Drabbles are lttle snippets of fic, sometimes limited to 100 words, frequently written in response to various challenges. Enjoy!


Author: Helens
Fandom/Pairing: TPM, Xanatos (implied Qui)
Warnings/Rating: Nah. PG-13.

QAJ-inspired. Challenge taken from the Lotrips 100 fabric challenge.


The robes shouldn't bother me so much. They're cool enough, despite all the layers. Or warm enough, if the planet requires it. They're not truly scratchy, although they certainly aren't as soft as all the different fabrics I've had close to my skin over the last ten years. There's nothing tactile about them that I ought to find objectionable.

Except I remember the way he peeled them off my body, one layer at a time, in that transport heading back to Coruscant. I remember the way fabric and air clung together and separated. I remember Qui-Gon's touch, and I cringe.

Artificial Gravity

Fandom/Pairing: TPM, Xanatos/Qui (pre-slash)
Warnings/Rating: Nah. G.

QAJ-inspired. Challenge taken from the Lotrips gravity challenge.


"Blast -- I hate this."

"Center yourself, Padawan."

Xanatos sighed. "Yes, Master." The title wasn't quite so stilted as it had been for the first few weeks of his newfound apprenticeship under Qui-Gon Jinn. Taking his master's advice, Xanatos closed his eyes and centered, drawing himself down to the floor of the ship. Qui-Gon had never actually taken flight.

"Now. Focus, and help me get the antigravity controls working again."

Xanatos made his way to the stern of the ship. He dug through a box for a hydrospanner and handed it to Qui-Gon. "Yes, Master," he murmured. Less stilted still. Progress.


Author: Emma Grant
Note: QAJ, Qui's POV, about 27 years before Season One.


The boy whimpers slightly -- frightened even in sleep -- and I hug him to my chest more tightly. It's been a long day, especially for one so young, and now so far from home.

I've never been good with children. I don't know why this one has attached himself to me. Master Dooku says it's because he senses the Living Force in me, and it comforts him. But Master Dooku wasn't here when Xanatos cried himself to sleep.

He shifts in my arms, snuggling his face against my tunic. I kiss his forehead, and then wonder why I did.


Author: Laura McEwan (padawan_laura@yahoo.com)
Rating: PGish
Note: My take on "that kiss" between Qui and Obi at the beginning of Suspension.



Qui pulls me aside once more.

"Be safe," he warns me. "Xan is good at what he does. Pay attention and listen. He does things differently than I, so be prepared."

I give him a wry stare. "So you and he have told me already."

Qui's eyes turn a very dark blue. "I mean it. Pay attention." He grips my shoulders so hard that it's nearly painful. "Don't even consider any other options."

I know what he means, even if he won't say it. I raise my hands to mirror Qui's position. "I-" I close my eyes briefly, then lean in closer. "Right."

He kisses me once more before Xan calls me away - a really soft, gentle kiss, not like any he usually gives me when he chooses to.


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