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Author's Chapter Notes:

dm_p requested: Harry/Draco, weird stuff sold on eBay.
Harry stared at the computer screen for nearly a full minute before he could manage to open his mouth.


"Yeah?" a sleepy voice asked from somewhere near the sofa.

"Would you happen to know who PureBlood1980 is?"

There was a moment of silence, followed by a meek, "Sorry?"

"Pureblood1980. On eBay."

"No. Why?"

Harry turned to glare at him. "Because he's apparently selling locks of my hair."

"How odd," Draco replied, fake-stifling a yawn. "He must be a deranged fan."

Harry's eyes narrowed. "Locks of my pubic hair."

Draco paled a bit. "That's... very odd."

"You know what else is very odd?"


"That you got me drunk and convinced me to let you shave me the other night."

Draco squirmed a bit. "What a coincidence."

Harry glared at him a moment longer, and then turned back to the computer screen. "The high bid is 300 pounds."

"Really?" Draco was off the sofa and behind his shoulder in an instant.

Harry swallowed a grin. "You'd better be planning to buy me a very nice gift."