Queer As Jedi: Cliffhangers. Hot sex. No limits.

The series you love in spite of yourself. The universe where there's no such thing as OTP. We push boundaries, even our own, with this stuff, and we love doing it. This is not a particularly romance-driven universe. It's about tension, angst, cliffhangers, hot Jedi sex, and open endings. It's definitely an AU of the Star Wars prequels universe!

QAJ was written and produced by:
Helens || Emma Grant || Jedi Rita || Elocin Oco || Ms Swift

Administrative Note:

After a good deal of thought and discussion, the QAJ team has decided not to continue writing the series. We've all moved on to other projects in the last six months and have realized that the amount of work it would require of us to get back into the universe is, frankly, daunting.

We know we left some things unresolved, but we also feel we left the story in an interesting place. (Things had come full circle, at least, and it ended as it began with Obi stalking off to a club.) If anyone would like to pick up the storyline and continue it, they should feel free to do so!

Thanks for reading and supporting QAJ, and thanks also for your patience as we struggled with the decision of how best to handle the end of the series. We apologize for leaving you hanging, and we sincerely hope you all understand that in fandom, these things happen. People move on, get busy with other things, and go their separate ways, and some tasks remain unfinished as a result. We enjoyed the experience and are truly grateful other people came along for the ride!

Emma ~~ 4/27/05

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