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An excerpt from the next episode, to be posted Sunday, May 10:


"Take a padawan, you should," Yoda remarks casually.

I grit my teeth. First Qui, and now Yoda -- I thought I might be able to escape my thirties unscathed. "I am considering it,
Master. The boy I brought to the Temple seven years ago--"

"Nearly of age, he is. Headstrong, difficult. Turned away from him, others have."

I can't help but sigh. "I know. I had hoped he would find a more conventional master, but..."

"Waits for you, he does."

I wince. "I haven't visited him since my return." Things are moving far too quickly. I can barely deal with a disastrous mission,
running my seminar, and being the target of a politician -- must I add taking on a padawan to the mix?

See you next Sunday!