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Author: Emma Grant
Rating: NC-17
Summary: [2.03] So what's T'nell been up to lately?
Warnings: Contains a variety of interesting sexual situations, including het
Disclaimer:  (Most of) these characters are the property of Lucasfilm.  We're just playing with them.
Note: Thanks to Helens and Jedi Rita for the comments and support!  Special thanks to the folks who've sent us feedback -- it means a lot to know somebody out there is reading this!


"Are you all right?" Faelin asks, stroking my forehead with her fingers.

I force a smile.  "Yes, Master.  I will be, at least."

She nods and sits beside me on the couch, taking my hand in hers.  I remember when her hands were bigger than mine, when her fingers could engulf my whole fist.  Now her fingers seem quite small in comparison.  I lean against her heavily, and let my head fall on her shoulder.  She kisses my forehead.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"No," I sigh.  "I meditated quite a bit on the journey back to Coruscant.  I think I just need some time.  I doubt talking about it would help, at this point."

She remains silent, for which I'm grateful, and plants another soft kiss on my forehead.  I need not to think about the massacre we witnessed on Dahlia, that we were only moments too late to prevent.   Not to think of the thousands of twisted bodies of innocent beings, many of them children, scattered across a playing field…


I inhale deeply.  The scent of Faelin is so calming, so familiar and reassuring.  The first thing we both did upon reaching our quarters was to shower and change into clean tunics.  It helps if one cleanses the body, if not the mind.

"What are you going to do, then?"

I shrug, even though she can't see the gesture.  It's not yet fifth hour -- practically the middle of the night -- but I'm so hyperspace lagged that I'm wide awake.  We arrived two hours ago, and I had slept as much as I could on the ship en route.   I think I'll go crazy if I stay here much longer.

Faelin stands, pulling me to my feet and into her arms.  The top of her head fits neatly under my chin, a fact that still makes me smile.  I was a small, skinny child a few years ago, and she towered over me when she first took me as her padawan.  I feel like I'm wrapping myself around her at times like this.  Strangely, she still makes me feel safe, as she always did when I was younger.  She plants a kiss on my neck and strokes my back.

"I think you should go for a walk, T'nell, to clear your mind.  Perhaps some of your friends are home?"  She pulls out of the embrace, cradling my face in her hands.  "Find someone to distract you for a while.  That's what I'm planning to do."  She winks at me, and I can't help but smile in return.  Her dark eyes glisten, and wavy hair frames her face perfectly.  I'd forgotten how lovely she is -- we're both clean for the first time in weeks, and that makes a quite a bit of difference.  Faelin is a beautiful woman, and it's always surprised me that I've never desired her.  Not that it would have mattered if I had -- I'm fairly certain she's slack, though we've never discussed it.

She pinches my cheek teasingly, and I grin weakly, rolling my eyes.  "Perhaps I will," I reply.  "When is our debriefing before the Council?"

"Fourteenth.  Meet me back here by twelfth -- we need to go over the report once more."  

I nod and kiss her quickly before leaving.

"Say hello to Xanatos for me," she calls teasingly as the door slides closed.  

I can't keep the smirk off my face.  How did she know?  Is it so obvious?  I shake my head and walk down the hall, feeling my heart pound a bit harder in anticipation.  

I've been thinking about Xan quite a bit lately.  I can't help it -- he was one of my first real lovers, and one of only three people I've ever let in my body.  He seems to understand me on a level that no one, not even Obi-Wan, does.  There was no question in my mind about who was the first person I wanted to see after this horrible Dahlia mission.  Xan has seen worse, and he'll understand what I'm feeling.  He'll know what to say.  He'll know what to do.  

My feet carry me to the lift bank, and I press my palm against the signal, feet shuffling a bit.  What if he's not there?  I suppose I could look for Obi, though I doubt he's home.  And I'd bet a hundred credits I know exactly where he's waking up this morning.  So that probably means Master Jinn is in his quarters alone, and maybe if Xan isn't home...  I sigh, uncertain.  I like Qui-Gon, but I think I need to be with to someone who's not such a... master, at least right now.  

The lift ride seems to take forever, and the walk across the common to the section where Xan's quarters are located is longer than I recall.  I've only been gone a few weeks, but it seems like a year.  So much can change in such a short period of time.

What if Xan isn't at the Temple?  What if Obi and his master are offworld right now?  If I can't find anyone to talk to this morning, I'll go mad, I swear.  

I round the corner and pause before Xan's door, my hand hovering over the panel.  He coded it to open to my print, and if he's here, it should open for me.  I swallow, and then press my palm against the panel.  The door slides open.

It's dark in his quarters and I step forward quietly.  To my relief, I can hear the sound of shallow breathing coming from the bedroom -- he's definitely asleep, from the sound of it.  I've surprised him in the middle of the night like this once before, and he didn't mind.  I grin at my growing enthusiasm as I quickly shed my robe and tunics and toe off my boots, leaving only leggings on as I step through the door into the bedroom.

He's not sleeping alone -- this is the first thing I notice.  I suppose this shouldn't surprise me so much.  And then I notice further that the man wrapped around Xan is Master Jinn.

Well.  That's a bit of a surprise, even though I knew that they were spending quite a bit of time together.  Before I left, Xan seemed pessimistic that it would ever become anything more than friendship.  Apparently, they worked out their differences while I was gone.

I stand in the doorway for a long moment, still a bit stunned.  I'm disappointed, of course -- I have three regular lovers, and now all of them are in serious relationships?  Where does this leave me?  Alone, as usual.  Why am I suddenly the only person I know who isn't in a couple?  What happened to all the lovely promiscuity and no-strings shagging that all of my friends used to engage in nightly?   Why have I been left out while everyone else is pairing up?

I lean back against the door frame, feeling a pout form on my lips, but not really caring.  I can't help but feel selfish and slighted at the moment, and the sigh that escapes my lips is louder than I intended.


I nearly jump at the voice coming from the direction of the bed.  Xan is blinking sleepily at me, propping himself up on an elbow.  

"When did you get back?"

"Just this morning," I whisper, uncertain as to what I should do.  Stand here?  Leave?  I look at my hands, suddenly uncomfortable.

"T'nell, are you all right?"

"I... I'm sorry to bother you at this hour, Xan.  I'll comm you later."

"No, no, come here."  He carefully extricates himself from Qui's embrace and gestures me over, patting the mattress beside him.  Resigning myself to further discomfort, I cross the room and sit next to him.  

He strokes my cheek gently, taking in the circles under my eyes, I'm sure.  I know I've lost a bit of weight since he saw me last -- not much to eat on Dahlia, due to the civil war and genocide.  I wince at the memory and then push it away once again.  

I can't think about Dahlia now.  That's why I came here, to get my mind off of it.  But of course, finding two of my (former) lovers in bed together doesn't leave much room for me, now does it?  Especially when I know it's more than sex between them.  Xan would never have entered into a casual relationship with Qui-Gon, and there aren't any restrictions against monogamy for people their age.  

Fuck, fuck, fuck.  Why am I still here?

Xan has been watching my face as I've sat here silently, and now he looks worried.  He nudges Qui-Gon a bit, and Qui rolls over, which has the effect of making a bit more space in the bed.  Xan slides over and holds the blanket open in invitation.  

Even after all of my discomfort and introspection, the idea of being held by another warm body is incredibly appealing.  I don't hesitate a moment.  He pulls me against him, kissing my forehead as I bury my face in his neck.  It feels wonderful, more so than I expected, to have his arms around me, his hands stroking my body, his lips planting kisses on any patch of skin they can reach.

"Xan," I whisper, incapable of expressing anything more at the moment.  Relief washes over me, silencing me.

"Shush," he whispers.  "I know.  It's all right.  I understand."

My eyes meet his at that remark.  How could he know what happened to me on Dahlia?  How could he understand what I saw, and how it makes me feel even now?  Perhaps he's just guessing, or perhaps he has some security clearance I'm not aware of.  His eyes search mine, still worried about me.  

It matters little how he knows.  What matters is that he cares.

I kiss him.

He pulls me tighter against him, and lets me kiss him at my own pace.  I'm not sure what I need, but the feeling of his lips parting for my tongue seems to help a bit.  His tongue slides against mine, and I feel the tension I've been carrying for weeks begin to drain away.  

I feel myself smile, just a little, for the first time in weeks.  Master Faelin was right -- this is what I needed.

I roll on top of him and press my sudden erection into his hip, still kissing him deeply.  His fingernails trail gently down my sides, and he moans softly.  I wedge a knee between his legs, and he shifts beneath me, his thighs parting to accommodate my lower body, allowing me to shift against him slowly.  He's hard too, and our cocks rub together through the fabric of my leggings.  It occurs to me that I should thank him for this.

"Good morning, T'nell."  Surprised, I push away from Xan to see Qui-Gon stretched out on his side, watching us with an unreadable expression on his face.

"I-- Good morning, Master.  H-how are you?"  I cringe, and feel myself blush.

Xan laughs and goes back to kissing my neck, and Qui smiles.  "I'm fine, T'nell.  In fact, I was rather enjoying the view."

I blink, still strangely embarrassed.  "You... You were?"

He nods, and I notice for the first time that he's stroking his cock under the blanket.  "Please, continue.  Don't mind me."

I swallow and look back down at Xan.  He's smiling at me almost wickedly, and I feel his hands slide down my body and tug on the waistband of my leggings.  "We really should divest you of these," he whispers.  

I look at each of them in turn before realizing that this could be exactly what I need right now.  Qui and Xan are both amazing lovers, and to have them both at once sounds like a more fabulous idea with every passing second.  All of my hesitation drains away almost instantly as I realize what a fucking fabulous opportunity this is.  With a grin, I push myself off the bed, untie my leggings, and let them drop to the floor.  My cock juts out in front of me, and I take it in my hand, stroking lightly, watching the reactions of the two men.  They both look slightly dazed, as if they're watching me in slow motion.

Qui pulls the blanket aside and I climb onto the bed between them.  I lie on my back, stretch my arms over my head, and close my eyes, inhaling deeply.  I'm suddenly so giddy I feel light-headed, and I hear myself giggling.  When I open my eyes, they're both staring down at me quizzically.  

"This is a place I've always wanted to be," I grin.  "Sandwiched between the two of you.  I do hope you'll live up to my lofty expectations."  

Qui smiles and kisses me.   

And then it begins -- hands, mouths, skin, fingers, tongues…  I don't know who is doing what, and I don't care.  I'm swept away by the sensation of being made love to by these two men, both of whom are incredible lovers on their own.  But together?   My participation in this morning's activities may be over rather quickly, at this rate.

Qui rolls me onto my side and tells Xan to hand him a barrier.  Xan leans over me, and from the sounds I hear, it seems that Xan put it on Qui himself.  I feel slick fingers teasing my entrance as Xan lies down beside me, drawing me into a kiss.

I've only been intimate with my hand for the last few weeks, and even that was sparse, given the circumstances.  This is overwhelming, on so many levels.  I'm sure I won't be able to think about the implications of this encounter until much later, after I've come a few times and slept it off.

Qui is stretching me with two fingers, plunging them into me and twisting them on the way out.  It's a sensation that never fails to relax me, as strange as it feels.  Letting someone into my body like this is always hard for me -- it feels incredible, yet I feel so vulnerable.  I am safe here, though, with these two.  Xan is kissing me so sweetly, trailing his tongue lightly over mine, sucking on my lower lip just enough to make me whimper before plunging his tongue into my mouth again.

Then Qui is pushing his cock into me, and I wince against the sudden pain, willing my body to relax.  Xan rains kisses on my face, and I can feel him smile.  

"He's fucking huge, isn't he?" I hear him whisper in my ear, just before his tongue does something that makes me moan.  "It always hurts, but then it feels so good."

He's right about that.  Qui starts to move, fucking me slowly, and it feels amazing.  Xan slides down my body to take my cock in his mouth.  The feeling of being penetrated and sucked at the same time is almost too much.  I ride it for as long as I can, but I come far too soon, fisting my hands in Xan's hair and pushing my ass back into Qui-Gon's hips.

They let me come down slowly, Xan gently suckling my softening penis for as long as I can stand it, and Qui staying inside me, pressing soft kisses on my shoulders.  When they release me, I feel like I'm floating.

"Thanks," is all I can manage, and I'm certain it sounds horribly trite.  

Xan grins at me, stroking down my nose with his finger in an affectionate gesture.

Qui's eyes are dark, and he pulls off the barrier with an audible snap.  He points, and Xan hands him another foil package, quirking an eyebrow in amusement.  Qui grins at him before turning to me.  "Change places," he says quietly.  

It must be that "master" tone of voice, but we both obey instantly, and I watch as Qui rolls the barrier onto himself slowly.  His hands caress Xan's ass appreciatively, and he casts a glance in my direction.  

I nod, and then lean down to kiss Xan.  The moment Qui presses into him, I know it.  I can feel the tension in Xan's body, and the shiver of pleasure that runs through him almost simultaneously.   I start to reach for his cock, but Qui's hand on my wrist stops me.  I look up to see him shaking his head, mouthing the words, "Not yet."

I kiss Xan once more, and then settle back to watch.  Qui-Gon moves slowly, carefully, watching Xan's face for a sign that his lover is enjoying what he's doing.  Xan seems to be struggling to keep his features blank, and is biting his own lip in an effort not to make noise.  I mentally take a step back from the situation and realize Qui-Gon is trying very hard here -- it's Xan who's holding back.

I lean down to kiss him again before whispering quietly in his ear.  "He's so good at this, isn't he?  Don't you love it when he fucks you slowly?"

Xan moans in response, eyes tightly closed.

I peer over his body to get a closer look at the action.  "I wish you could see what he's doing to you," I whisper.  "His cock is stretching your hole wide, and he's pushing so deeply into you, and pulling almost all the way out again.  It must feel like he's filling you completely."

Xan turns his head up and pulls me down into a kiss at that point, plunging his tongue deeply into my mouth.  It's all I can do to resist the urge to fist his shaft and bring him off as quickly as I can.  But I can sense that he needs something else at the moment.

"You love it when he fucks you like this," I whisper, my voice pitched so that only he can hear it.  

He whimpers beneath me as Qui speeds up his movements -- after all this time, the man must be getting close.  I look at Qui to see that his face is taut with concentration.  Xan seems to be struggling to maintain control of his body.      

"You're not usually this quiet," I remark, trailing my fingers lightly over his chest.  Does my presence here make him uncomfortable?  I've certainly never thought of Xan as inhibited in bed.  In fact, he usually pushes me.  And I always appreciate it later.


"I know you've wanted this for a long time," I whisper.  "You love being fucked by your master, don't you?"  He sucks in his breath and turns his face into the pillow, and I now have perfect access to his ear.  I give it a nip, and say, "Go on then, tell him it's what you want."

He says nothing, moaning a bit louder.

"Say it, Xan" I whisper, letting my fingers ghost over his swollen shaft now.  "Say, 'Fuck me, Master.'  Say it."

There is a slight pause, and a whimper, during which I tease him with my fingers and Qui begins to groan, moving faster.

"Say it!" I hiss in his ear, not caring if Qui hears or not.

"Master, please," he groans.  "Harder.  Fuck me… harder."

The words seem to send Qui over the edge, and he comes quite suddenly, grunting against Xan's back.  I slide down the bed to suck Xan into my mouth quickly, working his cock as hard as I can, and soon he's coming against my tongue, crying out.

I remain still afterwards, mostly because I'm not quite ready for this to be over.  I hold Xan's cock in my mouth gently, feeling the flesh gradually soften against my tongue.

He shifts his hips in a clear signal for me to release him, and before I know it, he's climbed over me and is walking away.  I look at Qui, a bit worried that something's gone wrong.  Qui stretches out on his side and stares at me thoughtfully.

I remember, of course, that Xan isn't much of a cuddler after sex, but this hasty retreat has me a bit worried.  I pushed him, I know, and I'm beginning to wonder if I did the right thing.  I meet Qui's intense gaze, and I suddenly realize that he may not have known about Xan's fantasies concerning him.  Did I just reveal something Qui-Gon wasn't supposed to know?  

"Come here, T'nell," Qui-Gon whispers, and I hesitate a moment before I scoot into his arms.  Once there, I sigh happily, enjoying the feel of his warm skin against mine.  We say nothing more, and a few minutes later I feel Xan's body press against mine from behind.  Two pairs of arms seem to be around me, and I feel myself starting to drift in the midst of the warmth.

"I'm glad you stayed," I hear Xan whisper, just before I fall asleep.


Qui needs to leave fairly early, and I find myself alone with Xan by the time the sunlight is bright in the room.  He gets up and slips on some leggings before making his way into the main room.  I snuggle lazily into the blankets until the heady scent of caf fills the air.

Most Jedi prefer tea, but Xan has drunk caf ever since I've known him.  It's probably something he picked up in the Rim, where tea is expensive and considered a bit too extravagant for most people.  The beverage always reminds me of him now -- dark, brooding, and a bit bitter and spicy.  

I find my own leggings on the floor and join him at the kitchen area's small table.  He doesn't say "Good morning," or really greet me properly at all.  He simply hands me a steaming mug, sits, and looks at me, waiting for me to speak.  I sigh.  He knows me so well.

I tell him about Dahlia, about the massacre, about the horror of it all, about the way I haven't been able to escape my guilt about the situation.  To my immense relief, he just listens, and doesn't say anything to try to make me feel better.  

When I stop speaking, he tells me of a similarly traumatic experience of his own, several years before -- an undercover assignment gone horribly wrong.  He requested a leave from the Order afterwards, but his request was denied.  He had nightmares for months.  Even now, he still thinks about it, wondering what he could have done differently.  The face of a child haunts his dreams occasionally, and the scream of the boy fills his ears, and he wakes up sweating.

I nod and say nothing, understanding his point: this is part of being a Jedi.  I will always have these memories, and I should, for if I don't, I'll cease to be human.  And then what will I have left?

I breeze past the doorman of Rising with a wink -- I haven't paid to get in for years -- and take a deep breath as the atmosphere hits me right in the chest.  Oh, I fucking missed this place!  On the few occasions I managed to get in a wank in the last few weeks, I always imagined I was here, in the back room getting sucked by some hot boy or girl, who looked up at me with these dazzling dark brown eyes the whole time.  It was an image that gradually became more detailed as I grew more desperate.

I make my way to the bar through the throng of bodies, scanning the crowd for Obi-Wan and Siri.  Obi and I played comm-tag most of the day, and finally agreed that we'd see each other here tonight.  I was pleased to find out he's still clubbing.  The rumor was that he'd shacked up with his senator boyfriend and he wasn't going out at all anymore.  Part of me hopes his presence here tonight means they've broken it off.  I love Obi to death, but I was really worried he'd gotten in way over his head with Bail Organa.  I mean, padawans just don't do that.

I reach the bar and surprise my favorite bartender, who kisses me wetly and offers me a free drink.  I smile coyly and order a Pisco sour, something she makes better than anyone else.  As she turns away, I can't help but grin at the heady feeling of being back home again.  I watch her craft my drink, carefully measuring liquids into glasses, and I let my mind start to wander to what I'm hoping to find here tonight.  My masturbation fantasy partner appears vividly in my mind -- dark hair and dark eyes, of indeterminate gender.  I imagine I can find someone here tonight who'll fit that description quite nicely.

"Pardon, miss?  A Dramurian ale, please?"

The softly-accented voice to my left draws my attention, and I turn to see a man who could have walked right out of that fantasy -- dark curls, honey-toned skin that's been accented with just enough make-up, and those dark, gorgeous eyes.  He's a bit older than I was imagining, but otherwise he bears a striking resemblance to the person who's been sucking my cock in my dreams for the last few weeks.  

He'll certainly do.  

I turn on the charm as I swivel my body to face him.  "Hello, dream boy."

He turns to look at me and nearly blushes.  His shock at realizing that I was addressing him is really quite adorable, and it makes me smile even more widely.


I move a bit closer.  "Yes, you.  Why have I been dreaming about you lately?"

His dumbfounded expression turns into a strange smile, and he almost laughs.  "That's a new pickup line.  I haven't heard anything quite like that before."

"It's not a line," I grin.  "I'm serious.  I've been dreaming about you."

"Oh, really?" he replies, one eyebrow cocked in an expression that inexplicably reminds me of Obi.  "And what precisely was I doing in this dream of yours that was so memorable?"

My drink arrives, and I stir it briefly with the straw before licking the sticky liquor off of the tip of the implement as suggestively as possible.  "You were on your knees, sucking my cock.  And you were very good."

He really blushes now, but he doesn't look away.  He doesn't look terribly shocked either.  He simply smiles a bit wider.  Beautiful.  His eyes drift down to my padawan braid and back up to my face.  He seems lost in thought for a moment, and I start to wonder if my being a Jedi bothers him.  

"Well, what do you say?" I ask, leaning in close enough to brush my lips against his ear.  "Want to make my dream come true?"

"There you are," a familiar voice purrs into my ear.  I turn to see Obi-Wan grinning at me, and I momentarily forget Dream Boy as I embrace him fiercely, almost squealing in delight.  

"Obi-Wan!  Oh, Force, it's good to see you!"  I kiss him and hug him tightly, lifting him off of his feet in my excitement.

He laughs good-naturedly at my enthusiasm, and smiles at me brilliantly.  "T'nell, I'm really glad you're back.  I've missed you."

"You have no idea how much I missed you, and I have so much to tell you!  I--"

I suddenly realize I've left my potential blow job hanging, and I turn back to face him.  The man is smiling at this reunion scene, and doesn't seem to mind being left out for a moment.  It occurs to me that I should introduce him to Obi, but I don't yet know his name.

"I see you've met Bail," Obi quips, taking my glass from my hand and helping himself to a sip.

Bail?  Oh, shit…  "S-senator Organa?" I stammer.  "I... hello.  Good evening.  Fuck."  How did I not recognize him?  He looks different than the holo I saw months ago, when my master was on the senate relations committee and showed me the file of the "cute young thing" from Alderaan.  He looks so… debauched.  

The senator grins at me.  "We were just getting acquainted," he says with a smile, raising his bottle of ale to his lips.  "Please, call me Bail."

"Bail," I repeat, swallowing hard.  I glance at Obi and he smiles broadly.  I must look like a complete idiot.  I manage to recover from my surprise enough to speak in a coherent sentence again.  "Nice to meet you at last.  I've heard a great deal about you."

"All lies, I'm sure," Bail says.  He stares at me for a moment and smiles, eyebrows raised.  He finally glances at Obi, then back to me, shaking his head in amusement.  "Am I to guess your name, then?"

"T'nell!"  Obi and I reply in unison.  Obi ducks his head in embarrassment, then moves to Bail's side.  "This is T'nell, one of my closest friends."

Bail grins and elbows Obi, though his dark eyes remain fixed on me.  "How close?" he asks.  The look of surprise on Obi's face is priceless.

"Oh, we're close as often as possible," I reply, grinning once more.  Has Obi been such a bad influence on this innocent Alderaani?  I'm starting to think my dream might still come true tonight.  The rumors about those two were surprisingly inaccurate.

We dance, and drink, and flirt, and scan the room for potential tricks for at least an hour.  Being with Obi is just as much fun as it always was, and brings back great memories.  Bail is fun to be with as well, and I find he has a sharp and intelligent wit.  It's obvious that the two of them enjoy being with each other, and I'm happy for Obi.

Who am I kidding?  I'm fucking relieved to see them here tonight.  I was starting to get tired of making excuses for Obi when he ducked out early every night to go to his boyfriend.  I knew he was lying to his master about it, and I'd prayed Qui would never ask me about the situation.  What would I have said? "Yes, Obi sneaks off early every night to see his Alderaani boyfriend.  Why, is that a problem?"   I suppose I could have honestly pleaded ignorance.  Whenever I asked Obi about Bail, he changed the subject.  He rarely told me anything.  

Bail catches my eyes and winks, drawing my attention back to the here and now.  He has been subtly flirting with me off and on this evening, and I'm starting to think I might really have a chance with him.  It's been a while since I've fucked a senator, and I find myself happily imagining the possibilities.  I haven't seen either of them with anyone else this evening, but their behavior indicates they're looking for someone to share.  I wonder what I can do to convince them to choose me?  

"I'm going to the bar," I shout through the music.  "Want anything?"  

They both shake their heads no, and continue talking to the Twi'lek who's been blatantly hitting on Obi for the last fifteen minutes.  Obi's polite, but not interested, and the guy can't take a hint.  

Just a few months ago, Obi would've fucked the guy just to get him to go away.  I wonder what's changed?

I lean across the bar to order my drink, and scan the room while I'm waiting.  There aren't many familiar faces here tonight, which feels a bit odd.  There was a time when I knew -- and had practically had -- everyone who came here.  Funny how things can change so quickly.

"T'nell!"  My arms are suddenly full of a warm female body.  Long bare arms wrap tightly around my neck, and before I can even say hello to Siri, her mouth is on mine in a surprisingly heartfelt kiss.  I recover from my shock enough to open my mouth in response, pulling her tightly against me.

When did Siri learn to kiss like this?  The last time I clearly remember kissing her was at her Coming Out party, and that was months ago.  We've never been close, and she's not really my type -- in females, I tend to prefer the tall, curvy type, and Siri is small and athletic.  

She pulls away and leans back enough to be able to focus on my face.  "When did you get back?"

"Get back?" I ask, mind still swirling a bit from the kiss.  I must really be horny, if I'm ready to drag Tachi to the back room for a shag.

She shouts a drink order at the bartender and then rolls her eyes at me.  "Yes, back from your mission."

"Last night.  This morning."  I shrug.  "Space lag.  Where's your boyfriend?"

"Kisti 3, last I heard," she sighs, pouting a bit.  "The mission got extended."  She hands her credit chip to the bartender.  "So how is it, tonight?"  

Translation: Have you fucked anybody really hot yet?  If so, do you think I'd fancy him/her as well?

I shake my head, grinning.  "I'm working on Obi's boyfriend.  He's adorable!  Have you met him?"

She grins and nods, picking up her drink.  I know that look.

"You've had him?  When?"  

She says nothing, winking and walking away.  

"Tachi!" I call, following her.  This is interesting news -- somehow it hadn't occurred to me that Obi's boyfriend would be… not slack.  It also confirms my chances with Bail significantly.  Siri winds her way through the crowd to join a group of wildly dressed teenagers who smile at her in greeting.  

These kids have to be part of the new group of Senate aides.  I'd forgotten it was that time of year again already.  I smirk a little as I sidle up behind Siri and pull her back against my chest.  She leans against me and grins.  

"Everybody, this is T'nell.  He's a padawan learner too."  The eyes of the group fix on me with great interest.

"Oh, another Jedi!" coos a girl at the back of the crowd.  "Always a pleasure."  Her attempt at a Coruscanti accent is quite humorous, and I struggle not to laugh in response.  She seems to take my broad smile as encouragement and saunters forward to stand in front of Siri, though she's looking at me.

And I find myself facing yet another person who could have walked right out of my recent fantasy -- the long dark curls, the wide brown eyes with flecks of gold, the curvy body squeezed into red leather.

Damn!  How lucky can I possibly get in one night?  

Siri slides her hands around the girl's waist and pulls her closer.   I reach over Siri's shoulder to tilt the girl's chin up slightly.  She's startlingly beautiful, with thick dark eyelashes and incredibly full lips, and that hair -- I can already imagine my fingers tangling in it.  

"I think I've been dreaming about you," I say.  I feel Siri's giggle against my chest and stomp on her foot.  

"Ow," she mutters.

Dream Girl only smiles.  "And what was I doing in this dream?"

I force myself to ignore the fake accent, since it mars the otherwise ethereal visage, instead smiling as wickedly as I can.  "You were sucking me off.  And you were pretty good, too."

To her credit, she doesn't even blink.  She wets her lips with her tongue and replies, "It must not have been me, then, because I am fucking fantastic."

Well, hopefully her self-assessment of her sexual prowess is better than her perception of her Coruscanti accent.

"She is indeed good with her mouth," Siri says, just before she kisses the girl.  I'm treated to a long wet girly kiss, and I start imagining the possibilities.

Ten minutes later, my back is against the stone wall of the back room in a fairly accurate reenactment of my recurring fantasy.  Errie -- as Dream Girl was introduced by Siri -- is indeed very good at giving head.  She learns what I like very quickly, and manages to bring me to the edge twice before she finally lets me come.  I slide down to the floor afterwards, legs shaking, and open my eyes to see her smiling smugly.


"You were right.  Fucking fantastic."  I need to catch my breath.  

She smirks slightly.  "And since I've so nicely made your dream come true, what do I get in return?"

I let my eyes rake down her body, taking in all of that gorgeous red leather.  "How easy is it to take those off?"

She stands and unfastens the leather ties on the sides of her pants.  "Simple," she replies, raising her hands and shrugging.  I'm on my feet in an instant, pulling her up into my arms and kissing her.  I can taste my semen on her tongue, the crush of her breasts against my chest, and that hair, trailing over my hands.  She jumps up and wraps her thighs around my waist, pressing herself into me as tightly as she can.  

I set her on a nearby bench and pull the loosened trousers down below her knees.  My hands feel almost rough on the soft skin of her thighs as I press them apart.  I kneel between her knees and whistle in surprise at the sight before me -- she has almost no pubic hair -- clearly the Coruscanti trend of waxing it all off was one of the first cosmopolitan procedures she adopted.  I've been with a few women who do that, and it's a bit disconcerting at first.  

It's also sexy as hell.

After a few minutes under my tongue and fingers, she's whimpering and clenching her hands in my hair.  When I pause the stroking and suck the folds of flesh between my lips for a moment, she cries out, urging me on frantically.  Suppressing a grin, I repeat the light sucking motion slowly, letting her skin slip away from my mouth slowly before drawing her in again.  Her cries become a crescendo, and she's making so much noise that I become aware of other pairs of eyes on us.  

I roll my eyes.  She's so clearly new at this.  Everyone knows it's common courtesy not to scream too loudly in the back room, no matter how hard you're coming.  It's distracting and rude.

But the only thing to do about it is to finish this as quickly as possible, and so I pull her thighs further apart and go back to licking.  I feel her shudder beneath me, gasping, clenching my head tightly with her hands.  Her body curls around me, shivering.

Several of the nearby groups of people clap sarcastically.

She pushes away from me then, grinning naively at her audience.  I wipe my mouth on my sleeve and look up at her flushed face.  She's so beautiful, and my irritation at her ignorance of sex club etiquette fades away.  "Are you…?  Was that…?"

"That was great!" she sighs, struggling to pull her pants back up.

I suppose the answer is "yes," then.  It certainly sounded like she liked it.

We part at the door of the back room and I make my way back over to Obi and Bail, who've managed to dump the Twi'lek in my absence.  At the moment, they seem to be having a rather intense discussion.  I approach them cautiously, and they break it off quickly when they notice my presence.

"Hey, where've you been?" Obi asks, smiling.

I shrug.  "Getting my dick sucked."  

I have to smile at the expression on Bail's face -- priceless.

Obi laughs.  "Was he good?"

"What makes you think it was a he?" I ask, leaning in to kiss him.  He pulls back from the kiss after a moment, staring strangely at me.  Perhaps that was a bit mean-spirited -- I know I still smell like her, and he doesn't exactly appreciate the scent of wet pussy.  Bail, on the other hand…

I pull Bail into the embrace and press my mouth against his gently.  When I pull away, his eyes are clouded over slightly, and he looks somewhere between dazed and confused.

I grin at both of them in turn.  "Well, boys?"

"We're taking off," Siri interjects, somewhere to my right.  The three of us turn to look at her.  My eyes instantly drift to Errie, a half-step behind her shoulder.  Errie smiles at me, and I feel a little wiggle in my abdomen in response.  She really is beautiful, I think, for what must be the twentieth time.  "Wanna come?" Siri asks.

"He already did," Errie says, licking her lips and slinging one arm around Siri's waist.  She blows me a kiss before turning to tongue Siri's ear.  

"Well, we all heard you did," Siri quips, and Errie bites her ear.  "Ow!  What the fuck?"

"Be good, or I'll have to spank you," Errie purrs.  

I flash a grin at Obi and Bail, finding the image of Errie spanking Siri quite intriguing.  Obi rolls his eyes slightly.  Bail looks a bit shocked.

"This," I say, voice cracking slightly, "is Errie.  New Senate aide."

"Could've guessed that," Obi murmurs, a smirk on his face.  

"Errie," Bail repeats, a smile forming on his lips.  "What an interesting name."

Errie smiles winningly at him.  "And you are…?"

"Bail Organa," he replies, smiling more widely.  "I trust you're enjoying your stay on Coruscant?"

Errie releases Siri and pulls herself up tall, paradoxically attempting to appear professional in a red leather catsuit.  "Yes, I most certainly am."

"Who are you working for, if I might ask?"

"Senator Palpatine," she says proudly, beaming.

Bail's eyebrows rise.  "He's quite an important person these days.  You'll learn a great deal, I'm sure."  

Errie beams at him, and smiles slyly.  Siri rolls her eyes.

I glance at Obi and notice that he's looking a bit uncomfortable.  I can't help but grin in response, wondering if this conversation is going to spark a fight between them, and perhaps hurt my chances with Bail and/or Obi tonight.

"Well, we're off," Siri says when the silence becomes awkward, tugging Errie's hand and backing away.  "Have fun tonight, boys!"

I turn back to see Bail watching Siri and Errie's departing figures, while Obi is beginning to look a little pissed.  Bail catches my eye and smiles, an unreadable expression on his face.  I wink back.

"So," I ask, "what are we doing tonight?"

Bail nudges Obi and Obi shoots him an annoyed glance before turning to me.  

"We were wondering," Obi begins, glancing at Bail once more, "if you'd like to come home with us."

I can't help the smile that spreads across my face instantly.  "You have to wonder?"  I step closer to them, already imagining the arrangements of bodies.  "Where's home tonight, anyway?"

"My quarters," Obi says.  "Qui will be out all night."

"Oh!" I gasp, the events of the last 26 hours flooding my head quite suddenly.  "How long has your master been fucking Xanatos, anyway?"

Obi blinks, a bit stunned.  "A few weeks, I guess.  How did you know?"

"Guess what I did this morning?"  I grin at the confused expressions on both their faces.  "I paid a visit to Xan, and ended up in the middle, so to speak."

"You bastard!" Obi grins.  "Qui and Xan?"  I don't believe it!  How was it?"

"You have to ask?" I snort.  "Maybe I can... show you instead."

They both smile at me, and my stomach twists a little bit.


The door to the Jinn-Kenobi quarters slides open, and I burst in ahead of Obi and Bail.  I strip off my shirt and land on the sofa, knees falling apart, and plaster a big grin on my face.  

"Well?  Where are we going to do this?  Here on the sofa, or on the floor?  I have great memories of that table over there..."

"Do you, now?" Obi asks, smirking.  

Bail is watching his face with a mix of amusement and apprehension.  "So... this is where Jedi live," he says, looking around.

"You've never been here before?" I ask.

"We usually end up back at his apartment," Obi replies.  He raises his eyebrows at me.  "It's really quite nice."

"So, Bail, what do you think of our humble Jedi housing?"  I grin.  "Probably smaller than your personal office at the Senate building."

He shrugs.  "It seems adequate enough.  Where's the 'fresher?"  Obi points, and Bail leaves the room.

As soon as the 'fresher door slides closed, Obi is on the sofa beside me, kissing me hard.  When he pulls back, I gape at him.  "What was that for?"

"Thank you," he says, stroking my cheek.

"For what?"

He sighs, and glances down.  "Bail is from Alderaan, you know.  This is the first time we've ever... We've fooled around with other people in the clubs, but he's never..."  He exhales, almost sounding frustrated.  "I'm sorry, T'nell.  I'm just nervous."

"It's okay," I reply, taking his hand.  "I think I understand."

He nods.  "He's never done this before, and it's been difficult to work him up to... sex."  At my shocked expression, he grins.  "With another person, other than me.  I just wanted you to know."

"I'll be gentle with him," I whisper.  "I promise."  I suddenly understand some of what Obi's been going through lately.  I can't imagine trying to have a relationship with someone from such a restrictive culture as Bail's.  He must have been trying to convince him to go clubbing for weeks and weeks.  I smile suddenly as it hits me that they've chosen me for this first time.  I kiss Obi again, nearly giddy.  I should never have doubted him.  Obi knew what he was doing with Bail all along.

The 'fresher door slides open, and Bail steps out, smiling at the two of us.  I wink at him and turn back to Obi.  

"Well?" I ask.  "Where do we begin?"


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