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Author: Jedirita
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Ecco De-Daris, a member of the Ethics Committee, seeks out Mace Windu for help in dealing with her frustration with Qui-Gon Jinn and his suddenly rebellious padawan.
Author's note: the opening line is probably the most racy thing I've ever written. The QAJ ladies were both impressed. They are a bad influence on me!

Disclaimer: All George. All the time. Except for the QAJ parts.


I ride my lover hard, grinding myself down on him, squeezing my
internal muscles around his cock, until with a satisfying shutter I come. Moaning softly, I droop down across his chest, my fingers
reaching up to caress his smooth head as I pant against his neck, "Thanks, Mace. I really needed that."

He chuckles lightly, the sound rumbling through his chest against my ear. "I can tell. Glad I could be of service, Master De-Daris."

I stretch out on top of him, letting my sexual pleasure shiver through me from my fingertips to my toes. "It's good to know such a senior council member is willing to give personal attention to a fellow Jedi in need."

His arms wrap around me, and he presses a kiss to my sweaty forehead. "I can truly say that it is a pleasure to serve you. Now come on, Ecco, spill. What's got you so bothered?"

My lip curls in irritation. "I don't know why I'm so out of sorts, really," I confess. "I should be oozing self-satisfaction. I got to see Qui-Gon Jinn brought low in mortification today. Maybe I'm just annoyed because I fear he'll find a way to weasel himself out of the situation."

Mace's arms loosen their hold on me. "Qui-Gon was mortified? I find that hard to believe." He keeps his tone skillfully neutral. No wonder he's on the council, when he can mask his feelings so well.

"I know he's your friend, Mace, but I also know even you get fed up with his maverick ways." Raising myself up to sit astride Mace's hips, I cross my arms and assume the classic Jinn expression of sanctimonious defiance. "'I must follow the will of the Living Force,'" I mimic, then snort in disgust. "As if he is the only Jedi who cares about the Force. As if the entire code isn't based on generations of Jedi discerning the Force's will."

Mace runs his hands over my thighs, as if he's trying to soothe a ferocious beast -- and maybe that's what I am. Certainly Qui-Gon has a knack for bringing out the savage in me. Patting my hip, Mace asks, "So what did he do this time?"

I look down at him, and I can't help but sound a little smug. "Actually, for once he didn't do anything. It's his padawan."

"Kenobi?" One eyebrow rises in perplexity. "Does this have anything to do with the fight he got into with Knight Feln?"

"Oh, yes. Kenobi raised very serious charges against Feln. Feln was quite gracious about it, even suggested a mind scan. I performed it myself. Turns out to be nothing, but it was embarrassing for Jinn. His padawan is engaged in an inappropriate affair with some senator, and tried to deflect attention away from it by accusing Feln. It's not enough that Kenobi defies the code, but he has to play the hero, too." I heave a dramatic sigh. "Like master, like padawan."

"Now, Ecco, that's not a very charitable attitude," Mace says, countering his disapproving words by continuing to stroke my hips.

"I know," I sigh. "But it worries me. Kenobi seemed to have recovered from that Melida/Daan incident." Mace raises an eyebrow at that, and I remind him, "I counseled him after that, you know. He understood what he had done wrong, and I've heard such good reports of him since. I thought he'd managed to remain free of the Jinn defiance, but it appears I was wrong." Remembering how hard Jinn struggled to hide his disappointment in his padawan, I chuckle. "I think Jinn has finally realized that however much he may enjoy defying the Code, it's another thing entirely when his padawan starts to get rebellious."

"Do you revel so much in a fellow Jedi's troubles, even when that Jedi is someone who irritates you as much as Qui-Gon does?"

"No," I admit. "I just hope he might finally learn this time that there is value in following the code. And I hope he'll learn it before he ruins another padawan's life."

And I should know. Kenobi isn't the only padawan of Jinn's I've had to help piece back together.

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