QAJ FanFic Policy

A few people have recently expressed interest in writing fic set in the QAJ universe.  We wholeheartedly welcome any such writing! In fact, we're bouncing with anticipatioin!  If you do decide to write QAJ fic, we'd love to see it.  Check out the Lost Fic page to see what's been written already by ourselves as well as Laura R and Elocin Oco.

If you think you'd like to join the fun, here are some points to keep in mind:

Please post your fic to the QAJ topica list for all of us to see, and please put the following information in your headers:

Author: (include author email)
Archive: Let us know if we can archive your fic on the QAJ Lost Fics page.
Setting: Indicate if your story takes place during or around a particular episode
Warnings: the usual: drugs, non-con, etc.
Disclaimer: the typical legal stuff

Happy writing!

Emma, Helens, and Rita

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