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Rude Awakening

Author: Emma Grant
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Obi was captured by slavers.  Bruck tries to help him.
Series: QAJ, episode 2.08.5 :^P
Category: Obi/Bruck, non-con, kink, AU, POV (Bruck)
Disclaimer: Mr. Lucas and Ms. Watson own these characters, not me.  
Warning: dark, non-con
Note:  Thanks to Helens for the beta, and for providing me some information about a specific tool used in this story.  grins  There'll be a full-length episode next Sunday, but here's something to munch on in the meantime.  ;^)


"Get his clothes off," grunts one of Jassock's thugs.  I've never learned their names.  They only call me "boy" or "whore" these days anyway, so why should I bother?  

I've learned not to argue, so I keep my face blank and walk towards the boy crumpled on the floor of my cell.  There aren't any empty cells right now, so they decided to just put him in mine.  I suppose that's good.  I can help him, to an extent.  But I'm betting they'll want me to do much of the dirty work.  

I turn the boy over and stare at his face for a moment.  He does look familiar, but it's been so long since I was at the Temple.  He knew me, somehow, even after all these years.  I don't remember anyone named "Ben", though.  I start unfastening his trousers.

"Hurry it up, boy," the other guard snarls.  "The sooner you get him naked, the sooner we'll get on with the fun."  He grins, and it sends a chill down my spine.

They're just grinding it in that they've caught another Jedi.  They loved torturing me those first few weeks.  At first, I was determined not to scream.  For some reason, I thought it would help, that I was being brave.  But I finally gave in the day I got fucked by the muzzle of a huge blaster while needles were being stuck through my foreskin.  They kept threatening to pull the trigger, and they hadn't greased the barrel at all -- just shoved it in.  Not far, in retrospect; there'd have been hell to pay if they'd punctured my colon and ruined me.  Just a few inches in, but enough to tear.  

I tug Ben's trousers off.  He's wearing nothing underneath.  

Apparently they just wanted to hear me scream that day.  I felt like a complete idiot afterwards, curled up in my bed with a rag stuffed in my ass to soak up the blood.   Why did I feel the need to be so courageous?  They were using their knowledge of the Jedi against me, and it worked.  They've just fucked me since then, or made me suck them off.  Sometimes they trigger my pain implant when I'm about to come, so I ejaculate, but get no pleasure from it at all.

Maybe I can find a way to protect Ben from that.

The shorter of the guards -- a nasty fucker of indeterminate species -- pokes at Ben with his toe.  Ben's been unconscious for hours now, which is probably for the best.  He needs the time to recover from the implant, from being cut off from the Force.

"Turn 'im over."  With a kick for me, for good measure.

"He's out cold," I reply, but roll Ben onto his stomach all the same.

"Spread 'em."

I grit my teeth as I kneel down to straddle Ben's thighs.  I pull the cheeks of his ass apart with my thumbs, and the guards lumber over me, looking.  One of them pokes at Ben's anus a bit, grinning.  

"Nice.  Can't wait to have summa that."  

"Wake him up, then," the other replies.  "Might as well start breaking him in now."

I wince inwardly.  I should have known they would do this.  They aren't supposed to, as customers will pay more for untouched slaves.  The frightened and shaking child, ready to be ravished, is quite a seller.  Maybe it's better this way, honestly.   

The taller of the guards retrieves a stunner from his belt and zaps Ben in the side with it.  Ben's body jolts in response, but he doesn't wake up.  The guard zaps him again.  Two red welts have risen on his skin now.

"He won't wake up!"  Shorty says, pushing Ben's head with the toe of his boot.  "Maybe we should just fuck him.  He won't put up much of a fight."

"Where's the fun in that?" Taller retorts.  "He's probably pretending.  I'll keep zapping him."

"Please," I whimper, trying to sound as pathetic as possible.

Shorty grabs me by the hair and yanks my head back.  "Did you say something, fuckboy?"  

Fuckboy?  His vocabulary is improving.  I let tears well up in my eyes, and my lip starts to tremble.

"You'll kill him if you keep doing that.  You need a hypospray injection to wake him up."

Taller looms over me as well.  "And what do you care if he dies?"

I sniffle, and a few tears spill over.  "I think he's pretty.  I... I want to fuck him too."

"You can still fuck him if he's dead," Shorty observes.  I'm not sure how to respond to that.

"Hang on," Taller says, adopting that glazed look he gets when he tries to think.  "That's a good idea.  We'll wake him up and have 'em fuck each other, then we'll fuck 'em both."  They both grin, jaggedy teeth showing.

I wonder if I haven't made the situation worse after all.  I glance down at Ben's spread buttocks.  At least he's attractive.  That's more than I can say for most of the people I've had to service recently.

Just to encourage the guards, I give them a lascivious grin before leaning down and swiping my tongue from Ben's balls upwards.

"Oh, yeah, that's it," Shorty says.

I keep licking, slowly, exaggerating my movements so they can see.  Ben's skin tastes good, and he obviously took a shower just before coming here.  I've been forced to do this for people who hadn't bathed in months, and it wasn't pleasant at all.

"He still ain't waking up," Taller says.  "Go get a hypospray."  

"Why do I have to go?" They proceed to argue.  

I focus on Ben, finding a strange amount of pleasure in this moment.  Despite being unconscious, he's getting an erection from the stimulation.  I flicker my tongue against his skin, wondering if he would like this if he were awake.  

Apparently a decision is made, and Shorty storms out of the room after telling me to stop -- he doesn't want to miss anything.  I sit back on my heels, still gazing at the expanse of skin before me.  

"You liked that, didn't you boy?"  I look up to see Taller leering at my crotch.  I'm surprised to realize I have an erection; it's been months since my cock has hardened under pleasurable circumstances.  

Maybe if I play this up, I can really stretch it out, give them a good show.  It'll certainly be better for Ben than if they get their hands on him.  Besides, I haven't had a piece of ass this nice in years.

"Yes," I purr, pushing my leggings down and letting my erection spring out.  I take it in hand and begin stroking slowly.  "I did like it.  I want more of him."  I try to smile coyly.  Sometimes that works.

Taller takes my chin in his hand.  "Do you now, pretty?"  I force myself to relax and smile.

Shorty returns with the hypospray then.  His eyes widen a bit at my erection, and he shoots a questioning glance at Taller.

"Wake him up," Taller says.  "And pretty boy here is gonna break him in for us, aren't you?  He's gonna do whatever we say."

My smile fades a little.

Shorty laughs and presses the hypo to Ben's neck.  He starts a bit, and then starts to move.  

"Wake up, boy!" Shorty shouts, kicking Ben in the side.  "It's time to start learning your place around here."

Ben mumbles a bit and pushes himself onto his knees, shaking.  I move so that I can see his face.  He's pale, and his eyes seem to be having trouble focusing.  

"Where..." he starts, and then closes his eyes.  

I keep my mouth shut.  I feel a bizarre urge to take him in my arms, to comfort him.  I'm sure that would go over well.

"Wake up!" Taller says irritably.  "We haven't got all day to wait for your lazy ass to come around."  He puts one grubby hand under Ben's chin and pulls him up into a kneeling position.

Ben blinks rapidly, and a look of panic flits across his face.  It's quickly replaced by something else, though -- something I recognize all too well.  Resolve.  

"Better," Taller says, releasing him with a grunt.  "Now, you need to be broken in a bit before you're ready to service clients.  Your little friend here is gonna help with that."  

Ben glances at me sideways.  I try to smile sweetly back.

"So get going," Shorty says to me, and takes a seat on my cot.  Taller leans against the wall, arms folded over his chest.

I crawl towards Ben on my hands and knees, still smiling.  He watches my approach through narrowed eyes.  

"Relax," I say, settling on my knees in front of him.  "This won't hurt a bit."  I cup his face in my hands and pull him in for a kiss.

Oh, fuck...

I haven't kissed anyone like this for a long, long time.  People have kissed me, of course, and it's been mostly unpleasant, with flabby tongues and rotten teeth.  Ben's mouth, however, is warm.  His lips are soft, and they part for me quite willingly.  He has a stud through his tongue, which sends a little jolt of surprise through me -- I've been away from the Order for years, of course, but I tend to think of the Jedi as far more conservative than that.

The silk of his tongue sliding against my own wrings a whimper out of me, and I hear the guards chuckle.  As pleasant as this is, I should probably move on to activities that will be more visually impressive.  I pull out of the kiss and move down Ben's neck, nipping and licking at skin as I go.  He's breathing a little more heavily now, and I feel his returning erection bumping against my own.

"Move it along," Taller grunts.  "Enough of the girly foreplay.  Suck his dick."

I move to my hands and knees quickly and stare for a moment at the Ben's cock, almost fully erect now.  It's beautiful, really.  I've had to suck cocks with open sores, and weirdly shaped penises of aliens whose species I couldn't identify.  There were a few I couldn't get my jaws around, though that didn't stop their owners from jamming them up my ass afterwards.  But this... Ben... is beautiful.  Perfect.  Force, I feel like this is my lucky day.

I lick the tip carefully before taking the head in my mouth and swirling my tongue.  Ben gasps slightly above me, and I smile a bit against his skin.  

"Take him in," grunts Shorty, "all the way."

I grasp Ben's hips and relax my throat before sliding my lips down to his balls.  It's actually a challenge, as he's surprisingly well-hung for someone of his build.  I swallow around the shaft in my mouth, and then pull back until just the head is between my lips.  

I hazard a glance up at Ben to see him watching me with a strange blend of lust and shock on his face.  I wink at him and take his cock down my throat again.  

"That's it, keep going," Shorty says, slightly winded.  "I want to see him come on your face."

"Yeah, that's good," Taller agrees.

No problem, I think, bobbing my head.  Ben's breathing is more ragged above me, though he hasn't made a sound of pleasure.  I slide one hand between his legs and press the pad of my thumb in circles against the skin behind his balls.  His balls draw up into his body, and he tenses slightly.  Worried that this is the only warning I'm going to get, I lean back enough to release him from my mouth and start working him with my hand.

Let's see, where on my face would they most like to see me take it?  I settle for my eyes, and just in time.  Ben comes silently, and I squeeze my eyes shut.  A moment later, I feel Ben's hand on the top of my head.  I wipe semen out of my eyes and blink a bit.  

"Good," Taller says.  "Now I want you to fuck him."

"All right," I grin, moving to retrieve a barrier packet from the box near my cot.  I grab a bottle of oil too, and return to find Ben sitting on his heels, watching me.  I smile as lewdly as I can and stroke my cock slowly.

He keeps his eyes locked on mine, expressionless.  I wish I could tell him how easy he has it right now.  It could have been much, much worse.

"New boy, on all fours," Shorty commands.  Ben hesitates a moment before moving.

"Hit him," Taller says.  

I've learned not to question orders.  I step forward and backhand Ben as hard as I can across the cheek.  He hits the floor and looks back at me, surprised.

"You heard the man," I say quietly.  "On your hands and knees."  Ben moves, positioning his ass towards me.  

"I want to see those cheeks burn a bit first," Shorty says.  "Teach him to move a bit quicker."

I nod, feeling my jaw tense, and return to the small box of supplies by my bed.  I fumble through it, looking for the well-used slapper that I know is at the bottom.  Made of one long strap of leather doubled up and attached to a short handle, it tends to make a big impression without permanent damage.  I pull it out at last, tangled around a rather large butt plug.

"That too," Shorty grins, eyeing the red plug.  "Put that in him first."

I nod, glancing over at Ben.  His eyes are staring straight ahead.  No emotion.  Not yet, at least.   

I crouch behind him and squirt a bit of lube onto the plug.  I put a little on my finger too and press the digit into him, stroking slowly.  He relaxes against my finger instantly, which is good, considering what's coming.  I remove the finger and press the tapered end of the plug against his entrance.  I hope he knows better than to tense up now.

I push, hard, and see his body stiffen beneath me as the plug slides into place.  I'm sure it hurts, but he hasn't made a sound.  

I don't even bother glancing at the guards before picking up the strap.  It's best if I look like I'm into this.  I can make it appear worse than it really is, anyway.  I stroke the soft skin beneath my fingers briefly before raising the strap.


This one sounds the worst of all of the ones in my box, and that's why I picked it.  It leaves a pretty little welt across one cheek.  I make a matching one on the other side.

The guards grin, almost laugh.

I continue lashing him, making patterns of red on white, geometric designs that remind me of a game I played as a child.  Ben shakes beneath me, but he still hasn't made a noise.

That doesn't bode well.

I don't dare stretch out the time between lashes.  I just keep going.  His entire ass is covered with welts, and I can see him trembling, but I don't dare stop.

"Enough," Taller says at last, a hint of boredom in his voice.  "Fuck him now."

I exhale and set the strap aside shakily.  I have to stroke my cock back to hardness and roll on a barrier first, and then pull the plug out.  His anus is stretched enough for someone bigger than me at the moment.  I slick on some lube before his sphincter has time to catch up, and press into him.

He shudders beneath me as I start to move.  I'm not sure if it's from pain, or from pleasure.  The stung skin of his ass feels hot when I'm balls-deep against him.

"Harder," Shorty commands.

I comply, letting the slapping rhythm of skin on skin fill my ears and take my mind off of the situation.  It does feel good, despite the fact that I really shouldn't enjoy this at all.

But I am enjoying it.  A choking sound emerges from Ben, and I reach around to find his cock growing.  I help it along, stroking lightly.  I try to angle my thrusts to give him more pleasure, and I can feel him tense when I do.  I'm not sure if it's more cruel to make him enjoy it like this.  

"We can't see," Shorty grumbles.  I release Ben's penis and lean back slightly.  Of course, now I have a great view of my cock sliding in and out, of the darkness of my shaft filling the body beneath me, hot pink skin grasping my cock...

I cry out when I come, more for effect than anything else.  I'm trembling when I pull out of Ben, and my fingers shake as I pull the barrier off.  I ought to feel guilty for enjoying that as much as I did, but for some reason, I don't.

Ben sits up, carefully touching the welts on his ass.  He doesn't look at me.  His cock still juts up, red and leaking.  I move to take it in my hand.

"No," Taller says.  I freeze and look up at him.  A strange smile spreads across his face.  It's a smile I know all too well.  "Now I want to hear him scream."  I swallow hard and blink at him as if confused.  

"You heard the man," Shorty says, eyes lighting up in anticipation.  "Make him scream, boy."

I turn to Ben, letting my eyes convey my apologies for what's about to happen.  He just looks back at me, expressionless.

Please, Ben, I think.  Don't be brave.

"Where shall we begin?" Taller asks, settling back against the wall.


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