Surrender the Grey
by Emma Grant

Rating: NC-17

Draco Malfoy returns to London after five years of self-imposed exile to start a new life with Harry. But will the secrets of the past destroy everything they've worked for?

Sequel to:
Left My Heart . This will make much more sense if you have read that first, though it probably can stand on its own to an extent.

Novel, about 150,000 words

Not my characters, no copyright violation intended.

First draft: Completed November 2, 2005 (Posted March 2 - November 2, 2005). Links to the firtst draft are at the bottom of this page.

FINAL VERSION: The links below lead to the final version, which was posted January 2007.

Cover art by Mayflo

1. Thanks to Jedi Rita, Hazel Hawthorne, and Charlotte Sometimes for betaing the first draft of this story a chapter at a time. Thanks to Jedi Rita, Little Snitch, Tip Gardner, and Lusiology for betaing the second draft (and to Lusiology for Brit-picking as well). HUGE thanks go to all the people who read and commented on the first draft of this story over the eight months that it was written and posted. I can't thank you enough for the support and encouragement! This is for all of you.
2. Even though the backstory of this fic only assumes canon up through Order of the Phoenix, I stole a few cool ideas from Half Blood Prince. Cause they were cooler than mine...
3. Links to art can be found in the text. (Look for underlined phrases.) Please note that an asterisk (*) denotes art that is NOT WORKSAFE.

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Spanish by Perlita Negra (also posted here)


Banner courtesy of Charlotte Sometimes


Archiving & translations: Please contact me (emmagrant01 AT gmail DOT com) if you are interested in archiving or translating this story.


STG location photos, by Luciology!


Art for Surrender the Grey

Draco, by Evermanella

Draco's Tattoo, by KKR

Harry/Draco by Shu (NC-17)

Harry/Draco by Absinthus (NC-17)

For Part 3 (Auditory voyeurism), by Pastel Ninja (R)

For Part 4 (Uncle Draco), by Pastel Ninja

Unce Draco, by Mayflo

For Part 7 (Draco regrets), by Cormallen (NC-17)

For Part 12 (Harry in the lobby), by Pastel Ninja

For Part 12 (Ron wins the bet), by Pastel Ninja

For Part 13 (Draco and the Find-it-Quick! card), by Pastel Ninja

For Part 14 (Almost a kiss), by Lo Black

For Part 14 (Against the door) by Lodda

For Part 15 (Caught in the act), by Pastel Ninja (Strong R)

For part 16 (Under the sheets), by Cormallen (NC-17)

For the Epilogue, by Cebi Stough



Princess Kariboo and Evilimp made a soundtrack for this fic! See the cover art and song list here.


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