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Author: Emma Grant
Summary: Obi on the prowl in a sex club. What's so AU about that?
Rating: NC-17
Category: Obi/Bail, PWP, POV (Obi)
Archive: QAJ Lost fics
Disclaimer: Lucas owns it all, not me.
Series: This is set in the QAJ universe, though it's an AU. Takes place about a year before Season One starts, so Obi is 19.
Feedback: Of course! Crave it!
Note: Thanks to Helens for catching a few typos. Written for the Contre la Montre "5 minutes" challenge. This is a Lost Fic, so it never happened. Or did it?


That guy has been staring at me all night. He sips his drink slowly, eyes flitting up at me over the rim, then looking away again. Does he think I don't know? That I haven't seen the way he's been looking at me for the last two hours?

He's clearly not going to make the first move. I flash him a smile and start to make my way across the room towards him.

I came here tonight hoping to blow off a little steam. Okay, I really came here for the same reason I always do -- to fuck as many people as possible and to go home reeking of sex in a futile attempt to make my master crazy with need. It never works. The making Qui-Gon crazy part, that is. We were lovers a year and a half ago, but...

He sees me walking towards him, and the look on his face is priceless. I'll bet this is the first time he's ever been in a place like this. He's too conservatively dressed, as if he didn't know what to expect. I noticed him staring at me fairly early on, but he seemed content to watch me from a distance. Twice he's followed me into the back room to watch me with a trick. The last guy gave me an un-fucking-believable blow job, and I held this guy's gaze the whole time. He just stood there, watching me get my dick sucked in the shadows. He didn't touch himself or anything. He just watched, as if it were a holo-documentary on human sexual behavior being displayed before him rather than a live sex act.

He looks very uncomfortable now as I reach him where he is leaning up against the bar. His dark brown eyes are impossibly wide, and I can almost see him blushing in the dim light. Blushing? He's seen me on all fours with a cock pumping into my ass. What does he have to be embarrassed about?

One hand comes up to comb nervously through dark wavy hair. He doesn't say anything.

Fine. I'll start. I place one hand on the bar on either side of his torso, trapping him. I flash him my award-winning fuck me smile.

"Come here often?" It's a lame line, but you have to say something before you fuck.

He shakes his head. "No, no, I..." He stops when I draw the tip of my tongue suggestively across my teeth. He swallows hard.

"I didn't think so," I reply. He just stares back at me. "So, what do you want to do?"

"Do? I... I don't..."

Ah. He wants me to be forceful. Fine. I hook the fingers of one hand into the waistband of his pants and pull his hips against mine.

"Should I read your mind, then?" I flash him a grin before I pull him by the pants towards the back room. He makes a few little sounds of protest, but his feet move fast enough. Once we've found a secluded spot, I press his back against the wall. He's sweating and almost looks frightened.

"Relax," I say, pressing my body against his. "I won't hurt you. Not unless you ask me very nicely."

His breathing quickens when I grind against his erection with my own. He closes his eyes. He hasn't touched me yet, as if he's not really here, not really doing this if he doesn't make contact with me. Why would he want to pretend this isn't happening?

Typically these encounters are rough and quick. Maximum fucking, minimal time and conversation. But this guy is different. Something tells me I need to tread lightly. I lean forward to plant kisses on his neck.

"You've been watching me all night, haven't you?"

He mumbles something that sounds like "yes."

"Do you like to watch people fucking, or do you just like to watch me?"

"You," he whispers, hands clenching into fists, as if he's trying to keep himself from touching me.

I take his jaw in my hand and hold his face inches from mine. "Were you wishing it was you fucking me? You sucking my cock down your throat? You making me scream?" He swallows hard and nods his head very slightly, as if he can't even voice that affirmation aloud. He's nearly panting now. This guy seems to have a lot of pent up sexual frustration. Best to get down to business.

I kiss him once, gently, before dropping to my knees and unfastening the front of his pants. He makes a startled sound as I free his cock. It bobs tantalizingly before me, a little bead of fluid already forming at the slit. I grin up at him right before I swallow him whole.

He cries out softly as I work his cock with my mouth quickly, sucking hard, using my tongue to massage the underside on every stroke. He starts to tremble.

He tastes amazing -- not like latex or lube, which is more typical in a place like this. His skin is a dark honey color, and even darker on his cock. The fluid leaking from him is almost spicy-sweet. I suck on the head of his cock and press the tip of my tongue into the slit in an attempt to get a little more of it.

He moans and I look up to see that he's watching me now, watching me fuck him with my mouth. The expression on his face is one of awe, almost one of fear. What is he afraid of?

I get back to work, determined to bring this guy off as quickly as possible. He's starting to weird me out a little.

Then my head is caught and held still by his hands, and he starts moving his hips, fucking my mouth hesitantly. I slide my hands around his hips to squeeze his ass, encouraging him. His grip in my hair tightens and he pumps his hips a little harder. It's all I can do to hang on and not gag.

He grunts loudly and floods my mouth. I'm a bit annoyed, as it's customary to warn someone before you do that. He's clearly quite new at this. I stand and press him back against the wall, kissing him hard. My mouth is still coated with his come, and he stiffens a bit when he realizes it. I hold him tight and keep kissing him. He relaxes, but he doesn't really kiss me back.

I pull away at last, smiling at him as I wipe my mouth on my sleeve. "You taste good," I say. "Don't you agree?"

He stares at me for a moment, then breaks into an embarrassed grin. "I've never tasted myself before," he says. His voice is soft, and he has a rather thick Alderaani accent, as if he's just arrived onworld. He suddenly seems very young, though he's at least a few years older than me. He reaches up to stroke my cheek and then slides that hand around my head to pull me in for a kiss.

Then he stops, staring just past me in shock. No, not just past me -- he's holding my padawan braid in his hand. His eyes narrow as they flick up at me. "You... you're..."

Before I can reply, he pushes me away and redresses as if he can't get away from me fast enough. He doesn't even look at me as he walks away.

"Hey!" I shout, jogging after him and catching his arm.

He jerks away, staring hard at me. "Please, don't touch me," he says, teeth clenched. He looks away, starts to open his mouth to speak, and then shakes his head, turning to walk away again.

I shake my head in disbelief. "Well, fuck you too!" I call out as he disappears into the crowd. What an asshole! I cross my arms over my chest for a moment, trying to calm myself down. It was just a random fuck in a club. I shouldn't let it bother me.

It's not like I'm ever going to see that guy again anyway.


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