady scent.

"That's it, Siri." Bultar murmured as she caressed Bultar's breasts. "She's loving it."

Siri remembered how good Obi-Wan's tongue had felt when he had licked inside her. Using her fingers, she parted the folds of flesh, seeing how wetness was starting to glisten there. Settling more comfortably between Aayla's thighs, Siri pushed her tongue as deep inside Aayla as she could go. Aayla was writhing, her moans and pants filling the air as Siri fell into a rhythm, plunging her tongue over and over into the Twi'lek's cleft.

"Use your fingers, Siri." Bultar's voice had grown hoarse. Siri glanced up at her to see the other girl had removed her shirt. Bultar's skin was flushed, her hands still caressing Aayla's breasts.

Siri pulled back, pressing a soft kiss the inside thigh. She ran one finger lightly over the inner folds and was rewarded when Aayla moaned. The moaned grew louder as Siri carefully circled Aayla's clit before sliding her finger back down.

Carefully, Siri pushed her finger inside, feeling how hot and wet it was. She stroked inside for a moment then added another finger. Moving them faster, Siri looked up, seeing how Aayla's head had fallen back, her eyes closed as she groaned. Her hips arched and twisted against Siri, encouraging Siri to thrust faster. Bultar grinned at her and Siri smiled back, happy she was able to please Aayla.

She lowered her head back down, licking Aayla's mound. Finding the small nub of the Twi'lek's clit, she ran her tongue over it before fastening her mouth around it and sucking gently. Aayla yelled and Siri lashed her tongue harder against the knot of flesh. Juices coated her fingers making them slippery, forcing her to concentrate on keeping them moving.

Aayla stiffened, crying out as she came. Siri lapped at the juices seeping from her, loving the taste before Aayla slumped against her.

Aayla reached down and threaded her fingers through Siri's hair, stroking over Siri's head. Siri moved up to kiss Aayla shyly. Aayla deepened the kiss, as Bultar reached out to lightly stroked the two of them.

"That felt so good, Siri" Aayla whispered, breaking the kiss. "You certainly are a fast learner."

"Yes, she is." Bultar said, leaning in to kiss Siri hard.

Siri moaned as Bultar drew her closer, one hand sliding down Siri's body to cup her mound. Wanting to feel Bultar pressed against her, Siri broke the kiss and tugged her dress over her head, leaving her naked.

"What would you like to do next, Siri?" Bultar asked, slipping her fingers deep inside of Siri.

Bultar stroked her fingers deeply, her thumb caressing Siri's hot spot, her skin hot everywhere they touched. Aayla deepened the kiss, and suddenly Siri was coming again. She heard herself make a piteous cry as her body thrashed weakly.

After it was over, Aayla lay back and grinned. "You certainly are responsive."

Siri lay unmoving. After a moment she struggled to sit up. "I'm feeling a bit ... ugh." That last orgasm had really wiped her out, and the flesh between her legs felt swollen and sore. "Where's the 'fresher?"

Bultar and Aayla lay entwined upon the cushions. Bultar looked up and grinned. "Up the staircase and to your left."

Siri shimmied back into her dress and stepped out into the main room. Pounding music, strobing lights, and gyrating bodies assaulted her senses. She felt a bit light-headed as she mounted the steps. Beings of all sorts were coupling the in foyer, on couches and up against the wall. She relieved herself and sat for a while with her head in her hands before emerging again.

She really didn't feel like joining the crowd below. In fact, she'd rather go home, but she didn't want to ask her friends to leave. Another staircase led higher; blocked with a chain. She slipped under and made her way up.

The music had faded to a faint thumping. She sensed a few people coupling behind the rows of closed doors. A force-field led onto a balcony. She stepped through it and gasped as the cold wind of Coruscant's night hit her. That felt good. She took a few deep breaths to cleanse her body and still her mind. She felt unaccountably tired, and ... disappointed. And lonely.

Tears welled in her eyes, and she let them fall. She didn't understand where this mood had come from, but she decided not to fight it. After a moment, the tears stopped. She hugged herself and stood watching the traffic patterns.

She sensed somebody enter the balcony. A warm body slid up behind her, and strong arms encircled her. "You all right?" Obi-Wan asked softly.

She nodded, not trusting her voice.

He squeezed, and propped his chin on the top of her head. He didn't say anything else, and she was immeasurably grateful.

After a time she turned and looked up at him. "Thank you for this."

He smiled. "Was it everything you thought it would be?"

How to answer that? She shrugged. "Not really."

He drew back and looked into her eyes. "Tell me."

She looked away. "Oh, you know.... Technically I'm still a virgin." She winced. That sounded pathetic.

One brow lifted. "I can do something about that, if you like. Or there are plenty of others --"

"--No, that's not necessary." She tried to draw away from him. He grasped her arms and pulled her into a kiss. It was warm and sensual and everything she needed at the moment. When it was over, he whispered in her ear, "Are you sure I can't make you change your mind?"

Her heart was pounding. "Not ... not where everyone is watching."

He stepped to the edge of the balcony and looked up, pointing. "Think you can jump to that balcony?"

"Yeah. But --"

"--That's Bruck's room. Lots of privacy. Big bed." He grinned. "Come on. Ladies first!"

Siri only hesitated for a moment before vaulting over the railing to land on the balcony below. With an acrobatic flip Obi-Wan followed her, landing about a meter away with a graceful flourish. "Show off," she taunted as she slapped him on the arm.

"If you've got it, flaunt it – that's my motto," Obi-Wan quipped.

"That's rather arrogant, Kenobi," Siri shot back. "I wonder what Master Jinn would say if he heard his apprentice speaking that way."

A naughty smile bloomed on Obi-Wan's face as he held out a hand to her. "I flaunt it for him all the time. Now, let's go and see how comfy Bruck's bed is."

Squelching her momentary panic, Siri took the offered hand and followed Obi-Wan through the sliding transparisteel doors. She stopped short as they crossed the threshold, surprised at room's décor. Instead of the gaudiness she had expected in a pleasure worker's private domain, the bedroom was warm and inviting. A thick comforter in shades of blues covered the large bed and tapestries portraying sunsets on a variety of planets were placed randomly on the room's walls. The thick midnight blue carpeting compressed under her shoes and she kicked them off and buried her bare toes in the thick nap.

"Are you coming, Siri?" Obi-Wan prodded, his voice pulling her away from her appraisal.

"Not quite what I expected," Siri said as she began moving again.

"I know what you mean," Obi-Wan agreed. "The first time Bruck brought me to his bedroom, I was a little disappointed not to see red satin sheets and ceiling mirrors."

"This is much more appealing," Siri replied, running a hand over the soft comforter as she sat down on the bed.

"Satin sheets are overrated, something that slippery is never conducive to a good, hard fuck," Obi-Wan said as he sat down beside her. After a moment he laid back, grabbing Siri's arm so that she ended up lying beside him. He stroked his palm down the length of her arm, twining their fingers together when he reached her hand. "Tell me what you want? How you imagined that your first time would be?"

"I never imagined," Siri began but Obi-Wan cut her off with a sharp laugh.

"Everyone imagines. Hells, my fantasies were varied and numerous, though a good percentage of them Qui-Gon have pledging his undying love and fucking me into the mattress," Obi-Wan admitted with a smirk.

Her mouth dropped open in shock and it took a moment for her to regain her faculties. "You and your Master..." Siri began, unable to actually say the words.

"Only in my fantasies and dreams," Obi-Wan replied wistfully. "Though I definitely haven’t given up on seducing Qui-Gon into my bed. I consider my plethora of sexual forays as just another set of lessons. A very enjoyable set of lessons." He traced the edge of her breasts along the edge of her low cut dress. "So what do you say we get started on your beginner lessons?"

"Well, I'm not sure you're qualified," Siri quipped with a sly smile. "Even to teach a beginner. Why, from what Bruck said..." Siri stopped in mid-sentence as Obi-Wan's slowly leaned in to bring his lips close to hers.

"Siri," Obi-Wan whispered.

"Yes?" she responded, her tone sweet and innocent.

"Shut up." Obi-Wan pressed his lips to hers. A moment later, they broke their kiss and a series of soft and quick kisses followed. Moving forward, she urged Obi-Wan to lie back. With her dress hiked up almost to her hips, Siri climbed atop her friend. She could feel the swell of arousal in his breeches and swooned as she felt the tip press against her panty-covered sex.

Moaning into the kiss, Obi-Wan slowly rocked his hips. Allowing Siri to set the pace, Obi-Wan allowed his hands to wander over her body. Gently he caressed her back and hips. In gentle circles her rubbed his hands over the swell of her breasts, each time he teasing took a nipple between his thumb and finger.

Siri moaned as she felt all the passion she had felt that evening dwarfed by the gentle, soft and loving caresses Obi-Wan bestowed upon her tingling body. In response, she ran her hands over his body, quickly peeling away his tunic and caressing his naked chest.

Shifting to the side, she tugged at the waist of his breeches. At first, he looked at her questioningly as if he didn't realize what she wanted him to do. He kept his hips firmly on the bed.

"Obi-Wan," Siri began her tone sweet but with a hint of danger. "Don't make me come over there."

He laughed as he lifted his hips and Siri whipped his pants to the floor. Obi-Wan helped by adding his underwear to the pile and his erect cock swayed as he laid back. Guiding Siri to straddle his waist, Obi-Wan hooked her panties with his finger as she moved. In a flourish of motion, he managed to slide them off with her help.

She straddled his legs and brought her hands to Obi-Wan's erection and began to slowly stroke it. After a few minutes, Siri smiled softly and took her hands away from his cock before slowly easing the dress over her head. Now they were both completely naked on Bruck's midnight blue comforter. She eased herself up and positioned herself above Obi-Wan.

As she knelt above him, her aching sex just inches from Obi-Wan's cock her heart hammered in her chest. She leaned down and kissed him softly. Gently, she eased her hips down as she felt the swelling head press against her entrance.

Breaking the kiss, she hissed from between clenched teeth as she felt him slide a few inches into her. She froze as a sound came from the pile of clothes upon the floor. The sound was sharp and loud and emitted from both her and Obi-Wan's comlinks. It was the signal for an incoming emergency message from the Jedi Council.

Siri closed her eyes and exhaled. Beneath her, Obi-Wan cursed softly, whether from pleasure or frustration, she couldn't tell. She paused for a moment more, noting he wasn't moving to get the commlink. He was leaving the decision to her.

She opened her eyes, gritted her teeth, and let gravity pull her body the rest of the way down. The pain was different than she'd expected -- stinging and sharp, giving her the sensation of being speared. Which she was, she realized with a smirk. Sort of.

She took another shaky breath before calling the commlink to her hand, shifting her weight slightly in the process. Obi-Wan's eyes flew open. She thumbed the acknowledgement button, and studied the code on the display. Her eyebrows raised slightly.

"Another drill?" Obi-wan asked. He was now holding his own commlink, and the annoying beeping finally ceased.

"Not sure," she replied, shifting her hips up enough that he slid out of her a little. It was an odd sensation, being filled that way. She'd never put anything inside her body before, not even her own fingers. She pressed back down and her jaw clenched.

"Does it hurt?" he asked. He was watching her face with a bit of concern.

"Yeah," she said, but moved again.

"You..." He closed his eyes. "You don't have to... we should probably go."

"I know," she replied. "I just wanted to make sure I'd really experienced everything tonight. Especially this." She pushed down, and noticed the movement was getting easier. She was... wet. It was helping quite a bit, and hurting less. In fact, it was starting to feel... She couldn't really describe it, but it was nice, whatever it was. And different than anythiing she'd felt before. It was nothing like the way she'd felt when she was being stimulated by hands and tongues. She smiled.

"Siri..." Obi-Wan stilled her hips with his hands. "Why don't we continue this another time, when we're both rested and not on duty?" He smiled up at her. "I think it'd take me a while anyway, considering how many times I've come tonight already."

Siri smiled at him, and then looked out the window. The Coruscant skyline was glowing softly, and she could just make out the spires of the Temple. Her master was there, waiting for her to check in.

She smiled down at Obi-Wan. She had done just about every sex act she could think of tonight, and some she hadn't. This particular act was supposed to be a special one, so it would be nice to try it again when she could relax and enjoy it. It would be nice to have a reason to get her hands on Obi-Wan again, she had to admit. Maybe she could even convince him to extend her "lessons" a bit.

She grinned at the boy beneath her. He squirmed slightly. "Deal," she said.